Senate In Play?

Powerline thinks it might be.


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  1. And folks across ‘murica’ still fall for the ‘3 Card Monte’ or similarly
    staged and rigged games of ‘voting/elections’ even though aipac
    and the adl clearly are the deciding factor of WHO get’s to grab
    the brass ring on the political carousel ride..and we’re not even
    scratched the surface that covers “votes” cast by Mickey Mouse,
    dead people and shit dribbling invaders that call San Fuckcisco


    NorthGunner – Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Damn Al, I inhaled my coffee when I saw that…
      now have to clean up…and get ANOTHER cup, lol!!

      NorthGunner – Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Natzsofast.

    One guy at Powerline has said, essentially, “All the odds are against the Dems winning every race, but reasons, hand-waving, pixie dust, and magic, so there’s a bare theoretical chance – contrary to everything known about statistics and elections – that they might possibly perhaps run the entire table, because Blue Wave.”

    Because Trump being twice as popular now than in 2016 doesn’t matter, the booming economy doesn’t matter, the continued serial failure to pin anything substantive on him doesn’t matter, and the multiple embarrassing clown show of slow-coup attempts for two solid years, plus #Walkaway, Trump pulling 36% popularity with black voters, and nominating outright communists from the Ds doesn’t matter.

    Uh huh.
    Pull the other one, Powerline, it has bells on it.

    That’s a belief in Tinkerbell and the Easter Bunny, not election analysis, and roughly akin to saying “Democrats could sweep all the races, because every Republican may spontaneously decide to go out and commit seppuku.”

    Well, yes. And they could all choke on sandwiches tomorrow, too, or all be hit simultaneously by incoming meteorites; it’s possible.
    And just about as likely as going to Vegas and rolling 7s and 11s at the crap table for nine hours straight, right after winning 300 straight hands of blackjack with 21s. And walking out the casino door afterwards with both knees intact.

    Races, esp. Senate races, aren’t won in “waves”.
    (Except with voter fraud shenanigans.)
    They’re won race by race, from actual voters making decisions. And this year, in races with, what…26 seats out of 35 being Democrat seats??
    So they’d have to win 28 races out of 35, including 5 in states Trump blew Shrillary away in when he was less popular than he is right now??
    Sh’yeah, and monkeys could fly outta my butt, too.

    If Powerline had looked at shifting polls, and suddenly actual voters were piling up on the (D) side, I’d maybe buy it. But that takes time, and costs money.

    If they were predicting that (D)s were liable to pull situations like some recent special elections, where their candidate had miraculously received 480% of the possible vote in certain precincts, including sweeping 100% of the voters casting ballots between the ages of 120 years and 180 years of age, in a world where the oldest living person is 115 years old, like happened already this past year in some elections, that, at least, could be believed.

    I’m also pretty sure that in polls of CNN anchors, the (D)s are leading the (R)s by 99 to 1. Just like every year among the press corps since 1930. But that’s not how the elections are going to break. And Powerline knows that.

    But doing “jazz hands” and invoking magical incantations to explain why the Senate is supposedly in play simply doesn’t cut it.

    I repeat: in elections, just like in courtship, desperation is not an aphrodisiac.

    • it all depends on actual turn-out, generally low in mid-terms, which favors the Republiscams. Evene if the Demoncrats got nominal control of the Senate (and House) to get a conviction-after-impeachment they’d still have to bring aboard 15-20 Republiscam Senators.

      and that won’t happen. I’m afraid Prezident Tweetstorm will be with us for awhile yet.

  3. While I won’t be voting in November, for US elections, it’s my opinion that the Republicans will pick up two seats and lose none.

    The HoR is a different story. The Rs may lose a few seats, but not the majority. Of course, I’ve been wrong before. I didn’t expect Trump to win by the huge margin he did, 56%.

