First Sharks, Now Snakes

NY Post: Killer Snakes Could Spread After Florence Strikes

The Carolina hog lagoon surfing contest, originally scheduled for Sunday at noon, is now postponed pending arrival of an emergency NATO mongoose drop in the affected area.

19 responses to “First Sharks, Now Snakes

  1. Between shark drops, snake drops, and departing Yankees, an extra bowl of grits is in order. No doubt about it, you gotta be of strong moral character to be a Southerner.

  2. Flooding and Snakes is No Joke in the South! Scaley little buggers first get Flushed out of the Creeks & Swamps, then come Indoors after all the Mice that are also trying to Stay Dry.
    Snapping Turtles, too!

  3. Southern comfort food. I could go for a plate of Hominy fried in bacon grease and some green fried tomatoes!

    Funny you mention people helping people without .gov stepping in. President Kona Blend’s weaponized FEMA was some pissed off when they eventually showed up in WV after we had that 1000 year flood couple years back. We all pulled together and got her done on our own like real American’s do.
    It was stampy feet you can’t help each other or we will arrest you white trailer trash mouth breathers kind of attitude, only we are permitted to act in a disaster. They alienated everyone where I live.

    Our county was the worst hit. About 2400 families live here. Its about as rural as it gets east of the Miss. Seriously, farmers donated beef pigs and chickens, meat shops did the cutting, I was working curing beef, sausage, bacon and hams, it was incredible how many animals farmers where donating, we all worked for no pay as long as it took to process everything and get it delivered. Mostly everything was ground up for burger and sausage, it was the best way to make preparing everything practical. No hillbilly worth their salt doesn’t like sausage biscuits and gravy or a pot of chilly. They fed an army. Churches and volunteer fire depths picked up and got the food where it was needed, then they had BBQ’s where folks could have a hot meal, or get breakfast, they delivered hot food to shut ins and the like. Fire stations had to park their equipment outside for the floor to ceiling donations of clothes to pots and pans. The first task FEMA organized, 5 days after the flood, was delivery of 30 yard dumpsters so they could throw literally everything donated away. It was disgusting. And nasty. Outright contempt. Everything you heard or seen with your own eyes out of FEMA was derogatory to the max. Their excuse was they couldn’t trust the food, and the materiel donations was not to specs or something. We heard rumors they threatened to arrest people for helping others at one point.

    Now the WV National Guard, when they arrived it was like a festivity. They couldn’t do enough to satisfy themselves, brought in truckloads of water and MRE’s, you couldn’t accept enough from them, they would load up your truck for you they wanted to be sure you had enough. They went up and down these hollows in HumV’s, crawled down and out of washed outs not car could get thru checking on people, and getting water and MRE’s to them. Looked like they had a ball doing it the whole time.

    I’m from NH original, been here 11 years now, the generosity and care of your neighbors and total strangers alike makes you cry with the grace of such acts. People who if they had 1 dollar left to them, they would give it to you because you needed it more than themselves kind of grace.

    The saying if the world went to hell in a handbaskst tomorrow, people in these mountains would hardly notice, is true. Seen it with my own eyes.

    I think President Trump did the right thing in spades, he declared no effort or expense is to be spared before and in preparation for this storm. Thats what real American’s do. As Sean said, we do the hard things. We are the adults. We don’t balk or hesitate. We get it done.

  4. It’s like we tell lifelong flatlanders hiking in the CA mountains…

    “Don’t worry abut the rattlesnakes.
    Mostly, the cougars and bears eat them.”

  5. “They” are having way too much fun with this storm. Soon the track will take it up through Maine, and then across the midwest to Colorado, over the Rockies and into California. There still are people in the nation who haven’t yet been scared into spending money buying shit they don’t need.

  6. Snakes? It has to be Trump’s fault!


    Ah, more manufactured hysteria. Watch where you step, Normies. You may want to re-think the whole fashion meme of shorts, flip-flops and short-sleeved garments. I remember my one encounter with a Cottonmouth when I was a guest of Uncle Sam at Benning’s School for Boys. It was startling, but I won. Bleib ubrig.

  8. That’s going to spice up the looting and unauthorized shopping.

  9. “Snakes in an Hurricane” just does not have the cache` as the movie title ya know.

  10. Heh… funny CA…

    .22 bird shot would do well 🙂

  11. The real story is how dumb the murkins are. I was in having a tired repaired on my new car and the shop owner was convinced the Russians were in control of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE here in murka…

    Isn’t it time for the Great Cleansing?

    300 million +