Le Couteau De La Paix

The new Paris: Two major stabbing spree attacks within 12 hours

If only there was something in common between these attacks…

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  1. Donald Trump on 9/11: “You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center” https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/92ligc/donald_trump_on_911_you_will_find_out_who_really/?st=JLWFK636&sh=c5246975

    • Do you think trump will bring full public disclosure of 9/11 publicly on 9/11 ?answer and debate at the comments in a civilized manner plz https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/9cd3ap/do_you_think_trump_will_bring_full_public/?st=JLWFMHW9&sh=4eaeb1dd

      • no, because

        Trump is a (((Wall Street))) Zionist stooge

        just like the rest of the ‘Murkan political class.

        remember, Trump was also going to build the Wall, secure the borders, deport the illegals, drain the swamp, stop fighting the Israhell/petrodollar wars, etc., etc.

        None of which has happened.

        Nor will it.

        • Trump’s not building the wall?

          A day late and a dollar short, as usual:

          The Internet is a thing; you should get on it.
          And somebody get word to The Skinny One that while she’s been whining in Martiniville, they’ve been building that wall and not telling her.

          I guess that makes NYFC “Flyover Country” under this administration.
          How sad.

          • no “Wall” is being built. Those are demo projects. And whatever does get built, the mestizos will continue to come over, under, around, and through.

            the only way to stop a hostile invasion is to militarize the border: so that anything approaching from the south on 2 legs is shot on sight. When you kill enough of them,

            they will stop coming.

            not until. Meanwhile, the Trump regime is deporting fewer illegals per year than did Obama, while increasing the legal insourcing of non-Whites. Doubling, for example, the invasion of ‘Murka by Somalian shitskins from 1,000 to 2,000/week.

            • Nice try, but incorrect.
              Those are wall-building projects, and the “demo” you refer to is stretching to the horizon.

              The section in my little patch was 15 miles long after bare months, and that was over a decade ago, when Trump was hosting game shows. The Calexico stretch joins where it left off, and runs all the way past the Intl. POE there. That’s another 10 miles, easily.

              And you don’t do a demonstration in the middle of uninhabited desert in BF, NM.
              They’re replacing porous vehicle barrier with damned-near impenetrable total barrier.
              So once again we can believe your fakenews spin, or our lying eyes.

              Oh, and the border’s been militarized, since the 1980s, just not by the side we’d both prefer. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

              I could bother to educate you on deportation numbers, but the TL;DR shortcut is that they’re all bullshit.
              BP deports less than 1% of what they catch (the rest are simply “voluntary repatriations” who try again tomorrow, and don’t get counted as “deportations”), and they only see 1% of what crosses, so the rest is “imaginary” to them.
              We should at least be able to agree on that.

              You want to see how bad it is, or isn’t: go to the local Home Depot, and count how many migras are standing outside at 7AM waiting for day labor.
              Then go to Home Depot’s website, and look up how many locations they have nationwide. Multiply the two numbers.
              Then multiply that product times 10, to account for the women already at work, and the kids in your schools.

              It will be low, but far closer to reality.

              When there’s no one outside Home Depot, all the kids in McDonalds speak English, whatever their skin color, and school test scores rise from 5% reading at grade level to 80% doing so, you’ll know they’ve deported all there are.

        • Patience. Wall will be built, illegals will deport, swamp will drain, no more wars for Israel will be fought, and, your tiresome shrill will be silenced by people too busy to give a shit. Must be awful to harbor such hatred 24/7.

    • Here’s someone who I think has figured out what REALLY
      happened on 911:
      Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. There is a (((cohencidence))) between the attacks…and WHO made it possible.

    The Jewish Role In The Refugee Crisis – Mark Collett

    Israel behind refugee crisis

    The plan…

    And just to show how “God’s Chosen People” are sooooo
    loving and sympathetic after the 2015 Paris attack, here’s
    some words of comfort from the Chief Rabbi of Judea and Samaria:

    Paris Attacks “Punishment for Holocaust”

    “The wicked ones in blood-soaked Europe deserve it for what they did to our people 70 years ago,”

    Like T. E. Lawrence once said, “An opinion can be argued, a
    conviction is best SHOT!”

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Hey North gunner serious question what happened to you…Your writing’s are completely different now…Not saying your wrong but just wondering why the change…Also do you still believe in Anarchy and if you do will it be enough of a defense against the Tribe…

      • Hi Lineman, ;^)

        Long story short is that I took the time and effort to do a
        lot of research on my own time on the subject of the ‘JQ’.
        What I found out, from THEIR own words and actions is
        that we have all been played by them like a finely tuned
        strativarius for generations if not centuries.