  4. Read that Powerline piece CA linked, its on the border of gamma resistance is futile screed neck beardary. My thoughts immediately was this guy has a need for a set of fucking balls. As things get sportier, all I want is to be surrounded with fellow Men of The West who are akin to those who preceeded us who forged this place thats our home. Men who grabbed their spear or rifle and ran to the sound of combat against the enemies of our Liberty. Men who made this place with their hands and a shitload of elbow grease.
    I look at that picture of the traitor above and think how did this fucking limp dick coward liar and crook end up with political power over me that fucks with my natural rights and liberty?
    There’s some shit that has to change.
    Its us Men of The West who have to make it happen.

    As Sean put it in proper context in a comment I saved because of it’s sublime King James worthiness:

  5. I view the franchise as America’s Got Talent with consequences.

  6. If the GOP can lose it- they will.
    Never did I think an open borders communist could be competitive in Texas. Well, times have changed.

    Cruz is nowhere to be found and I see BETO all over the place…. even church parking lots.

    • The fact that Beto is outspending Ted 4:1, in eight-figure amounts, financed entirely on Hollywood commie-bux has some wee bit to do with that perception.

      Ask yourself what’s so important about taking out the only guy with (R) after his name who was competitive with DJT, and the only one more reviled by the Bitch McConjob Business-As-Usual GOPe wing of the party than the president, even if we include Rand Paul in the list of other targets.

      BTW, which senator was it got himself all beaten up by his wingnut neighbor a few months ago?

      The DNC and the GOPe are the Booth-Surrat conspiracy clan, and history’s rhyming pretty damned hard.

      Once is happenstance;
      Twice is coincidence;
      Three times is enemy action.

  7. Well just call me stubborn or deluded or any other adjective you prefer, but I’ll be casting my vote at the polls once again. I’ll keep voting that way until the time comes to vote by another means.

  8. Take nothing for granted. Maricopa County recently had a primary election.Numerous polling places had NO Republican ballots.
    How convenient.

    • Well, well,….I’m shocked!! shocked I tell you!!
      (not really…and the croupier hasn’t shown up yet
      with my stake in the house either…damn!!).

      I knew it was a fucking shell game the last time
      Ron Paul ran; voted in Pinal County and found
      out that NONE of the ballots for him were counted;
      had it confirmed by a friend/reliable source that the
      pol workers were deliberately sorting out the ballots
      for him and then taking them behind the building and
      burning them asap!

      That’s not even taking voter fraud and vote hacking into
      account…which is so common now that it’s not even news.

      Rigged USA Elections Exposed

      “It doesn’t matter who casts the ballots – only
      who COUNTS them” – Joseph Stalin

      And since the ‘electoral college’ DECIDES who the
      ‘prezzy’ will be, NOT the voters, that makes that exercise
      about as useful as writing a note begging a unicorn to
      fart tasty skittles with milk in your breakfast bowl.

      All of this is….(((cohencidence)))?…….

      Vote meaningfully…with your wallet for more ammo,
      preps, and training where possible.

      NorthGunner – Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


    Since there is no way we are voting our way out of this, what is the point of even discussing it? I look at that photograph of McConnell and I feel the bile rise in my throat. But, the Kentucky Sheeple put him where he is. Stupid is as stupid does.
    So, my friends, keep up with your preps and vigilance. All politics are local, so I do participate in the local elections here in Rawles Land. It buys me time to train and get ready. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind. Bleib ubrig.

    • Here you on that Dweezil!

      Any time I see that ‘Low T’ turtle’s mug I have an
      immediate desire to swing the working end of a
      shovel against his face as hard as I can to see
      if it’s possible for his likeness to be transferred
      onto the metal!

      I know what you mean about the Serenity Prayer…but then
      I get to thinking about Capt. Mal Reynold’s…and I think
      ‘screw this…I’m going with wrath on this one!’

      Shitweasels just beg for killing..and there will soon be
      no bag limit!

      NorthGunner – Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!