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Aesop: The Ambush

This material will be on the final exam.

Either as teacher.

Or student.

Tempus fugit.

Buppert: Building The Liberty Training Rifle

Did you think you were going to train new people on riflery basics with the noise of full-caliber rounds once things go Yugoslavia-Rwandan?

Get a better plan.

And then resource it.

Tempus fugit.

Bracken Sends

SLL: Outsourcing Morality

Robert’s latest.

The piper must always be paid, eventually.

And God will not be mocked.

Flatline FUSA, Or Resuscitated Republic?

You make the call.

Details here.

EEFI – Those Who Want You Dead Absolutely Love The Gifts Of Gab You Give Them

Read it.

Grok it.

Live it.

Or suffer the consequences.

The Red/Green (Communist/Islamist) alliance wants you and your family robbed, raped, and rendered into agricultural supplements.

Don’t help them.

Heavy Flak Means That You Are Over The Target

A reader sends via the “About” tab:

Subject: Websearching for WRSA – a change.

Hi, I want to inform you of something different happening when I websearch for WRSA. In order to go to your site, I start typing “western rifle shooters association” in the search box of my browser. (Been using duckduck go for about a year now, and before that, google, who I fired.) I would get to the letter F, and “western rifle shooters association” would pop up, usually as the second or third choice, as a suggestion under the search box. By the time I got to the letter S, your entire website title would show up as the very first suggestion. Not any more. About a week ago, windows foisted an update on my computer. It is the only update I have ever gotten up to now that stated “this is going to take a while.” Immediately after that update, my websearching for WRSA has been tampered with. When I type in “western rif,” your site name no longer pops up as a suggestion. When I type all the way up to the letter H in WRSA, then two choices pop up as suggestions: western rifle sheaths, and “western rifle shooers.” No kidding. “Shooers” appears without a T, not shooters, with a T. In the past, when websearching for WRSA, that has NEVER happened. Now, even when I type in your entire website name, it does not appear in the suggestion box at all. The closest I get is “western rifle shooers,” without the T. For me, this is the first time that my private internet activity has been obviously interfered with.

Anyway, I though you might want to know about this. I’ve been reading your website for a few years now. Thanks for the great contribution to the liberty movement.

Final Score For 2018

Via Twitter.

See related article for blow-by-blow detail.

Red Translation

Read the whole thread.

Red Revolution, 2018.

Get it?

Molyneux: Communist Subversion In America

Spread near and far.

The Red Hen, The Murder of Southern Hospitality, and The Spirit of Destruction

Woe unto those who get what they want.

(H/t GVDL)


All via Gab.


Via Gab.

Totally Legit

RRW: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society urges followers to take to the streets in wake of Supreme Court decision

59% at your tax dollar funding.

Here’s what you get for your money:


Your Long Read Of The Week: American Pravda & The Kennedy Assassinations

Worth the time not only for the direct discussion of the shootings and related info sources, but also the Deep State/Mainstream Media swirl around the aftermath of each:

Part I – What Happened?

Part II – Who Did It?

Good thing each of those institutions reformed and went straight over the past 55 years.

Two From Z Man

…People are noticing that when you elect a new people, you don’t actually end up with a new people. You end up with a culture that reflects the biology of the people you imported. Whites in America are now coming to terms with the choices in front of them. Keep their head down and play make believe while they are replaced, or risk moral condemnation for defending their heritage and their culture…

Venezuela’s Future — and Ours

Also: The Nature of Diversity

K Blog: The Inspiration Of Affirmative Action

Screw the actual language of the Consteetooshun.

It’s about the feeeeelz.

Losing this time by one vote.

Aesop: You Say You Want A Revolution?

Woe unto those who get what they want.

See also this related story; h/t Maggie’s.

America Heads For A Showdown Over Freedom Of Association

Regrets to follow.

Got allies?

Herschel: Despicable

Miami Beach Police Draw Down On, Detain, Disarm, And Throw Around Lawful Open Carriers

They seem nice.