Public Accommodations In The 21st Century

Breitbart: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election Shown In Leaked Vid

Watch the vid at the link.

H/t to Vox Day, who has reax here.

Heartiste pungently weighs in here.

Question: Can the socials buy their way out from a thoroughly-corrupt Congress?

In the meantime, follow this advice:

14 responses to “Public Accommodations In The 21st Century

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. And the assumption is these companies are it planning on doing the same thing

  3. The liberty circles may not have noticed but Reddit has been purging subs for 2 days.

    Facebbook, Twitter, google, Amazon, Reddit, (is there more?) all having a coordinated digital kristallnacht before the midterms.

  4. Sergey Brin’s real message to the assembled cabal:
    “Oy veh! D’sthick we’ve tried to pull off against da akum
    is nicht gutte…it’s all went froylaven for all of our efforts!!
    D’ messughanna goyim know!! We need to shut this
    down otherwise it’ll be annuda shower!!”.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Full on orgy when they roll out golden calf called A.I. Compulsory icon worship.

  6. Deplorable B Woodman

    Correction to #1, use Brave instead of Chrome.

    • Yes. Stay away from Firefox. They have plans to implant a blocking service within the browser. Same ability will be applied more globally under Mozilla Control.

      What has not been mentioned is using https as often as possible. More and more websites are going this route. Use it. Are there specific sites you always go to? Go to your Hosts file and add an entry for them. It eliminates your client from making a DNS query, hence reduces your footprint for being tracked.

      That is all….

      • All good advice (and, yeah, Mozilla has dark-side aspirations). The dessert on the hosts file is that, for your common stuff, the absence of making DNS queries will make it run like a turpentined cat. (Don’t get carried away, lest the file take longer to parse than a query.) But it’s a great idea. Doing this, as well as simply learning how to run nslookup to find the ip addresses, is just part of taking responsibility for your stuff. Middle finger every chance you can.

  7. If you manage your own little wireless router at home for your path to the ISP, plug-in OpenDNS addresses in the DNS section of the router, vs. oft-used Google server addresses. and

  8. Install an ad-blocker (and disable “allow some ‘nonintrusive’ ads). uBlock or adblock pro or Ghostery will work and cut off Google’s main revenue stream. As well as stopping the creepy factor, though you should also shut off all “remember history”, both web and location.


    Res ipsa loquitur. Plan accordingly.