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Yet Another Allegation

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TL Davis: There Will Come A Time


See also this QOTD from Aesop:

Be ready.

How’s your PT?

Bracken Sends

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Bloomberg: FBI, DOJ Plan Redactions Despite Trump’s Document Order

Totally legit.

Do you understand yet?


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They Hate You And Your Family, And They Want To Destroy You

Your tax dollars at work.

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General Purpose Load-Outs: Part III

The last in an essential series.

Part I

Part II

Read it.

Learn it.

Practice it.

Live it.

And pass this post along, near and far.

Z Blog: The College Collapse

Quote of the week:

“..What this tells us is the elite are beginning to set fire to the bridges over the river that separates them from us. The positions in the Cloud will require passing through one of the monasteries to be properly vetted. In the future, the Dirt People will have to sort out their status system within their favelas…”

Good news?

Millennial debt serfs of the non-chosen-complexions will be trebly-screwed.

And open to constructive suggestions.


TL Davis: Kavanaugh In Clutches Of The Communists

And this cat aspires to be Flaccid Anthony Kennedy II.

Just wait ’til RBG goes DRT.


He’s tanned, rested, and ready.

Bracken Sends

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Z Blog: The Irrationality Of The Feminist

Just open the door.

Not necessarily the happy door, though.

Civil War II Is Hot But For The Surface-To-Surface Missiles

Read both Heartiste’s piece and all comments.

Might be a good time to watch this classic again.

Moar Control!

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Loser McLoserface Attempts Relevance

And fails – again:

The Atlantic: American Democracy Is in Crisis

NYT for the reach-around.

Neither Vince Foster nor Ron Brown were available for comment.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Just In: Declassification

Fox: Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe

WH statement

Lind: “The Deep State Runs The Country”


And I challenge, once again, any defender of the American Mythos to explain, in detail, how to take 2018 America and return it to a land of limited government and self-sufficient citizens of Western Civ.

Aesop: Call It What It Is

Boom-boom, out go the lights.

Still think you’re gonna get out of this predicament with a few harsh words against the Mrs. Crabapples down at the Whole Foods?

Stress innoculation.

You’re gonna need it.

GVDL: Flamethrower Comparison

Werfs flammen.