Lind: “The Deep State Runs The Country”


And I challenge, once again, any defender of the American Mythos to explain, in detail, how to take 2018 America and return it to a land of limited government and self-sufficient citizens of Western Civ.

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  1. How? Its going to be difficult but not impossible. Its going to take people who refuse to give in. Its going to take a plurality of us who do the hard things, the right things and don’t quit.
    These pigs running the show, they ain’t forever. History is circular. The last full circle we took the entire world by surprise and won. The pigs started right in because what we did could not stand. Well thats a two way street, and whats been done before can be again, and because we are outliers with our Liberty and natural rights, something wasn’t just made up, but actually happened for the first time in the world during the last cycle, that outlier thing, it helps with creating more outliers, and if anybody, we are very good at outliers.
    They hardly know what to do about us now, completely missed The God Emperor outlier, outliers are already showing up other places, and the party’s not even started.
    And after all this time we still have our Rifles. If that ain’t an outlier I don’t know what is.
    How about that?

  2. Hint…the ‘Deep State’ are jews in charge of:
    entertainment (especially the porn industry)
    and anything else they have their filthy rat paws on
    (which if you listen to them they’ll tell you about..they’re
    actually proud of how much they’ve gotten away with here)
    all in the service to israel.

    No need to thank me.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. It’s been said here many times – local, local, local. Scale – organize into smaller, decentralized economic units that deny anonymity and remove the succor for the globalist – failing that, it will be famine, disease, and/or slaughter.

  4. Someone check with Claire: NOW can we start shooting? I see no other way out of this. We’ve tried voting, reasoning, talking, patriotic protests, and petitioning our betters; these people won’t stop willingly. They’re communists and they think that they are the new landed gentry. That entitlement means killing and enslaving us.

  5. Anyone who thinks there is more than one “uniparty” operating the levers of power in this country has obviously not seen all of the photos indicating the Bushes are in tight with the Clintons and Obamas.

    All that is left is the cartridge box.

  6. I suppose each man’s conscience will dictate when he stops typing and starts shooting.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    “And I challenge, once again, any defender of the American Mythos to explain, in detail, how to take 2018 America and return it to a land of limited government and self-sufficient citizens of Western Civ.”

    Pretty much the same way someone proposed to save Vietnam: take all of the non-communist people and put them on boats; liquidate everyone else; then sink the boats.

  8. This has thru all of time been the formula for freedom. Not much else tops this state of being free. Except for weapons. Pretty critical in the physical prep department. Which I for one am very pleased to have been born with the natural right to possess. Thank God. Exceptionally lethal weapons too, perfect for 4th generation war, fighting a tyrannical leviathan.
    But the adage below has a built in feature worthy of every man willing to fight no matter what. At the very least if your fighting your free. So thinking thus, your not a subject, your not a slave. Others see this and in the right mind it plants the seeds of resistance. It humble, but the greatest things begin as small ideas.
    Our self appointed masters see us a small minded, but they also see us as dangerous enemies, for our thoughts, never mind our arms. A gun is nothing to fear if its owner has no will or intent to kill the tyrant with his gun. Thoughts don’t kill either, but combined they are truly dangerous.
    Yet, thoughts have one weapon, which in our case is the most powerful of all weapons against our tyrants. Withdrawal of Consent. If that don’t make sense, 65 million people electing Mr. Trump would not matter to us or the tyrants.
    The optics of legitimacy are critical, at least for now, to the tyrants. Without the fig leaf, and the complimentary illusion, thank you Yellow Journalism of the fake news, of legitimacy bestowed upon all “elected” officials is to be crowned as legal authority. Hence, with that caveat the tyrant can get away with an awful lot of stretching the legitimate into the realm of totalitarian raw naked power, and not have to resort to overt mass force of arms and violence against their subjects. A big plus, it keeps things “Peaceful” and the flow of money and power is uninterrupted and armies are expensive to run used against its own people, they interfere or disrupt with that flow of wealth, vital infrastructure is damaged or destroyed, and all dictatorships always end inn disaster.
    So the trick our self appointed masters hope to parlay is to have smooth peaceful transfers of power so their paychecks and influence rackets are left in peace.

