Aesop: Comic Relief

Watch them all.

9 responses to “Aesop: Comic Relief

  1. i laughed so hard my abdomen hurt.

  2. My abdomen was already hurting, and I laughed so much, it stopped hurting. How dare he practice medicine with out a license!

  3. Why is he almost unknown?

    • He’s got 70M hits on YouTube on just those 5 vids, so he’s not really unknown.

      But they take some time for set up (months), and he’s not doing 200 stand-up dates a year, instead just coming up with a new one every several months. So I suspect that’s why his celebrity is rather low-key.

      I just figured folks could use a break from red meat and aggro once in a while.
      If it was new to anyone, and you enjoyed it, that was the point.
      Fun as it is, there’s more to life than just punching hippies.

  4. not as funny as

    Memetic Mondays @ Daily Stormer

    but bretty gud

  5. Penny Pincher


  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Pretty funny indeed…reminds me more than a bit of
    Steven Wright, especially his famous ‘Jigg’s Casey’ monologue.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Did it once with a goatfucker on the phone. Cold called my cellphone. Got him to the point where he was screaming he would fucking kill me. I never laughed so hard.