RSM: Wisdom And Social Commentary

If you truly understand Rule #3, you really shouldn’t complicate a violation by arraying both the legal system and grrrlworld against you.

Nearly unbelievable.

And a marker of terminal cultural decay.

14 responses to “RSM: Wisdom And Social Commentary

  1. Glad she’s amazing and knows it. I wonder if she knows she’s stupid, too. Ahright, one of you educated bozos’ tell me how the Jews figure in this.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Jeez, man, it’s so simple. They control the media that reported the story and the universities where she was probably educated. It’s like you’re not even trying. 🙂

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. It is a great thing that you reference one of the three rules of life, as brought to all by the folks on You call her a rule #3 violation. The shorthand, is RV3.

    For the unknowing, the three rules of life are: 1) keep your money in your front pocket. 2) don’t talk to The Man. 3) don’t stick it in Crazy.

    Keeping on the right side of those rules makes for a better and more stress-free life. Even for those who still have jobs.

  4. This woman is a nutcase, I’ll agree. But you can’t blame it all on “feminism”. Men have also been fed the line of getting that hot girl who is loaded with money and prestige and contacts. A lot of them are still looking for her at 65. Of course, he is gray, soft, and snores a lot, but hey! Viagra! As a society, we need to start instilling in our children, the values of marriage-long term. It affects a lot more than your bank account. Marriage has been ridiculed, degraded, and bastardized to the point that it has no positive image. Marriage isn’t about fairy tale weddings, it is about having family, security, and love. In any order.

    • One may not be able to blame it all on (((feminism))) but one
      SHOULD be able to spot ‘crazy’ from a mile away and be
      able to decisively navigate oneself away from said crazy bitches
      at top speed (unless one happens to be a ‘female AAH snowflake’
      nominally in command of a Navy command bridge..then all bets
      are most decidedly off!!)/

      Paul Elam, Terrance Popp and Dr. T. spell it all out below:
      Going Mental: She Might be a Crazy Bitch if……. Red Flags!

      (Fair warning: Put down ALL drinking items and swallow BEFORE
      watching this, especially since TPopp is along for the ride. I assume
      no liability for sprayed coffeee, chocolate shakes or fine whiskey’s
      on your keyboard’s or screens from watching the above video)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. I loved Santorini… but I didn’t want to marry it, or myself, when I was there.

  6. Once Up On A Time
    I stole this from someplace and can’t remember where.
    Once upon a time a young man asked a beautiful girl to marry him, but she said no.
    And thus it was that the young man rode motorcycles and dated cute skinny girls and hunted and fished anytime he wanted and bought lots of nice guns and boats and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated women half his age and drank beer, Jack Daniel´s and Captain Morgan and drank milk straight from the carton and never heard bitching and went to rock concerts and kept his apartment until he bought a house that he wanted to live in and wore his favorite brand of jeans and never got cheated on while working and his family and his friends thought he was cool as hell and had tons of money & left the toilet seat up and lived happily ever after. THE END.