TL Davis: Kavanaugh In Clutches Of The Communists

And this cat aspires to be Flaccid Anthony Kennedy II.

Just wait ’til RBG goes DRT.

22 responses to “TL Davis: Kavanaugh In Clutches Of The Communists

  1. TL missed the fact that Kavanaugh’s mother presided over the foreclosure on the Liar’s home, and that the Liar isn’t actually very good at it, because she admits she can’t remember anything about it….

    • The secret to a good lie is not to give any specific details that can blow the story if investigated. I think her lie is very well crafted by liar experts like the Dems have in their arsenal. Even the FBI had to call bullsh!t on the investigation. What’s to investigate?

  2. They have just release a movie about this old gas bag back when she was just an attorney. Talk about white washing a turd.

  3. Kavanaugh looks like he’s got a turd in his mouth. That pic of RBG says it all. Pissed off all her/it’s life. They’ll prop her up like Weekend at Bernie’s

  4. Enjoy your Governtainment, … it’s the new Sportsball.

    All hail DJT, King of Atlantis!
    Whether 2020 or 2024, all hail his successor, King of Atlantis!

  5. Darth Bader.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    “What else can the communist left in this nation do, but make specious allegations against their enemy?”

    Why, they can do what communists do better than just about anyone other than Islam: they can kill them. They’ve already floated a few trial balloons, and depending on what you believe, may have already snuffed a sitting Supreme Court justice (Scalia) – wasting a proposed one wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

  7. @Pat Hines

    Since you “axed”…

    “…It was, of course, a Jew, Grigori Voitinsky, that founded the Chinese Communist Party:
    So blame Rabbi Hess, Marx, and Voitinsky for Mao and add another 75 million dead.…”

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Well, they did not believe Anita Hill and it will be very difficult to spin this laughable fable when one takes into account the adventures of Slick Willy. If this White-Bread-Baloney&Cheese&Mayo sandwich indeed proves to be another spineless druid, que sera, sera. I have begun to root for SMOD.

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  11. There’s a Youtube video “Expose’ of 60 Minutes” that exposes how Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes did a number on Christopher Ruddy who was investigating the Vince Foster murder. At about 36 minutes in, a credible witness, Patrick Knowland, says that when he testified in Ken Starr’s grand jury that the two gov. prosecutors treated him like a suspect instead of a witness, really giving him a hard time. Knowland said that the prosecutors were Don Bates and Brett Kavanaugh.
    Knowland is the witness who was about to enter Fort Marcy Park at about the time that Foster’s body was being place there, when a man in a vehicle in the parking lot told him “Don’t go up there.”
    Knowland said he told the FBI that he got a good look at the man and could pick him out from photos or a line-up, but they were not interested.
    This could be explained away, or it could be a serious development. Make of it what you will.

  12. does not matter if the SC is 7-2 Conservatism Inc.

    on every issue that matters – as we have seen for decades –

    one, two, three or more cucks

    will go over to the (((Dark Side))).

  13. After all is said and done, he’ll be confirmed, but might as well get used to the fact that any supreme court nominee that leans conservative is going to get this treatment. The commies/libs are in a dither: I’m sure their desperate measures will escalate when Ginsburg FINALLY DIES.

  14. You spelled bitch wrong.

  15. The way this country operates, it’s like a reflection of the Byzantine Empire, with nothing but murder, intrigue and corruption at its center.

  16. Supreme court judges should come from nine different districts, one from each, so that they come from all parts of the country. That would require a constitutional amendment.

    • Supreme Court judges who fail to honor the Constitution as written should be hung by their neck until dead, and then their skull placed on a pike in the Supreme Court as a reminder to the rest of the penalty for treason.