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Are You An Amazonian?

The oligarchs want you to train your replacements.

Whom they will pay much less.

Global wage arbitrage.

You aren’t at the table.

But you are on the menu.


Playing with DNA.

Some caveats.

What possibly could go wrong?

Venezuelan AKs? You Betcha!

NC Scout explains.

Just run good ammo.

Z Blog: Democracy Without Borders

You and your property are on the dinner menu.

And if you don’t like that, you really are going to hate Communism.

The Democrats’ Future Isn’t Socialist – It’s Crazy

Pity that 40%+ of American voters (plus all of fraudulent votes) are equally nuts.



New Woodpile’s Here!


SLL: Now Or Never


Or get hammered.

K Blog: Zuck Brings His Wall With Him

You don’t, filthy peasant?


Two From The Z Blog

The Irrational Mind

The Power Of Comfortable Beliefs

Pass them along to the Normie Norms of your acquaintance.

Lying, Coprophagic Scumbags Object Strenuously To Being Called “Lying, Coprophagic Scumbags”

The MSM, especially the NYT, can’t even take criticism.

Let alone more assertive measures.


On Not Jumping The Gun

A good piece on patience.

You’ll get your try.

You be ready when you do.

144:1 Sends

Another classic.

Current catalog.

Got swag?

On The Road Again

Posting sporadic.

Denninger: Buzzkill

KD walks through the GDP arithmetic.

Don’t believe the hype.

Work on building skills and learning how to produce food.

It’s all a big con.

Read The Whole Thread

But….muh Fourth Amendment….

CHS: Here’s How Systems (And Nations) Fail

Good luck.

WROL Synthesis

There’s a Direct Line from Obama, Holder, Rice, Lerner, and Clinton to FBI Scandals.

GoV: Sarah, Champion of Islam

They seem nice.


And there are thousands of Sarahs across the West.

Muh Beverage Preference

Via Twitter.

On Rand Paul

A voice of reason in a rabid season.

(H/t SLL)