Nice Constitutional Government You Got There

Senior Official To Axios: There Are “Dozens And Dozens Of Us” On The Inside Working Against Trump Like The NYT Op-Ed Writer

To the True Believers:

Fix this.

Using the USC/BoR.

And appurtenances.

It works, right?

Even though it is routinely violated at all levels of government.

Even though the FUSAns are a decadent, ignorant, frothing mass — or at least 100+ million plus are.

Even though private actors (versus state actors subject to the Constitution) are working in concert to tear up the remnants of traditional American freedoms.

Even though the gun folks are armed to the teeth, so gummint workers must be quaking from the deterrent power of all that force-in-waiting.

Even though the bulk of FedGov workers are protected by civil service laws and work in the Constitutionally-unauthorized administrative fourth branch of the three-branch government we were taught in school.

Even though former Federal government “public servant” felons gambol across the fruited plain.

And your elected reps don’t even bother to engage with you when you contact them in your sacred role of constituent.

Then there’s that little problem of standing, and its cousin, prudential standing.

Go ahead.

Fix it.

It works, right?

We’ll watch.

18 responses to “Nice Constitutional Government You Got There

  1. Mark Levin told me, to tell you, “go piss up a rope”.
    With all sarcasm intended on my part of course.
    Just kidding around. Are we still allowed that luxury?

  2. Harold Nesbitt

    Learned helplessness, normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance, raging stupidly, all combine to form the frothing at the mouth keyboard warriors who will not see a civil war but death delivered by the machinery of the system. The lone wolf survivalists will go out lone wolfing until they can’t, the small pockets of patriots will go out patrioting until they can’t. The rest will gladly board the box car for “protection” from the violence as they go silently into the night.

    Get your affairs in order and get right with God. There will be no Lexington and Concord II, no army of Northern Virginia to take to the field. It’s not the skinny jean wearing betas that pose the threat but the uniformed just following orders, or worse, the uniformed who actually believe what they do is in service to the republic and not the corrupt system.

    There will be some hell given to the enemies of liberty when this starts and I do yet believe that there is still time to form a viable force against evil. I just don’t believe there is the will to do so with enough to make it matter.

  3. Experiment One:
    Go to the kitchen.
    Take a plunger in hand.
    Shove 100 pounds of raw wet cowshit into it, every day.
    Once every couple of years, flip the power switch on and off.
    See if you can suss out why, after a hundred years or so, it still isn’t working.

    Experiment Two:
    Elect not simply liars, thieves, and utter reprobate scoundrels to govern your country, but actually the worst examples of same that you can lay hands on.
    Keep sending them back, over and over, until the only way they leave is tumors in their brains and heart attacks.
    Do this for a century or two.
    Now, see if you can suss out why your government still isn’t working.

    We are now back to my current favorite cultural reference, today being from an episode we’ll call “This Old Hut“:

    Experiment Three:
    Keep depending on Gilligan to save your castaway hides.
    Watch that plain serially fail, forever.
    See if you can suss out what can the matter be.
    If you’re still blaming the saw he used, go back to gathering coconuts.

    I refer all concerned, yet again, to the circa 1798 thoughts of President Adams, known until recently to be someone of some relevance regarding the instrument in question, and thus somewhat of an authority on its function, and troubleshooting (what a cleverly prescient and perspicacious language English proves to be!) potential problems.
    Clever students might even co-reference some similar and related commentary from one of his fellow-architects…something about refreshing the Tree of Liberty or somesuch, etc, etc.

    I forget the details, but surely someone out there will come up with the quote, eventually.

    Pretty damned certain neither the finder nor the one quoted will be named Gilligan either.

    We should also note that even with serial failure and an endless conga-line of elected Gilligans, what others so lightly dismiss has only resulted in the greatest sustained human progress of any civilization on the planet, bar none, since the Big Bang/Adam&Eve, take your pick.

    So all I ask is that you unveil your Better Mouse Trap™ that’ll beat that handily, on more than just “trust me”, before we deign to let anyone throw out the baby along with the bathwater.

