Buppert: Hoplophobia – Drive A Rifle Or Ride A Railcar

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Buy more ammo.

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12 responses to “Buppert: Hoplophobia – Drive A Rifle Or Ride A Railcar

  1. What does it take for people to have their illusions broke apart that they may see reality and not a fantasy that makes them feel good about themselves…Pain I guess is the only motivater for most…Sad That…

    • lastmanstanding

      Most won’t even be smart enough to be motivated by pain.

      Found a couple more awake folks with lots to offer in our ao in the last couple weeks…fill you in when you rtb.

    • Ask all those climbing onboard the trains in Poland, Eastern Europe, Germany……. Heck, ask those stepping OFF the trains at Auschwitz…..WHEN exactly did they know or get the inkling??

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just remember that most people are herd animals, they will stick together until death rather than face the unknown alone.
        It’s what makes religion and politics work so well for the handlers, sell people on an idea for long enough and they won’t let go, even at risk of death or enslavement.
        How many here still do the same exact things their parents and grandparents did?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, this isn’t going to end well for our side.
      Most of my conservative acquaintances are still beating the NRA/Republican platform to death since they all want the easy way out. (Just got another form letter from the Wyo Gun Owners wanting more money to fight the Democrat takeover.)
      They refuse to face reality that actual violence is coming their way, can’t grasp the fact one side truly wants us dead and gone. So they continue to play the same silly political games they learned from their naive parents. By the time they wake up they will be dead.
      Tried to explain to a friend yesterday about the FreiKorps in 1919, went right over his head by a mile. They really don’t want to know, in their minds denial will keep them free.

  2. I cannot get Bill’s website to load. Tried 3 different browsers and also my Android. Used to be able too. Sad…that.

  3. Any URL I enter that starts with zeroguv gets me the msg that ‘can’t find server at zeroguv.

  4. Sorry, I of course meant zerogov.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Most, just loves them some government, their three colored cloth, and their blue gods..

    If you’re reading this. You ARE the Resistance.

  7. I am officially blocked by the DoD and Verizon and ATT, my apologies. Try a local wifi network b/c they have a tough time blocking all venues. Hell, I can even bring my site up with Starbucks…


    Bill Buppert