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Romania & What Happens When You Are Disarmed


Movie cited at thread end:

Never give up your guns.

Sparks31 SIGINT Class – Denver CO – October 20/21

Details here.

Omnisurveillance Is Omnipresent

You aren’t paranoid.

They are listening.

Guidelines For Integrating Inter-Team Communications


You are working on something for comms when the PSTN and cell networks go dark, right?

Buppert: The Rifle Sling Is The Ring Of Power

Practical ways to improve your shooting performance.

You are working on such, ja?

Tempus fugit.

New Woodpile’s Here!


The South Won


FUSA is finished.

Long live America.

Raison d’être

Via Gab.

Aesop: On The Upcoming Presidente El Rojo Obrador Election In Mexico

Slash and burn.

One hopes.

Z Blog: Nothing To Offer

Except more statist crap.

In the face of local, state, and national insolvency.

This will not end well.

Got allies?


The WH report

The media reaction:

The synopsis thread; RTWT.

Bracken Sends

Via Twitter.

Arithmetic Lesson

Meme via Aesop.

SiGB assesses the scene.

Got trained, provisioned, hard-hearted friends?

You’re gonna need ’em.

GoV: Bombshell In Ramadan

On Austria’s new “anti-Islam” law – both its strengths and weaknesses.

Heaven help the Austrians.

CHS: Debt Serfdom & Other Lies Sold To Young People To Enslave Them

Pass along to the young people in your life.

Older people want them to be suckers.

Like the older people were at their age.







“…In the new Dark Age, we are aiming for Balkanization. When you drive through America, you will no longer see a single flat mass where you have identical rights. Instead, you will see a topography of tribes where your rights will vary from nothing to full acceptance. Among your tribe, you will have privileges and duties, which are what “rights” become in the new Dark Age…”

Amerika Blog


K Blog: The Joy Of Learning

The weak are only as strong as their supporters and enablers.

Those whom you see supporting the destruction of your country are your enemies as well.


Compact Defense Rifles For The Survivalist

An excellent overview.

Hopefully as supplemental to your existing AR-15 herd, with one for each adult and each young person.

Plus necessary accoutrements.

Because you’ve already completed all of the tasks in this 10-week spin-up plan, right?

Tempus fugit.

The Great Bawlin’ Beanlet Hoax Of 2018

Heartiste shivs both with thrust and slash.

The Elites and their MSM pissboys hate you.

They know they can’t convince you.

They therefore intend to replace you politically.

Failing that, their Enforcers – both foreign and domestic – will come to kill you and your family.

Countervalue the bastards when they do.