Woodpile Report Update

Update: Here’s what’s going on. Windows 10 itself crapped the bed, so my IT guy had to recover all my stuff – excuse the technical jargon – and put it on a new PC. So, dead in the water until now, Sunday pm. My many hundreds of “favorites” are gone so I gotta rebuild it, and there are almost 300 emails piled up unanswered … jeez, how I love the 21st century. Bottom line, I’ll have a new Woodpile Report out in a few days.

There’s an automatic archive thingy attached to the new PC, every day it makes a “mirror”, so I’m told. One terrabyte (sp?). I remember when I first heard of a one gigabyte hard drive. Seemed dubious to me. What would such a beast look like, an old 78 rpm record? Would it spin so fast the proximate time/space continuum would be distorted? Would it take days or weeks to defrag the thing? And so forth. Y’gotta remember, I’m from the old 8-bit paper punch days, and one of the holes was a parity check.

As for my recovery, I’m ahead of expectations. I felt so good the other day I went woods cruising for an hour and a half. Bad mistake. Next day I paid dearly … dearly, gasping for forgiveness, making promises I know I’ll not keep, and yes the missus told me so. And wouldn’t you know, today is a perfect day for woods cruising: cold, overcast, drizzly rain. And here I am pecking away. Jes’ ain’t no justice in the world.

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there. WPR will be back better ‘n ever in a few days.

19 responses to “Woodpile Report Update

  1. Hope you feel better. BTW, I remember the first time I saw my favorite radio DJ as a kid and discovered how he didn’t look at all like he sounded. The guy you picture on the Woodpile report is who I envision you to be. Don’t ever show us what you really look like!

  2. Praying for Ole Remus ! We’ve lost so many of our greats .

  3. I really missed him during his “vacation”. Glad to see he is ok and still kicking.

  4. So happy that Uncle Remus will be back with wit, sarcasm, important news and a few backslaps. Visiting the Woodpile Report is like sitting down with your favorite uncle, who fires up an unfiltered Camel while cleaning his rifle, and spins the news from silly fop to true grit. Considering I experienced the California Corruption of hit & run this weekend, this put a smile in my day!

  5. Best of luck with the OS issues with your computer,glad to hear you at least mentally ready to challenge the woods,soon you will be meeting em head on!You never “conquer”the woods!

  6. I’m praying for Remus too. We sometimes get to feeling ‘frisky’ and push the envelope when we are supposed to take it easy to get healed. Been there many times, as have others.

    You take care sir and get properly healed.

  7. Hey guys’. ColdFury’s just been knocked off. Get ready.

      • for a fact, Matt Mullenweg and co. @ WP are into anti-Right censorship. They killed TSJ1, though it has now popped back up in the WayBack Machine ‘net archive. As I mentioned before, though, http://webhost.pro has the WP templates on their servers and – over several years, despite incessant external threats and DOS attacks from (((YKW))) – my race realist TSJ4 site has not been taken down. Their $6.95/month option would accomodate WRS very comfortably. One thing: if you ever do take it over there, kill the front-door WP log-in option, and only enter via Webhost.

      • Don’t have any. Just says their account has been suspended. Hope Remus comes back strong and healthy. We need his voice and advice right now. (Stay away from crowds)

      • From comments at my blog:
        “Francis W. Porretto said:
        Mike is merely behind on his payments to Hosting Matters. He had a serious car-repair bill to foot, and as he makes his living with his car (He drives for Lyft), that had to come first. Hosting Matters doesn’t show a lot of love to clients in arrears.

        If you want to help Mike, send him a few bucks.

  8. Thanks for sharing the good news – I was worried. I’m glad Ol Remus is healthy and still at it.

  9. on the HP of most WP sites – tho I don’t see it on WRS, maybe you got rid of it – there’s a “log-in” click on…it’s where the most primitive robotic DOS attacks originate. If you use Webhost for WP, you log in @ WH via an e-mail + password, go from there to C-panel, and from there to your site’s WP templates….and from there to your site. Seems to be more secure. Attacks still happen (more than 50% usage of Central Processing Unit or “CPU” indicates trouble), but you can see the ISP’s they’re coming from on the C-Panel “visitors” log and KO them in real time. Oft times, tho I don’t know why, simply clicking through the “most recent 1,000 visitors” pages kills the bot attack….you can confirm the kill by going back to C-Panel and seeing the fall-off in CPU usage.

    another thing: from my experience, when WP decides to kill a site, you get 48 hours notice to save or transfer elsewhere. DK if that’s still the case.

  10. I feel much better knowing that it was your
    computer, rather than you.
    One can replace a computer, but we cannot
    replace ‘ol Remus…Please er on the side of
    caution when it comes to your wood cruising…
    at least for now. And we’ll continue to pray for
    you, and yours.

  11. All the anti-slaver sites are under attack.

  12. Good ol’ woodpile report. Little bit of everything. Good sortment if emotions while reading.

    Why is wrsa allowing comments again?

    Had enough ‘be, and let be’?

  13. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.