        It goes from simple lies of omission to outright deception,
        fabrication and conscious repetitive manufacture and forced
        indoctrination of specific narratives and the Orwellian response
        in many countries if one so much as even lightly tries to discuss
        the subject in a logical and straightforward way (yes I am talking
        about the grievance mill/golden goose of ‘holocaustianity’ and
        it’s destructive effects).

        If it’s one thing that is not able to be forgiven in my eyes, it’s
        active and conscious lying and I’ve found out that the jews
        excel at it where interaction with non-jews is concerned.
        This is a trait that they share with the moslems, in fact they
        put them to shame where that is concerned. And that’s not
        even scratching the surface where their talmud, zohar, kaballah
        and torah mandate much worse for non-jews…just like their
        moslem brothers.

        As for the subject of anarchy, yes I still try as much as possible
        to be one who has a ‘live and let live’ attitude for those around
        me on a daily basis. What has changed for me regarding the
        outward application of it was my reaction to seeing one of it’s
        most ardent supporters and authors NOT able to deal with a
        very important problem (invasion via immigration) when in a
        public debate. That video is below:

        Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose – Open Borders

        Constantly attempting to demonize your debate opponent
        by calling them a ‘statist’ isn’t a method to logically and
        factually a method of trying to answer the basic question.
        If anything it’s one of Alinsky’s rules.

        I watched the above debate after watching this video:

        What occurred to me was this; if Larken can’t or won’t respect
        the inviolate boundary between himself and another man’s
        wife, how in the hell can he get up and pontificate in public
        about other equally important boundaries…especially when
        he’s made it clear that he doesn’t believe in them (a nation’s
        border).? Such is the nature of a hypocrite!

        Does this mean that I believe he’s wrong about other topics
        that he has spoken of in the past? No, for me it doesn’t. It
        does mean that he does have a basic character flaw and
        he isn’t being honest with himself and his wife and family
        where it’s concerned, and that’s something that concerns

        As the character of Hartman said in “American Dream”:
        “You DON’T mess with another man’s wife,
        You DON’T mess with another man’s ego,
        You DON’T mess with another man’s money….
        Or the man WILL mess with YOU!!”

        Hope that helps to answer your questions (thank you for
        asking btw, it’s appreciated).

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Her’s a video of Larken appearing in an interview with
          Amanda Rachwitz (the women that he stole out of her
          marriage; IMHO she’s not an ‘innocent’ in the situation either).

          Spread Anarchy By Practicing Empathy w/ Larken Rose

          (one could say, “Shouldn’t that read: ‘Spread anarchy
          by practicing adultery'”…but that’s just me).

          Interesting that for quite a while Larken is being VERY
          clingy with her..until she apparently can’t put up with it
          anymore, but she has to be discrete about how she shows

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Al,

        No problem there…didn’t choke lol.
        Lana and Heinrick over at RedIce had a segment about a “(((cohencidence)))” app that was available; the tribe was screaming and doing their yidout (their version of a chimpout – obviously it gave them the hebe-geebies) and demanding that it IMMEDIATELY be removed.

        They have NO sense of humor unless (((they’re))) the one’s controlling it…

        Speaking of humor, be sure to check out the Murdoch Murdoch animated videos, they’re hilarious (my favorite’s are, Vampire Hunter M, RaceJam and Cruel Fate of Kekistan..the one with Taylor Swift getting redpilled by Murdoch Chan is also great)…great satire!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • (((Peter Falk))) speak with forked tongue:

      it’s the Jews who took down the borders of the White Nations; the ragheads are merely one of their invasive orc armies.

      • Joooooooos! They’re everywhere!
        They’re probably in your underpants drawer too!

        Look, I knew you couldn’t go a week here without soiling yourself over something I posted, so I’m not surprised. it’s just so predictably pathetic.

        It boggles my mind that anyone can be so self-unaware as to keep spewing such knee-jerk nonsense. It’s like you’re wearing a teething bib for your drool…but in junior high. If there’s an avatar with a propeller-topped beanie, grab it, you’ve earned it. It’s not like you could do anything more to let everyone know from 50 feet away you’re barking mad.

        Just for the novelty, give it a rest for twenty years or so, see if you really need it like nicotine to get you up in the morning. Think of it as your personal hemorrhoids; no one cares if you have them, or how you feel about them, and we’d be happy not to talk about them, ever; we just ask that you don’t drop trou five times a day, show your ass, and wave them around to everyone else. Really, no one needs to see that.