    If anyone’s demand of the current system, or suggested new approach, is going to require and/or achieve perfection on earth as a necessary component, I once again suggest reference to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, all of recorded human history, and humbly request a full exposition be published and a working scale model displayed, before we grant the requested patent. Y’know, like we did in this country for such paltry actual things as the telegraph, steam boat, locomotive, telephone, radio, airplane, and other such petty contraptions. One doesn’t trade in a Mercedes that runs for a Trabant fixer-upper project chassis, or blueprints for a never-built Flying Car, let alone Magic Beans.

    I’ll be right over here.
    Anyone, just let me know when the penny finally drops.

    Theory is fine, but I eat and pay bills in the real world.
    Show me the money, or bullshit walks.

    I’ve also been told by “experts” that I cannot fix stupid.
    Au contraire; simply permit a bigger hammer, and a place to stand to swing it, and I’m pretty sure we can have things humming along and back in spec in short order, and in hours, not years.

    I may be prejudiced, but I’ve kind of been looking forward to that opportunity for some time.

    The blackboard is here, bare, its boundaries are now defined, the chalk sits unmolested, and the class awaits further exposition.

  4. The Wretched Dog

    So CA, your disdain for the USC/BoR is noted.

    What is your solution for solving the problem? One that does not require the breakup or dissolution of these united States? ’cause some of us actually are attached to the ancien régime that was America.

    Note that your anarchic-libertarian non-aggression principle is not an adequate basis for the formation or maintenance of human society – because some people are anti-social. Reference all of recorded human history as proof; see esp. Hobbes.

    So what is your plan? And why is it more likely to succeed than waking up normal Americans to take their country back under the principles and familiarity of existing norms (USC/BoR)?

    Which solution set is more likely – some fantasist anarchic-libertarian model that necessarily breaks the country in warring factions and dooms most people to Hobbesian lives under:

    “the natural state humankind would be in, were it not for political community:

    ‘In such condition, there is no place for industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no culture of the earth; no navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by sea; no commodious building; no instruments of moving, and removing, such things as require much force; no knowledge of the face of the earth; no account of time; no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.'”

    or a familiar constitutional system, whatever its faults and limitations, that has provided more prosperity for more people than any other political economy in the history of the world?

    I know my choice for solution – what is your solution?

    • 1) Face reality. We live in an era of unlimited government, with expansion ongoing.

      2) The good news is that such expansion will end when the anti-US forces execute their plans to make the one indispensable nation dispensable.

      3) As one cannot know when those festivities will begin or how they will end, continue to build skills, storage of necessities, replacement of same where possible (anyone have an ammo tree?), and a trained, provisioned group of allies. Repeat until the ball begins.

      4) As things unravel in one’s AO, address local varmints in a prudent but decisive way.

      5) Continue to build and nourish alliances with like-minded others, rationally dividing materiel no longer needed by varmints.

      6) Work towards you, your people, and your property being part of a new postwar local/regional polity based on the sanctity of those elements. The new polity will be chastened in its appetites for government after barely surviving the slaughter of America’s demise.

      7) Pray that the Russian genetically-based bioweapons have reduced the Han to the size of other demised peoples, such as the Armenians or the Shoshone.

      8) Pray also that Team Mo is similarly attrited during the Unpleasantness.

      Sir, in my opinion, you will never get the Federal judiciary to climb back into the cage sans a flamethrower. Ditto the IC, the Federalized LE community, and the dishonorable sector of the .mil, both
      current and prior service. Absent those players, you cannot impose Americanization (under duress over a year or more; see what the ChiComs are doing to their Muzzies and other intractables right now) on the 300+ million ferals now living in FUSA.


      Go quietly underground, whack those who need whacking, and execute a multigenerational cultural preservation operation a la the Irish, the Poles, and the Jews.

      The USA of our birth is dead, and that is because the USC/BoR was euthanized from 1933-1973.

