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Brushbeater: The Prepper’s Signal Kit






Tempus fugit.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

GoV: Civilization Jihad in the USA – The Practicum





Tempus fugit.

Thought For The Day

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Bracken Sends

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Plus this important clarification from The Paper Of Record:

NYT: FBI Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims

SLL: A Yuge Mistake

Robert on Donald Trump’s Mideast madness.

You can guess who is the frog and who is the scorpion.

Three From Herschel

Oliver North Supported The Assault Weapons Ban

EMP Commission Warns Blackout Of Electricity, Food, Water To Last Year Or Longer With Huge Death Toll

Assessment Of SOF Ambush In Niger, The Gun, And Major General Bob Scales

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Intermittent Service

Headed for the beach.

Will ping when can.

Keep at it.

And watch over at AmPart.

Know Your Stooges – Race Hustler Edition

TACB: Laughter I Cannot Stop – A Sermon to Michael Eric Dyson

The Reds want your assets, your children, your submission, and one other thing:

Your life.

Your time has passed, Traditional American.

So they say.

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Aesop Basic Training Series – Latest

Endstate is a compilation of all posts into a single post that will be archived in WRSA’s left margin.

Until then:

First Aid – Shock

First Aid – Bandaging

First Aid – Orthopedic Injuries & Splinting

First Aid – Burns

First Aid – Environmental Emergencies

PT – Day Two

NB from Aesop:

BTW, If you click the “basic training” tag at the end of any article, you can get all of them.

“First aid” gets you these, plus most of what I classified as such going back to 2013 or so, 50+ articles so far.

And only another 10 hours worth of them coming up before we move to Part II.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Suck It, Schneiderman

NYT coverage

New Yorker coverage

Paging sensei Budd…

FUSA – Dead Ahead

Diversity + Proximity = War: The Noise From Brazil

Bovard: The Daily Hell of Life in the Soviet Bloc

GOP Follies – California Edition

TBP has the dets.

Net-net, could any candidate be worse for Trad Ams in Cali than Kamala and DiFi?

It’s not like the R is going to win.

Codrea: Support Blue Falcon* For Oblast Kommissar

Actually, don’t.

He’s telling you he is a liar and a Communist.

But I repeat myself.


A Quick And Dirty Guide To Formal Logic: Part I of IV


Literally and metaphorically.

Western Civ cannot be rebuilt without at least a plurality of people who can think.

Eff feelings.

We’ve got all the feeeelz folks we need.

And a lot more in excess.

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