The Fundamental Question

Choose wisely.

Your heirs will have to live with your choices.

13 responses to “The Fundamental Question

  1. Lee Van Queef II

    I would bang the top statue and use the mutant one for target practice. And the lady’s response to the commiefagjunky was hardcore war words. We’re getting there folks.

  2. Dey gotz deyselves a bronze niggah.

    • Dogs descended from wolves and the selective breeding resulted in hundreds of shapes and sizes with a wide variety of looks.


    Europa has already chosen. These syphilitic-thinking whites and the neurotic, childless women who lead them manifest a collective death wish. Between their lemming-march into the abyss and the ramped-up poking of the Bear by the POTUS, I fear all of the West is on the brink of disaster. Bleib ubrig.

  4. Everybody thinks Europe is in worse shape than us. Demographically, we are in much worse shape. 54% of kids entering kindergarten in the US are non-White. And that percentage grows every year. The future belongs to those that show up for it.

  5. If Black/Hispanic/Filipino is so beautiful, how come any of the successful men marry white? Always. It is a sign of marrying up, making it, and being part of the incrowd. Period. I just wish that white women would quit doing it.

  6. Back the invaders go, every one of them. Think it’s not possible? Put me in charge. And no more arrive.

  7. Oh look, a Jew has written that the Kavanaugh vote must be delayed based on a communist activists accusations. Grassley says the vote will take place on 20 September as scheduled. One wonders if there’s any level to which the Democrats will not sink.

    • So Smear Plan A failed, now they think they’re going to get the accuser to testify as Smear Plan B?
      That’ll work.

      Mr. Chairman, since the FBI fell down laughing so hard they refused to proceed further after reading the crayoned letter I gave them, we’d like to introduce this recockulous fabrication of imaginary events from 40 years ago in lieu of examining anything that’s actually germane to whether he’d make a solid Supreme Court justice.

      The Chair rules the nitwit senator from Califrutopia is out of order.
      Sit down, Di. You flubbed your big move.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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