    The stickler is that Consent is a double edged sword. When a undeniable minded plurality of people in America decide they had enough of the statist quo, they have the singular unique power to withdraw their Consent for anyone or anything. It is their right to do so. Nothing stops this but the state of mind of people. Or when the State becomes totalitarian and does away with voting all together and appoints itself dictatorship for life.
    Still, that power of Consent, specifically to the subject here, the withdrawal of it, fortunately is not limited to voting for your favorite swamp thing. That unique power still exists within each of us. Nobody or nothing can deny you your Consent nor the Withdrawal of YOUR Consent. Consent is unique in all things, except maybe unconditional Love. They are kissing cousins in a way. They are absolute things.
    The beauty of withdrawal of Consent is once peaceful means of applying ones Consent is inhibited, Consent is flexible in a myriad of ways and can adapt to an unlimited range of methods to project its unique singular power.
    Our rifles and the support from our kind in their use to project Consents power is one way. There are a million and one ways to peacefully project ones withdrawal of Consent through civil disobedience, but with all violent repressive regimes, the use of our arms is the preferred method in our culture of The Gun, and our unique Western Christian Greco/Roman precepts of Liberty and Freedoms, the natural law which precedes such ideas of our civilization.

    One other characteristic of Consent worthy of understanding, no tyrant, king, potentate, president, congressman, mayor or school board gadfly, non of them, has the power inherent in Consent, a power most are green with envy and hate for, because they can never have such legitimate ultimate power, and those who do are seen as contemptuous, the dregs of humanity, deplorable beings, who cling to outmoded ideals not fit for any dictatorship, trailer trash and white racists who must be pogrommed from the tyrants world, because they are seen as savages with guns. Very dangerous nonetheless for all their disgusting characteristics.
    Thats us, the dirt people. They are The Cloud People.

    What burns the Clouds is manifold. And this, its their own doing. But as all who possess the hubris to think they are the anointed ones, they can do no wrong as their moral superiority enable them to rise above all such petty things, is they got caught flat footed. They took us dirt people, and the power of our withdrawal of consent for granted. Big mistake. Should have known better. And once our plurality smelled blood in the water, like sharks enough of us crammed our withdrawal of consent right up the fucker’s arses. We picked another elected representative, we outvoted the clouds vote fixing and margin off vote fraud, because the many of us had smelled a rat for too long and by some serendipity we did the known impossible by all accounts pundits and political soothsayers. We had an orange revolution right under the fucker’s noses, and they lost huge. Its set the bastards back decades, cut off all sorts of gravy trains, removed thousands of sycophants and dangerous actors from the King’s Court, revealed all kinds of sordid and foul behavior, crimes, most definitely vast organized malice of treason, and unthinkable cult sacrifice practices of the Clouds, changed the entire dynamic of the one world order, set it on its ass as the dirt people of Europe are withdrawing their Consent.
    The simple act of withdrawal of our Consent set the entire Western hemisphere on its head. And we haven’t fired a single shot in anger at our tyrants. Yet.
    And the question is what is to be done?
    Well it looks obvious to me, we keep right on doing what we just did, and pretty soon we Win.
    Its too late to go violent Police State Dictatorship on us now. Too many of us have awakened. More so every day. We don’t hardly have to a thing, the Cloud’s do the heavy lifting. They loose Hearts and Minds by the thousands every day. Alienate everyone with their dress rehearsals for chaos and class war called diversity and inclusiveness. Double speak of a class bereft of anything of worth to offer us dirt people but the endless cycle os communism and its Genocide.
    65 million dirt people basically said Fuck You Thats Why! and defied the pricks.
    The killer is we still have our guns. Thats a really good thing. If the clouds manage to come back into power, they will have no choice but to use violence as a means. No more of this Consent type government, It will be totalitarianism with a vengeance. Getting rid of the terrorist rebel’s who defied them in 2016, probably 2020 if they don’t JFK Mr. Trump. It is a no brainer us Rebel’s are who will be using the withdrawal of Consent of our rifles at that stage.
    You can bet these sonofabitches have a list of who each of us are. They be coming. We best be ready and help everyone who needs help to be so too. Trump is gone at some point unless he declares Martial Law, stays as long as it requires as goes after the Clouds eliminating them in detail.

    Trump is unique among all Presidents. The only one since maybe Jackson who totally withdrew his political Consent for the statist-quo.
    This changed everything within the structure of federal politics and its culture of omnipotence.