      Good to see you. Regards always.

      • The one certainty in all of human history, besides man’s imperfection, is the absolute limitedness of government.
        {cf.:Ozymandias, and the Durant’s Story Of Civilization}

        But I think you’ll find the current construct rather harder to kill than you imagine. You simply aren’t going to get a Dark Age like in the fifth century, because the knowledge is too widespread, the memory too redundant.

        You can pull that kind of ivy out by its roots, and pour herbicide on it, but only by killing everything else at the same time far and wide.

        That’s why I suspect it will prove to be rather more resilient than you imagine, although quite possibly preserved in the short term in the exact way you imagine.

        There ain’t nothing new under the sun, not even us, and anyone with a long view had better get used to building on what’s left behind of prior generations, and earlier foundations.

        The basis for the Constitution and BoR was, is, and will always be “the people”, so short of a genocidal planetary extinction event, you can’t get rid of it, even should you try. Witness the endless problems even that supposedly unlimited government is having, and always has. The energy required would be measured in megatons (and not coincidentally), and the casualty lists would be entire continents.

        The people who think they’re going to strangle this thing pass into molecules. Some with a helpful boost and extra orifices installed.

        And ain’t nobody sane jumping off a ship until it’s beyond argument that it’s going under. Aside from personal preparations, I would concern myself more with diagnosing the failures, and preparing replacements or workarounds for the broken pieces, and leaving off the ones that never should have been installed.

        Because you’re going to see this material again.
        Because the people who come after you are going to need to know what you know, and what to do, and what not to do.
        Because if Edison had quit after 100 or 500 or 1000 failures, we’d still be living by candlelight.
        And even when you build a working lightbulb, none of them last forever.
        But when they burn out, you change the bulb; you don’t burn the house down.

      • The Wretched Dog

        CA: I appreciate your thoughtful response. Accepting all that you have observed (with minor quibbles on the edges, perhaps) I still maintain that denigrating the USC/BoR is not helpful in the task of working toward “new postwar local/regional polity based on the sanctity of those elements.”

        Given the gross historical ignorance of ‘normal’ (or traditional) Americans, I think it will be difficult to establish unifying principles – other than raw tribalism – in the wars to come that aren’t consonant with the BoR.. In other words, the BoR principles are a fundamental baseline for unifying former Americans into whatever polities result.

        Why denigrate those ideas?

        The Wretched Dog

        • I agree with them as a source for future contruction, with serious enforcement clauses on each branch.

          There are evil bastards who use “return to Constitutional principles” as a herding stick for the less-political, when there is no intent whatsoever to return to limited government in any way, shape, or form. George W. Bush would be one example of such a bastard.

          I want to start the conversation from “Despite these words, and the premise that the USC/BoR is the supreme law of the land, nobody obeys them and nobody is doing a damned thing about them. How about we start incenting you vermin to do what we say?”

          That conversation is easier to advance once the average person groks just how little attention anyone pays to this stuff.

          I am denigrating the failure of the documents’ intent.

          There is no limited Federal government, ergo the documents designed to achieve that end state have failed.

          • I am denigrating the failure of the documents’ intent.

            There is no limited Federal government, ergo the documents designed to achieve that end state have failed.

            That’s unfortunately the same sort of reasoning that tells gun owners that assault weapons cause crime, and soothes fat people by telling them it’s the forks’ fault they can’t fit into their own pants.

            The document’s intent was to provide a framework for honest and virtuous leaders to govern. Not to provide the people to fill those roles. That part is up to the voters, and the people they elect. Both have failed; the document stands blameless. When your car runs out of gas, it isn’t the gas tank’s fault.

            There are plenty of enforcement teeth available, but people have decided they’d rather be corrupt than circumspect and diligent.
            What enforcement clause could you write that would necessarily be honored by a corrupt judge, prosecutor, or colleague? What will you write that will impel all three to fly straight (as if anything would or could)?

