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TACB: The Self-Genocidal Impulse – Final Chapter


Previous chapters.

History in the making.

With a narrative contingent on who prevails.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Your Skin Color And Your Gender Have No Value

Cappy wields the cluebat.


An Important Reminder

Via Gab.

Believing anything else is sheer lunacy.


K Blog: A Few Honest Men

K explains the cooperation game.

Never talk to the police or prosecutors.


Never forget: Three Felonies A Day

Wilderness Medicine Course, Sept. 21-23, Murphy, NC


Be there if you can.

Some Labor Day Weekend Thoughts

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Schlichter: ‘The Rule of Law’ Is a Sick Joke

“WROL” is not just “without rule of law”.

It is even worse than that.

We live in a time where the the rule of logic itself is failing.

Think of the mindset behind the classic scene below:

When young creatures and old alike lose their basic survival instincts, only horror can ensue.

And without a restoration of logic, “the law” will be continue to be nothing more than a ruleset of madness, imposed by state violence.

Ask Tommy.

Coulter: Hall Monitor Nation

Big Tech & Big Gov are allies.

They despise you.

And will do anything they can devise to keep you in the dark, covered with shit generated by The Approved Voices.

Get off Communist social media.

Get on

And start spreading agitprop in meatspace.

NYT: The Religion Of Whiteness Becomes A Suicide Cult

Your betters lecture you, as they plan to disenfranchise and then eliminate you.

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On The Pill & Its Effects On Women

Doubleplusungoodthink from the Beeb, via the Shivmeister.

And anti-woman to boot.

More hormones, please.

They’re for my career.

It Actually Will be Worse Than “Right-Wing Death Squads”*

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*RWDS have historically been wholly under government control. There were therefore processes as to who/when/where/how/why, and a chain of command to be obeyed, including when someone in charge decides to throw the “off” switch.

If/when FUSA goes full Yugoslavia, the first several weeks (until all factions get and stay within their own safe spaces) will feature a deadly and fully independent combination of stand-off shots and up-close wetwork, along with improvised flame, chemical, and explosive devices, directed against Communists and Communist sympathizers in the localities known personally to the actors. By the sheer volume of anti-Red actions and by concentrating their efforts against non-LEO targets, along with even a modicum of tradecraft, the shooters will significantly blunt the effectiveness of the resulting investigations.

As a WRSA article said at the time:

Imagine a Chris Dorner in every city with a population over a million, all doing this simultaneously. Now imagine them skilled, with the desire to live and punish.

Dorner x 1000 or more, indeed.

The Cuck Screams As He Wishes You Deplorables Dead

Wimp womp womp.

I’d be a lot better disposed to moderates if they would honestly account for what both wings of the Uniparty did to the America of my birth over the past 25 years.

It’s dead now.

And they were a big part of what killed it.

Freedom Dispenser

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Denninger: So You Want Google And Facebook To Decide Elections?


Social media are public accomodations in the civil rights cases sense.

And need to be held to the same rules of non-discrimination.

So long as the USG bars freedom of association/right to refuse service laws.

Aesop: Nothing (Good) To See here

Ebola 2018 update.

With good counsel on the entire subject.

Z Man: You Own You

And your property, including your information.

Leave the Goolag.


Bracken Sends

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Go to to sign up.

Buchanan: Are The Global Interventionists Now Leaderless?

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Cheerleaderless, at the least.

FUSA is morally bankrupt, fiscally insolvent, militarily dubious against near-peers and higher, and institutionally corrupt on a Imperial Roman level.

So hell yeah….let’s get MOAR WAR going everywhere the spark will catch.

Do it for Johnny Mac.