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Greenfield: Spygate Is Real And Relevant


The American national security mechanism used as a partisan political weapon.

Sure glad genies go back into bottles so easily.

Bovard: Your Tax Dollars Underwrite Systemic Child Molestation

Undersecretary For Allied Child Affairs Lee Greenwood was unavailable for comment.

Tell me again why the USG is occupying Afghanistan.

On Gear And Redundancy

JC Dodge helps you get your equipment sorted out.

Hint: It ain’t two of everything.

Two From Herschel

The Iranian Grand Poobah Has Spoken On Gun Rights

12th Blogiversary

And consider a look at his “Greatest Hits” collection.

Two From Buppert

Abbey’s Road: Liberty is the Monkeywrench Against the State

Village Praxis: Slings & Magazine Gijutsu

Two From GVDL

H/t to American Digest for these pieces:

Schlichter: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

The Drift To Civil War

Forecast: Spicy.

Gen Z And Hope In The Post-Institutional Age


It ain’t over.

In some sense, it hasn’t even begun.

Pass on what you know.

The Three Stooges Of Spygate

Subtitle: Brennan, Comey, and Clapper have been caught in a big fat wringer.

(Via Twitter)

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From GVDL.

Related from some Reddit thread:

Codrea: Total Gun Confiscation Goal Can’t Be Wished Away

The Reds want you disarmed.

You will then be at their mercy.

Bet on it.

Z Blog: Free Association & Equality Before The Law

Hating hatethink by a hateful hater.

Let’s focus instead on how SBUX will help begin the healing later today.

Embrace the diversity.

As it moves to garrote you.

New Woodpile’s Here!


What I Saw And Learned In The Kolyma Camps

46 lessons for when the Communists succeed and you are imprisoned.

Read, contemplate, and pass on.

And consider buying the book.


K Blog: Building Better Beliefs

Like all tactics, thoughtcrime-based action works both ways.

So be it.

A Primer On 7.62 AK Ammo

There are differences.

Choose the good stuff.

Don’t Argue With Either Sergeant Dave Or Teddy

Via Twitter.

Memorial Day 2018


A Wonderful Socialist Life

Start with the tweet below, then read the whole thread.

The Reds want you disarmed.

They will then steal all of your property and leave you enslaved.

Harden your hearts.

You will need to kill Communists in your neighborhood.

And perhaps even in your family.


Via Twitter.


Via Twitter.