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SLL: They Dote On Their Progeny, Then Bury Them Alive

Robert’s latest; money quote:

…The older generation is pinning its retirement hopes on a younger generation confronted with huge debt, perpetually rising taxes, a shrinking economy, and dwindling opportunity. That’s not like hoping you can draw to an inside straight, it’s going all in, exchanging your hand for five new cards, and hoping you draw four aces. Good luck with that…


DTG: Out of the Box Impression – Ruger’s Precision Rimfire Rifle

A useful tool for shooting varmints.

Of any type that needs to be shot.

Ruger Precision Rifles

Book Excerpt: How You Got Screwed

Via The Burning Platform.

A tool by which you can help the Normie Norms in your circle.

FUSA* Flatline/Team Foosa Tees

Courtesy of HW3.0

Order info Brown

Order info Green

*Former USA

Gohmert Report On Mueller



Russians In The 20th Century

Part I

Part II

Since many nekulturny droneserfs believe “thuh Rushins” are behind all evil in the world, what’s say we learn a bit more about them?

FO: SALUTE & SALT Reports: Explained, With Training Exercises

Essential skills for everyone in your tribe.




Bracken, 25 April

Begin at 1:06:30.


They rock:

Explanation/Review/’Know The Fake One’ Lesson


H/t Kenny

GoV: The Ottoman Armenians – The Fate of Christians in a Muslim Land

Seriously, something like this could never happen in the former USA.

Nor the former Germany.

Nor al-Britan.

Anyone saying otherwise is a chronic malcontent and an Islamphobe.

After all, this good man told all of us that “Islam” means “peace”.

If Targeted Assassinations Are Useful Tactics For Nation-States Trying To Retain Their Power…

Why wouldn’t the same be true for people who just want to be left alone?

Alternatively, if Israel does it against those individuals that it deems to be serious threats to its existence, who else can use deadly force against people deemed to be the same?

Scott Adams, Kanye, The Seemingly Impossible, & The Golden Age



Hope for the best.

Plan for the worst.

You’ll likely be right.

NYFC Secession? In the 19th Century?

Interesting and instructive.

Let each polity find its own level.

Who – besides the manipulators, tyrants, and exploiters – could object to that?

Whitehead: Is The US Government Evil?

Good question.

How many fecal sacks do you see above?

Flatline FUSA Gear – Coming Soon

Contact HW3.0.

Having Already Become A Synonym For “Almost Unbelievably Corrupt”, He Persisted

Every time I think that I am cynical enough, Comey opens his yap and leaves me aghast once again.

(H/t to Bracken for this who’s who; click on image to enlarge)

There is only one solution for every one of these traitors:

Indict, try, convict, disbar, forfeit their assets, and Supermax the bastards.

Unless alternative sentencing is available.

Toronto Vehicle Attack: In Re #AlekMinassian

Read the whole thread.

Cui bono?

Alternatively phrased, who would benefit by discrediting the autists at the ‘chans?

Related: The Unf*ckable Canadian Menace

UPDATE 2005EDT 24APR2018: Is a crackdown on 4chan beginning?


Brushbeater on the Armenian Genocide




Fortunately, I am assured by the Under-Deputy Secretary for The Essentially Kind Nature Of Man Greenwood that no one named Smith, Brown, or Jones could ever be subject to this kind of systemic horror, even when faced with a well-funded alliance of equally-murderous Islam and Communism.

(What’s with the Lee Greenwood bashing?)

The New American Joads

Or, “Why Traditional Americans Are Already Displaced Persons”.

Bad moon rising.

Red/Green Alliance: Your Neighbors And Family Members Are Part Of The Problem, And You’d Better Deal With That Fact

Via Gab; money quote:

The near enemy of our civilization is us.

When you carefully look at how we are losing the civilizational war, it is always by the hands of virtuous people. It is good decent Kafirs (non-Muslims) who advance the Sharia.