Totally Legit

Of course, private actors are serving as censors.

Someone has to protect against hatespeech and other badthink.


Why don’t you show them your Magic Parchment?

It’s a Divine Blessing from the Founding Fathers.

4 responses to “Totally Legit

  1. Even the purveyors of conservative purism are getting on board the train of bullshit.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha!

  2. Wait, so when people patronize private platforms, then don’t like them to act like private businesses, they want the government to intervene?


    Just spitballing…how’d that idea work out for all parties in Roe v. Wade?
    Or in City of New London v. Kelo?

    Bad enough that there’s a rogue camel, but to actually wish someone would bring it into the tent…?!?

    D’ya know why you have Hollywood?
    Ferris Beuller…??

    It’s because every time lower-class (((Jooooos!))) tried to make a movie in NYFC or Philly, the lawyers for the Edison Corp would sue for copyright infringement, damages, and most of the gross, the judges were bought off, and they knew they needed to get out from under the thumbs of corrupt government and crony capitalism. (Stop me if you’ve heard this one…)

    So they got on a train, and when they got to Phoenix, it was raining buckets for the one day out of 300 that ever happens.
    They got back on the train, rode it to the end of the line, and got out in L.A. at the precursor to Union Station, found cheap land just west of downtown by the acre, mountains, forests, valleys, ocean, snow, and desert all within an hour’s drive, and the rest was history. They had names like Fox, Warner, and Mayer. Maybe someone’s heard of them…?

    You could look it up.

    Intrusive government doesn’t solve problems; intrusive government is the problem.

    Qwitcherbitchin’, build yer own damned platforms, and stick it up Gulag’s and Facecrack’s ass, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.
    Y’know…like Americans do.

    Instead of tattlin’ to mama, or running to the teacher like whiny bitches.

    Last I looked, anyone who does that has only got a guaranteed customer base of 63M Americans, on Day One.
    Or maybe someone thought Fox News and Limbaugh were just flukes…?

    • Their weak flank is other peoples money. The God Emperor has shut off the source of many bottomless pig troughs and money laundering rackets aka federal regulatory agencies that financed the dirty stinking commies agenda. The Union’s don’t have the cash flow like they used to, so many actors sycophants and gimsmedat free shit shit stirers have their hand in the till, along with the cabal and its swamp, hangers on and paid grifters called consultants, the slices of that pie are smaller with every day they can’t oust The God Emperor.
      Now they are draining a different swamp, one that has to create wealth instead of steal it or extort it from the dirt people, (though that is debatable with some corporate crony actors).
      Frankly I kind of prefer corporate financing of the cultural marxist’s. It has a certain poetic justice, and how long can they keep it up before the reality of wasted corporate cash reserves and other liquid assets are noticed by the boards and stock holders? I read something couple weeks back should have saved, about some “revolutionaries” caught making off with exorbitant converged corporation funds. It probably was memory holed in any case.

      What all this may suggest Aesop, is what we are seeing is a Bum’s rush, a last ditch effort like Hitler’s Ardens offensive, and like Hitler, the CM’s don’t have enough fuel or materiel for a drawn out offensive, they got to win a Blitzkrieg thrust, before the funds begin to run too low to sustain their drive thru Bastogne. And…to set the stage for something else probably impeachment/coup related. Double emperative. And we all no there’s always at least three uses for every crisis or narrative as a means.
      And what is our Bastogne in this? At least Trump and his trusted cadre are like the 101st. I think they can hold out long enough.
      Like I said, its smells like a Bum’s Rush, and desperation. The red diaper baby brigades fearless leader looks and talks like a guy who has nothing to loose, knows he is no longer protected as he was as usurper of his fundamental dis-united states. Word is Soros is none too happy with ol’ Barry, he dropped the ball after everything Soros and his pals did to install him. Probably got a wee to distracted with too much coke and pickle smooching.
      Everyone involved if the 11-8-16 orange revolution reaction is any indication, all took it for granted Mao with a barren vag from too many strap-ons and a pantsuit, was a done deal and they would all be set for life after her dissolution of FORM-USA via maniacal disarmament that was her purpose as the next regime.

      These clowns look desperate to me. Like timing is extremely critical. I like to think they read the tea leaves and seen the blue wave is Kaput. The corporate actors involved are treading on sedition teetering on treason. The God Emperor has Martial Law as his Ace up the sleeve. That would solve a whole range of issues.

  3. Anyone have recent news about Julian Assange’s embassy situation? Last I heard the Nicaraguan President was talking about putting him on the street.