A Reminder

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  1. Didn’t work in Viet Nam.

    • But, the powers that be didn’t want to win in Viet Nam. They wanted money and for their sons not to be killed. Your kith and kin had no value. Nobles are the same whatever century they pop up in. Ted the Beach Patrol Guy should’ve been lost at sea in early ’61. Would’ve saved the FUSA a lot of grief.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Then it would appear that we either: (1) didn’t do whatever we needed to win; or (2) kill enough people.

  2. theirritablearchitect

    Might want to consider adding a No.4 – TEACH the history.

  3. Didn’t work in Viet Nam because of communist news people and college communist protestors working for their communist masters in Hanoi. Along with the fact we weren’t allowed to hold ground we had won and were hamstrung by Pentagon “rules of engagement”. Plus we didn’t kill enough of the little nippers. There, fixed it for you. From a VN combat veteran. We have a little saying among VN combat veterans. If you weren’t there, then STFU.

    • Being there doesn’t give you the authority to censor. I see that the communists bastards trained you well during your on-site indoctrination.

  4. The idea that winning a defensive war usually requires losing the moral high ground is a self-defeating mind-poisoning idea from the enemy.

  5. Gilbert Gottfried’s dirtiest joke. It’s legendary.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      That is the epitome of the world’s most disgusting Jew, 1 minute of looking at and listening to him is 1 minute too long.
      And how exactly did he ever become famous?
      Having connections in the (((entertainment world))) would help. The dumbing down of our society can be attributed to scum like him.