They Hate You And Your Family, And They Want To Destroy You

Your tax dollars at work.

Above and below via Gab.

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  1. Why can’t they be fired………and hung?

    • Or hung and then fired…speaking of which they’d
      be a dandy swinging target….

      Either works for me!! ;^)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Don’t Tread on Me

    Turnabout is fair play.

  3. Lee Van Queef II

    Imagine Ms. Hrabar in 35 years. She has infiltrated the IRS and her name is Lois Lerner.

    ALL federal employees are communists until proven otherwise.

  4. I don’t know about most folks but you go to screwing with my kids, it’s game on! At a whole nother level.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Napalm sticks to little children
      All the children of the world
      Red and yellow, black and white
      Hear them screaming in the night
      ‘Cause napalm sticks to all the children of the world.
      – FBI, Waco, Texas, 1993

    • Agreed 1000%!!!

      Automatic death sentence which will be carried out
      immediately against ANY aggressors that attempt
      ANY harm against kids!!

      No aruguements…no ‘plea barganing’…no nothing!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Pig hunting season opens soon. Most likely when the redacted files are released.

    There is no bag limit.

  6. Roland Deschain

    These people were born without a conscience. They have no knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. Sad for them, BAD for us.

  7. Some of her predecessors, like Jamie Gorelick, set the mold and the operating methods for smart-ass little bitches like this. Once big stinky fish like Gorelick breeze clear of come-uppance and true justice, it’s easy for little smart-asses like this to operate with impunity. Why? They know that no one has the stones to bring the hammer down on them. We’re doomed by legions of lampreys like this.

  8. I can’t believe Allison Hrabar isn’t dead yet


      We are still too comfortable. The “economic correction” has not happened. We need to go full Weimar, as the Bush-Paulson 2008 TARP burglary did not motivate the masses. DWTS and NFL were more important. They still had access to Pepsi and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Most unfortunate.

    • No one made the effort to ‘retire’ that hideous lantern
      jawed murderous overweight dyke, Janet ‘gas’em ‘n
      burn ’em’ Reno. She was allowed to live out her
      span with pay!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. I think the time has come to go live and begin using the very same tactics on them.
    What does that entail?
    What resources or contacts are needed?
    What course of action needs to be undertaken when people are identified?

    Maybe a conversation for Meatspace but I think we all need to have it in our local AO with people we can tacitly trust.

    • Pretty much of the same opinion.

      Things aren’t going to wait until 2020, or 2024.
      They’re going to frothing unhinged right now, and they think they’re untouchable.

    • It isn’t a conversation any one of us needs to have with anyone. Hunt alone. If you have a list of the commies in your AO, then pick a few out and learn their every move. This can be don over time. You never want to draw any attention to yourself. No one but you needs to know what you are doing.

      Most people are methodical, they do the same things on the same days. When you find your target is showing up at the same place around the same time on some kind of schedule, then you can begin to set a trap. In the meantime, practice with your weapon. Make it an extension of you.

      Once contact has been made, have a plan to exit. A bulletproof plan.

  10. I’ll say it, fuckers like this need shot! Dammit why the hell aren’t we marching and hanging these mother fuckers from trees yet? What the hell is everyone waiting for!?!?!

    • No one is making a move because the first few who do will go to jail. Is that a problem? Well no, if you have a large support system of like-minded patriots and battle buddies who are willing to visit you, encourage you, raise funds and advocate for you, hire lawyers, hold rallies, raise hell, bail you out, or even bust you out if necessary. But none of us have that. What do we do when someone on “our side” finally makes a stand? We mock them while they get betrayed by the cops and get sent into an AntiFa meat grinder. We laugh while they get marched to jail after facing down the Bureau of Land Management. We turn our backs on them because they dared to attend a rally of hundreds where a few other attendees happened to show up wearing white robes.

      None of us are going to stand up if our “friends” aren’t going to be there for us when we need them.

      • Do not conflate “direct action” with “egregious public stupid”.
        There are victims, and there are volunteers.

        If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’.
        If you get caught cheatin’, you’re tryin’ too hard.
        ” – SFAS, since forever

      • Sad but true statement there. Once the SHTF the Paytriots will most likely turn into a bunch of NEGAN’s.

        • Well…can they blame us for not?

          Not like we weren’t pushed to it.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Yes, precisely.

      • I don’t have any friends. I know some people, but they don’t know me and they certainly do not know what I am capable of. Before my plan plays out, I will have every corner crossed. Stupid goes to jail. Smart doesn’t even get suspected.

        Do this task. Search for data about the arrest and conviction rate for murder in your town. Then if you can get the names, pull the blacks out of the totals and maybe most of the hispanics. Then see how many murders committed by supposed white people are solved. I would bet that you find a number of murders that aren’t solved and never will be. Mainly because they were planned by a smart guy.

    • traction. There will be none until the debt overhang collapses. Then the Jews and their owned political class will no longer be able to buy consent with debt-financed goodies.

      then, there will be blood.

      Ours, and theirs.

      you, of course, are free to stop whining and become proactive


    • Tried tracking down this Allison Hrabar bimbo but could not find through zabasearch, white pages or pipl. Any other ways besides following her home from the federal building she works in???

    • Answer your own question.

    • Well… there’s what we have to lose. But, if/when some is have lost what we had – family, reputation, job etc. – why then we will have nothing to lose. And, I don’t think these remora-fish have thought that through.

      Opining on behalf of a friend.

    • Hypothetically – many of us need to keep our jobs and homes to look after our families. You can call that cowardice if you want. The first guy sticking his head over the parapet is the early-bird-flock’s worm. But that can change when the situation becomes volley-fire.

      Opining on behalf of a friend.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      First Penguin Problem: the first penguin who goes into the water gets eaten by the waiting predator.

  11. thetinfoilhatsociety

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    Holy Mother of Gods.

  12. There is no rule of law. Act accordingly.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Critical footnote: There is no rule of law [for the powerful and well-connected.] Act accordingly.

      • You would think that would have sunk in by now…That you are subject to those that have the power…Power begets Liberty…

  13. thetinfoilhatsociety

    I’m appalled. I’m appalled by the conversation itself and the implications first of all. Secondly I’m appalled by the sheer number of times each of them said “like” as though they are 1980’s Valley Girls.

    • Walter Zoomie

      IKR? Cunts like this bring forth the bile. Speaks like a smarmy 14 year-old girl, and thinks she is an untouchable badass. Clue-bat coming for her, I hope.

  14. Federal employees can be fired, it takes documentation and a willing manager. It’s really not that hard, easier than firing a union driver, longshoreman, or other.

  15. Can’t get fired… But you can bleed.

  16. One or two of these types, hanging from a highway overpass, during the morning D.C. commute (thanks Matt Bracken), would be a good start to putting an end to this fuckery.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Every time that their is a new presidential election, every MF in government should be gone. They get hired knowing that they are working 4 years, no pension, and no rehire for 20 years. From the Senate to the lowest janitor. It is the only fuXXing way to clean house & keep it clean. I have seen too many government workers do the same thing this Cat Lady does: city, county, state. These SJWs have no idea how much pent up anger there is for them. Keep training folks.

  19. Get some!

  20. There has been some doubt about the claim of a stay behind network disrupting Trump. I hope this video has helped put some of those claims to rest.

    To say These clowns need to be fired at once, maybe an understatement

  21. Jimmy the Saint

    “To say These clowns need to be fired at once, maybe an understatement”

    You misspelled “fed feet-first into a slow-running woodchipper”

  22. form up convoys to D.C.

  23. Oi Vey!… I’m noticing a pattern here.