General Purpose Load-Outs: Part III

The last in an essential series.

Part I

Part II

Read it.

Learn it.

Practice it.

Live it.

And pass this post along, near and far.

7 responses to “General Purpose Load-Outs: Part III

  1. Thx … good stuff. I left a comment on some essential recommendations from a gentleman I cannot remember … The Big 3 and The Big 6.

    3: real money, water and a handgun [ real money = phyzz ]
    6: add in a lite, a lighter and a multitool

  2. Needs two more loaded magazines.

  3. Thinking it over some more, these are some really good lists, practical and realistic. I love learning the things I’ve learned here. And becoming politically developed is like being re-born, only fully grown.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Lose that firesteel stuff, just put 2 REAL Bics in your pocket, right up against your body so they stay warm and will light when it’s cold. Firesteel makes sparks, Bics make fire.

    Forget about that cotton ball nonsense, unless you plan to touch-up your make-up. Fold up a couple paper towels for fire starter material. If you’re in the woods dead leaves will do.

    Get some dehydrated meat, vegs, starch, and boullion cubes and make your own meals. Pack in zip sando bags, compress small. Save money, eat what you like, take up little space, small waste to pack out. Don’t bury your bags, dogs can smell them.

    Filled cargo pockets flop around, make noise, and are irritating.

    Lots of ways to make those lists more efficient. Decent starter lists though.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      a firesteel will still be working in 500 yrs, your Bic won’t.
      I use handforged 3 finger firesteels just like they were made 200 yrs ago, any flint type rock works well with them and throws great sparks.
      Any of you still addicted to newfangled tech will find yourselves cold and dying in front of a pile of unlit tinder.
      Think KISS, it works!

  6. I thought it was a good list too, but I would add a folding sodbuster pattern or a TL-29 knife / locking screwdriver bladed knife. Heavy duty working blades that are meant to work, not just stab people.