Heavy Flak Means That You Are Over The Target

A reader sends via the “About” tab:

Subject: Websearching for WRSA – a change.

Hi, I want to inform you of something different happening when I websearch for WRSA. In order to go to your site, I start typing “western rifle shooters association” in the search box of my browser. (Been using duckduck go for about a year now, and before that, google, who I fired.) I would get to the letter F, and “western rifle shooters association” would pop up, usually as the second or third choice, as a suggestion under the search box. By the time I got to the letter S, your entire website title would show up as the very first suggestion. Not any more. About a week ago, windows foisted an update on my computer. It is the only update I have ever gotten up to now that stated “this is going to take a while.” Immediately after that update, my websearching for WRSA has been tampered with. When I type in “western rif,” your site name no longer pops up as a suggestion. When I type all the way up to the letter H in WRSA, then two choices pop up as suggestions: western rifle sheaths, and “western rifle shooers.” No kidding. “Shooers” appears without a T, not shooters, with a T. In the past, when websearching for WRSA, that has NEVER happened. Now, even when I type in your entire website name, it does not appear in the suggestion box at all. The closest I get is “western rifle shooers,” without the T. For me, this is the first time that my private internet activity has been obviously interfered with.

Anyway, I though you might want to know about this. I’ve been reading your website for a few years now. Thanks for the great contribution to the liberty movement.

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