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  1. All good recommendations and important information.

    However Mr. Bracken, why do you NEVER encourage people to read say The Protocols of Zion ?

    You’re NEVER getting to the top of the enemy chain.

    You’re obviously not stupid. You’re obviously a warrior. So why do you NEVER go to the top ? Not even a hint of it.

    Islam is a serious problem, no argument there. But at the end of the day they are a proxy being used against us.

    There’s a mountain of evidence on who the REAL enemy are, but for those not willing to climb the mountain, the Protocols are the “Coles Noes” as it were. It’s all in there.

    I have a hard time believing you don’t KNOW who the real enemy are.

    So how do you answer to this Mr. Bracken ? Oh I forgot, you don’t answer that question either. So what exactly is your deal man ?

    Better answer directly before people start speculating too much…

    • Unbelief is the slow poison. Willful unbelief is surrender. Ignorance of truth defines civilians in this spiritual war.

      Genesis 3:15 underlies the protocols. Can you handle this?

      Matt is sensibly fighting a fatal infestation, a front he understands. He fights with the weapons he is experienced with. Thank you Matt.

      We would logically assume it would have been better if God had just killed Cain, or better yet “killed” Satan at his rebellion in the age that was but, then again, we are not God.

      Read the bible. Why bring a knife to gun fight? Take off your coat, sell it, buy a sword (of truth) and get to it.

      King Jesus is coming back for a BBQ, we better light the grill.

  2. Recommendation taken Matt, I trust your judgement. Thanks.
    Have you read “Inside Unveiled” by Robert Spencer? This work was my first look behind the illusion islam as a religion, how its a centuries old shakedown racket and form of extortion designed to enslave or genocide all outside its purview. Seems like an age ago first reading it.

    I shared it around my church community here in WV, I was really pleasantly pleased by how well it was received and discussed. Most “Hillbillies” have a natural avowed aversion to the con. Its not how most roll. Honor and integrity of a man’s word is integral to the culture, its everything, violate that and you almost never live it down among your kin and community. Because of this, I learned something beyond just the corrupt nature of islam, how vile it’s brainwashing features and the intended corrosive effects on humanity.

    Another aspect was how cultural marxists and their ideology, practices, and politics are so closely related to islam, so close its no wonder why England, the Euro totalitarians, and the leftists/statists in our country thirst for the musloids to function as allies in their mutual human extinction movement.

    Squint your eyes a little bit and there’s barely any critical fundamental differences between them and their politics, how they manipulate politics to their advantage, how they hide behind the rule of law as convenient, or weaponize it as needed, or the brutal means nor the final outcome of ideologies.

    All intents & purposes there’s no decernable differences that matter, as our avowed enemies foreign and domestic.