K Blog: Daring Defenders Of Diversity Dogma

Opening bid above.

Counterbids in the story.

Gotta love the tacos, though.

6 responses to “K Blog: Daring Defenders Of Diversity Dogma

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. T-shirt ideas:

    “I’m White, and I obey Jews”
    “Whites have the majority of votes but still lose elections”
    “I’m White, and I elect Jews to rule me”
    “Whites talk about revolution but are too beta to vote”
    “Whites: losing to WASPs who can fake sincerity since 1776”
    “White is the new Jew / Jew is the new White”
    “Whites won WWII but lost the war”
    “‘Simon says’ is now ‘Samuel says'”
    “White BSDM: topped by anybody brown”
    “Whites: forging our own debt slavery chains since 1913”
    “Whites: Least Concern to Vulnerable in 100 years”

    “White fathers don’t know whether to give their daughters to Blacks or Muslims until Jews tell them”

  3. It’s not really an invasion but rather a celebration of diversitah. By the by how’s that wall coming along?

  4. Lee Van Queef II

    I always (((knew))) Turnem All In Stinkfein was a cannibal.

  5. Can Kavanaugh say that this is a public lynching, and if he does, is that cultural appropriation? I can almost see Justice Thomas reaching for the Tums………..