        Take a chance, man. It could be that you’d eventually get to like going through an entire consecutive week, or even longer, of your sad life without everyone pointing and laughing, or twirling their finger around their temple when they describe you.

        No one here will mention it if you don’t, and if new people show up, they might never know.

        Give it some serious thought, it’s all I ask. Give the appearance of sanity a chance. It might grow on you.

  3. Yeah, I know, the Jooos did it, yadda, yadda, yadda. Some Peace Knife. I suppose when the French are up to their ears in allah snackbars, and they’re stabbing babies in their cribs, and news people in their vans, they MIGHT begin to suspect something is wrong. This whole thing reads like a poorly scripted horror B movie. It is well past time for the people of France to take matters into their own hands.

    • When has a Frenchman ever valued freedom beyond the odd 18th century French Army officer? The women will continue to spread their legs and the men will continue to lose their heads. It’s the only thing they know how to do.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “When has a Frenchman ever valued freedom beyond the odd 18th century French Army officer?”

        Vercingetorix comes to mind. The French POWs at Colditz, also.

    • this they will not do. Not, that is,

      until the French version of the (((debtbuck))) dies. Then

      the Jews will no longer be able to buy consent with debt-financied goodies.

  4. It’s probably the quality of French Coffee. Afghanis like their tea and if all you can find is French Press………….sorry! My bad!

  5. Pete, you NEVER should have turned the comments back on, sir.

    • I have made many bad decisions in my life.

      I will likely make a few more.

      If I am lucky.

      • CA,

        I for one thank you for making the choice to re-enable the comment function.

        What strikes me is that more than a few people CAN’T seem to allow others the right to speak their minds on uncomfortable yet vital issues…it’s like these people can’t be satisfied with their own possible self-censorship, they can’t stand it if someone else notices “the Emperor’s naked” and speaks out .

        Just my .02 on that.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Note that it is a trial re-activation.

          Hint, hint…

          Please, to you and other “ideological” posters:

          Keep the volume to a max of 4 or 5 posts per user per day.

          It is tough enough with other demands for my time to keep the article flow at WRSA going.

          100+ comments a day is overload.

          Say what you need to say, but multiple off-topic posts is taking advantage of my commitment to free speech.

          Make sense to one and all?

    • You still have the same choice you did when the comments were off and that is just reading the articles…Don’t see what the problem is…

      • It’s the entertainment – usually the same players with the same
        messages(s). I for one kind of like reading the nit witted responses (and not to be redundant) posted by the same nit wits. It is good to know there those out there who for whatever reason(s) only value themselves …..
        Just saying …………

      • They are just like the control freaks at Big-Tech . Shut down anyone they disagree with. Free speech for all or none. Notice no-one is refuting any of the anti-Jew material.

        • “Free speech for all or none. Notice no-one is refuting any of the anti-Jew material.”

          That’s it exactly – Free speech or NO Speech, which is precisely what enemy front organizations like adl, splc, aipac, and b’nai b’rith all demand.

          What they REALLY strive for however is to inculcate a knee-jerk reaction in individuals to self-censor and also ‘go full pod people’ against other people who have woken up and AREN’T afraid to speak out and name the jew and his enablers.

          The information IS out there both in their own words and deeds; it’s up to the individual to decide to take this redpill..attempting to damn the truth-tellers DOESN’T change or alter the TRUTH..it’s still there, waiting to be found.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • gun control
      immigration policy
      predatory Capitalism
      homo agitprop
      fake news
      climate hysteria
      perpetual war
      anti-Christian lawfare
      economic manipulation

      “It ain’t Muslims.”

      Wake up!



      • Al,

        Mark Collett did a fantastic job of covering at least half of those you mentioned in his “The JQ Answered In 4 Minutes”.

        Could he have done more?…
        Yes, but approximately 4 minutes is STILL 4 minutes, lol.

        A short concise needed redpill!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s Own Defense!

  6. Lee Van Queef II

    (((Anti-Heebs))): agents provocateur, i.e. Feds, ChiComs, SPLC employees, Macedonian troll farmers, maybe one or two pink swastikas, dudes that jerk off in the bushes after torturing cats and setting fires.

    They ruined ZeroHedge. They will ruin the comments at WRSA.

  7. I lived in Paris for a year in the mid 90’s. The muslims were a problem then.

    There were no-go zones then.

    This is nothing new. It is systemic to the gutter cult of islam.

  8. You have a Muslim problem because you have a Jew problem: