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Paul Kersey On Alex Jones

An explication of the unspeakable.

For that is what the interests and aspirations of traditional Americans are in FUSA 2018.


Patriot Conference – September 29/30


Hope to see you there.

K Blog: Nationalism Through Crimson Eyes


Nationalism is the enemy.

It’s anti-migrant!

And waaaaacisss.

Z Blog: Peisistratos

Seek ye a temporary tyrant.

Weep if ye get one.

Bovard: Gun Owners Should Fear The Deep State


Along with that refugee activist down the street, Mrs. Crabapple.

And the socialists in your extended family.

Quote Of The Month

(Via Gab)

“Trump’s group demonize especially Iran; Obama’s group demonize especially Russia. That’s it, short. That’s America’s aristocratic tug-of-war; but both sides of it are for invasion, and for war. Thus, we’re in the condition of ‘permanent war for permanent peace’ — to satisfy the military contractors and the billionaires who control them.”

Why Trump Cancelled The Iran Deal; h/t SLL

Expedient Field Gear Repairs

You thought you were going to take it to the cobbler?

New Woodpile’s Here!


Get Yours Today

Via Twitter; order link here.

Strozk It

Breitbart: FBI CI Boss Strozk Fired; Starts $150K GoFundMe For Butthurt Paste

Culper: How We Can Begin Preparing For Domestic Conflict?

It’s time.

The enemy plans to win.

Do you?

FBI Agent Found Not Guilty Of Lying About Gunshots



Feds lose.



Via Twitter.

Z Blog: Modest Proposals On Government, Privacy, And Freedom

Or, “Who/whom Seems to apply to a lot of human interaction, da?”

Getting Future Wars Wrong

RTWT, including the embeds.

Keep building your personal and team resilience against protracted civil disorder.

You can always give the food to charity should the Golden Age unexpectedly appear.

And blast the pistol and AR ammo at the range.

Quote Of The Decade

You have only two things to do:

– Make a plan.

– Work the plan.

That’s it.



Pass along.

Then get back to work.

Of Course There Is Such A Thing As A ‘Perjury Trap’

Schooling without a fee from a big-time former Fed prosecutor.

Such traps can and are used on big fish and little fish by both Fed and state/local prosecutors.

Never talk to the police or prosecutors.

With Boston Globe Leading the Way, U.S. Newspaper Editorials Will Battle Trump Admin’s ‘Assault on the Press’

More credentialist onanism.

Here’s the thing.

Alex Jones is the press.

The Daily Stormer is the press.

VDARE is the press.

Wikileaks is the press.

WRSA is the press.

[Insert name here of every other publication scorned for its views] is the press.

If speech is created and distributed so as to express ideas to others, it is the press, regardless of the content of those ideas.

Please take today’s masthead (along with the Zimmerman flag) and spread each widely.

Free men and women must understand that the Elites want to first silence their critics in the public space.

Asset-stripping and eventual slaughter of the Deplorables can then follow at the Elites’ leisure.

Never, ever give up your guns.

Teach all moral actors in your circle to shoot proficiently.

Continue to provision and train for war against the Communists in North America.

Resist, no matter what.

And let’s win.

The New York Times: Somalia, 99 Percent Black, Asks How Do You Diversify An Entire Nation-State?

More from ACB.

Brave new world.

Cuckery And Civnattery Won’t Save You

Neither will MAGA, muh consteetooshun, nor denial.

The America of your birth and indoctrination is dead.

The USC/BoR is a “living document” meant for adaptation as desired by the Reds.

And half of FUSA’s residents want you and your white ass silenced and/or dead.

When you understand the gravity of your predicament, the purpose of those bi-partisan local accountability lists will be readily apparent.

Until then?