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  1. marvelous, Matt.

  2. Outstanding!

    Alynski’s rule about ridicule, its a two way street.

  3. Haha Bracken is poet at heart

  4. The word yesterday was “no one in their right mind would inject themselves into this process unless this really happened”….
    Well, she’s a liberal professor, being out of her mind is a prerequisite.

  5. Tis marvelous how many worms come out of the worm eaten hull, to either be used as bait, or to gnaw a corpse. Pelosi is the visible one on this, and Schumer is in the shadows, pulling strings.

  6. Now that was a good’n!

  7. Trump’s SC nominee

    is another useless Conservatism Inc.


    Only a Bracken would care what becomes of him.

    • Infighting is counter productive. Take allies where you can.

    • This. He supports Brown v Board, which is evil anti white communist cruelty. 60 years of NIGGERS destroying white children , and Brown is obviously wrong on the law too.

  8. Why is this Communist still alive?

    Why are her enablers still alive?

    • Are there some colleges close to where you are living? Why are the commies who teach in the schools near you still alive? Have you not taken care of their enablers? Maybe you have them on a list and you were going to buy some ammo tomorrow?
      Don’t cuss at me, there are millions just like you who are asking the same questions, but none of you has the wherewithal to do anything about it.
      Who are you all waiting for? I know you are afraid…of getting caught, goofing it up, pulling a trigger, of actually making a hit. You have to practice over and over and get your mind right. It can be as simple as killing a deer or a wild hog. Just think about how killing a wild hog is doing a good thing. Wild hogs destroy so much they need to go down.

      Just think if there were 100,000 hunters who each took six commies down, that’s over half a million commies in this country. Don’t ever think that wouldn’t make a huge difference. And if you got six, hell another 15 is easy peasy.

  9. The communists have received their
    marching orders to gin it up at the
    street level.

  10. This woman is the typical Bolshevik. She doesn’t care if she destroys your life or your family, just as long as her view, her agenda is the controlling legal authority.
    To this woman “The End justifies the Means”> Our lives mean nothing to her and if given the choice or chance she would have every one of us dragged through the streets like ambassador Stevens.
    She believes and understands that she is at war and her goal is to win.
    That is a lesson that we conservatives, gun owners, (fill in the Blank) haven’t learned and until we do learn how to fight we will always be at risk of losing

  11. The parasite class is going through the motions for the rest of us.
    The fact that bamn and other weaponized elements are lining up
    in public to declare ‘their position’ is a way of signalling that the
    jewish hierarchy has discretely notified them to agitate and be
    ready to take action on their pre-arranged action plans…a
    martialing of forces if you will…all the while following the deceive,
    distract and demonize model.

    There are many fuses to the domestic communist jew set bomb.
    Kavannaugh’s confirmation drama is merely one of them..not all
    of them will be able to be traced and disarmed.

    It’s only a matter of time now before they or another communist jew
    functionary successfully sets one off…and one will be all it takes.
    Never forget that the naacp was created by them to specifically
    forment anger/action between whites and blacks for the jews benefit,
    and that was in the 1920’s. They’ve upped their game greatly
    since then.

    Continue to prep, train and network while it’s still possible as
    things could go first class squirrley before Christmas.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. This is what happens when women are given the vote and allowed to imagine that what they think has meaning.

  15. Hi Matt,
    At first when I realized your “Poem’ was in unison with Barry’s old Vietnam Song, i was caught in a quandry?? Then I realized ..break out the melody.. this one is up there with “BLOOD ON THE RISERS!!!!!” HOOOOOODOgies!! You did GOOD!!!
    Leave it to a bunch of drunk soldiers to get the SPIRIT OF FREEDOM Fired UP!!!

    • AND Break out the COLD BEER, Whiskey and “C-RATS!!!!!!” Nothing like being in some remote SOUTH PACIFIC island war zone with no “REFRIGERATION!!!” every day about 1700 hrs a lone multi engine aircraft takes off, flies up to 30,000′ ASL, opens it’s bomb bay doors, flies around for 30 minutes and then desend’s and lands… Finally the word gets out… it’s the “BEER FLIGHT!!!” how else do you think the beer gets “COLD!!!!!!!!!!!”
      ‘Ain’t no “Brit Beer” Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. None of yews will do a thing until the cops are eliminated as threats.


  17. Robert Bork was the victim of a Character assassination by Ted Kennedy…back-alley abortions ,rogue police and segregation.

    Clarence Thomas’s Accuser Anita Hill fabricated the allegations a subordinate but this wasn’t 35yrs later.

    Roy Moore’s Accuser Beverly Young Nelson admitted to ABC News that she added “notes” In other words forged the 1977 year book as evidence. 40Yrs later!

    Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Christine Blasey Ford can’t remember at who’s house or the year that she claims he groped her. 35 years later.

    Do you see the pattern here? The evidence they present seems to get thinner and thinner.
    If they get away with this. The next time all the female will have to do is point and grunt for the execution to proceed!