            The country is in peril, and simultaneously paralyzed, because DJT, for all the good he’s done, won’t call Jeffie Sessions into the Oval Office, inform him he sucks, and fire the sumbitch even though he could and should do exactly that. Pres. Trump could appoint Andrew Napolitano, Rudy Giuliani, or Ann Coulter as acting AG, and they could fire Rosenswine, Mueller, and send out swarms of federal agents and prosecutors with tumbrel carts for the trials that would start next week, and put Obozo, his entire cabinet, and the Clinton Crime family behind bars for about 100 years, and nothing is stopping him from doing that, right this minute, except lack of will to do it. Anybody, write me the clause that can fix that failure.

            Except you can’t for the same reason you can’t saddle a unicorn and fly it around the White House Rose Garden: because it doesn’t exist.

            The only remedy for that comes along in 2020, and the alternative is to accept that he won’t do it, or turn the government over to the party that perpetrated tens of thousands of felonies. Unseating an incumbent president from the same party hasn’t been done ever, in this country’s history, so that option taking the cow to market, and looking for Magic Beans.

            The people have recourse to removing douchebags from office, yet they do not. Not in the White House, or the Senate, nor the Congress. And they elect people who steadfastly refuse to impeach judges or executive office holders who refuse to work inside the lines and limits assigned, nor do likewise themselves.

            Hence the phrase “You get the government you deserve”, and Franklin’s pronouncement in 1787 “A republic, if you can keep it“.

            When you couldn’t find 5 justices at SCOTUS to throw out the New Deal, it stuck, and the government became everybody’s cow to milk, and no one’s to feed. Even before that, when you couldn’t get 51 senators to deny Amendments XVI, XVII, XVIII, and XIX, the die was cast. When you couldn’t get the Congress to deny deficit spending, or deny debasing the currency, the end was predictable. Only the impact point remains open to discussion. The only fatal flaw in the Constitution was assuming the people would be diligent in selecting their stewards. The only way to “remedy” that flaw is tyranny. That solution is the sheriff in Blazing Saddles pulling a gun on himself, and telling everyone, “Don’t move, or the n—-r gets it.”

            My quibble is simply that the house isn’t falling down because the architect sucked, or because the wood was worm-infested. It’s falling apart because the residents have been pulling out the nails, pulling out the beams, and selling the bearing walls for years, knowing they’d be dead and buried before it finally fell over or burned to the ground.

            Just like in musical chairs, there comes a time when there’s only one chair left, and the game is almost over.
            We’re just waiting now for the music to stop, one last time.

            • But if the government’s structure is only as good as the people to be governed and governing by it, what good is that document?

              By analogy, you don’t need a contract between honorable men. When dealing with scumbags, you need a well-drafted document, a functional system of justice, and the will to impose alternative dispute resolution.

              The best the Founders could do is Franklin’s quote. Got it.

              When was that game’s outcome apparent to all?














              You aren’t wrong about the people problem.

              It’s just that there was/is a people problem plus a ruleset problem.

              Both need to be solved.

              • There is no document that will work until you have perfect people.
                And at that point, you don’t need a document.

                That was apparent going back thousands of years.

                You do the best you can, with what you’ve got.

                And live with what happens.
                When a wheel breaks, you repair or replace it; you don’t burn the wagon.

                It matters not what ship you build, eventually, you have to pull it out of the water, and scrape the barnacles off the hull.
                This is why Jefferson, whose thoughts I alluded to earlier, suggested that “from time to time, the Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

                There ain’t never going to be a perfect document, nor perfect people, on this earth. Any government, and any constitution, is ultimately doomed, given enough time. If you can improve on what we have, let’s hear how that would work, given the material you have to work with. At best, you might manage a tweak or three. In fact, the tweaks plugged in after Day One are largely and demonstrably exactly the problem now, not the solution to it.

                Communism, denying any spiritual nature to mankind, decided that they just need to kill everyone who doesn’t “get it”, thus perfecting the species until they achieve ultimate perfection. How that works out in real life is lying scattered across Russian steppes, dumped in trenches in Manchuria, rotting in Cuban prisons, and stacked up in skeletonous piles in Cambodia. It’s eating cats and zoo animals in Caracas right this minute, and just about to kick off a new wave of slaughter. And its spiritual heirs all slobbering to kick off the ball on campuses and in newsrooms and cloakrooms here from Key West to Kiska.

                The document you would replace has been debased with accretions that killed it, and crushed under the weight of a million corrupt douchebags, thieves, liars, and scoundrels, from presidents to dog catchers, aided and abetted by the most slovenly, dissolute, and disinterested electorate in history, and beaten down and choked to death by bookshelf yards of laws and code and legalese that would choke not a horse, but a herd of them, several times over.

                People can be improved, assuredly, but never perfected.
                At least, not by other people, and not in this lifetime.
                Documents that rely on that raw material – as they all do – are therefore doomed to fail eventually, given enough time.

                Look at cars: when they were slow, and clunky, a crash was about as serious as falling off a horse, or crashing two wagons; a few cross words, maybe some splintered lumber, and very rarely, an injured animal or occupant.
                But we’ve perfected them vastly now, and even junkers will achieve speeds that would have won at Indianapolis Speedway a century and more ago. They’re more perfect, faster, even safer. But the drivers are the same, if not worse, than formerly. So which way have the death tolls gone, and what sort of injuries have been suffered, given that mean clay to work with behind the wheel?
                And the newest idea is to make them driverless, and that genius plan has already racked up a body count, because the only thing more imperfect than humans is the software programmers devise, because they don’t know what they don’t know, nor admit that what goes on in three pounds of gelatinous human grey matter is a biochemical wonder light years beyond their grasp, and unapproachable with silicon and electrons, even with Moore’s Law, billions of dollars, trillions of man hours, and pushing a century’s head start. It’s only virtue is to restrict human freedom, at the paltry expense of admitting tyranny into the equation “for your own good”.

                While you may make a slightly better governing document, you’ll only ensure a bigger crash when it happens, you’ll run over more people in the meantime, and do them greater injury, and you’ll never “solve” the problem with the objects and operators of the system. Feel free to try, but I’ve yet to see anyone, anywhere, do a better job than what we have, except to strip away what never should have been welded onto the original boilerplate.

                Trying to tweak the document is worthy, but I’ve seen nothing that would improve on what minds the equal or better of any since that original assembly could come up with, and in fact prior attempts hastened the current collapse, far more than stayed it.

                And trying to “fix” the objects of the exercise, or assuming them more perfectible than they are or will ever be, is a well-trodden path through a graveyard that stretches for hundreds of miles, over a journey of decades, with multi-story mausoleums of prior experiments stacked to the heavens.

                So if we’re going to add to that tally, or rather, be forced to do so, let’s at least ensure that it waters the Tree of Liberty, rather than cutting it down, planting some new acorn, and hoping against all odds that it sprouts and outgrows the last one.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    “Even though the gun folks are armed to the teeth, so gummint workers must be quaking from the deterrent power of all that force-in-waiting.”

    Well, you SAY that….
    – Sterling Archer

  6. Nothing that a knock down, drag out financial collapse can’t solve.

  7. The architects initially limited the franchise to only those they felt had the most to lose. Those who had the most skin in the game. That seems to me to be an important structural plank that that was removed.

    I would tend to agree with Aesop. It isn’t the architects’ fault that the citizenry undermined the foundations.

  8. Make tax collection cost more than it brings in, and the protection racket’s logistical tail dissolves. Keep making it cost more, and no replacement racket can arise. Anyone that wants to tax is part of some racket. Any method that will dismantle the large rackets will also dismantle the small ones. Constitutionalists are on the same side as Pelosi and Putin.

  9. The constitutional convention’s intent was to produce exactly what we have, exponentially growing government. The people were, at the time of the convention, mostly statists, so of course they didn’t object. Difference today is that technological growth has now produced gadgtes which can disrupt operations of a 99% majority.