Z Blog: The College Collapse

Quote of the week:

“..What this tells us is the elite are beginning to set fire to the bridges over the river that separates them from us. The positions in the Cloud will require passing through one of the monasteries to be properly vetted. In the future, the Dirt People will have to sort out their status system within their favelas…”

Good news?

Millennial debt serfs of the non-chosen-complexions will be trebly-screwed.

And open to constructive suggestions.


11 responses to “Z Blog: The College Collapse

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    Meanwhile, they’ll flood themselves with affirmative action morons instead of qualified people, and our technological advancement will go down the shitter as the “progressive infrastructure” collapses like a poorly designed overpass. Glad I don’t have to commute through any hives!

    • The Walkin' Dude

      On an aside, I always wondered how someone could be FORCED to perform a skilled trade. I wouldn’t want some angry slave labor building a space station for me to fly up to and hide in, arms, supplies, etc. while blatantly shafting those dirt people that do said skilled work. Might end up with Elysium crashing to the ground, leaving ONLY dirt people at that point. Try and tell me I HAVE to machine something “or else” and I’ll take my chances with the latter. End up with holes drilled in the wrong spots that you won’t find until you reach the vacuum of space, or detonators that go off in your hand instead of over the hill 😉

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s relatively easy to force people to do stuff. Don’t threaten them directly – threaten them indirectly through their families. You fuck up, you wife and kids/parents/brothers and sisters get to feel what impalement on a blunt stake feels like, after some careful attention from a flensing knife.

        It’s a time tested coercion tactic.

      • There’s a saying in the building industry: “You can’t buy good construction, but you can supervise it.”

        “….I’ll take my chances with the latter.”

        That’s because you are unfamiliar with the tactics that make slavery successful. After you see the consequences in a few of your compatriots you’ll come around to “right thinkin’.”

  2. Perhaps at the trebly-screwed point, the debt serfs may be receptive to a hand up. While their affirmative action cohorts will continue on the gib me path.

  3. I got two sons living with me. Early twenties. One works two jobs and goes to the local community college, paying his own way. The other works fixing things for people. I told them, and a third son, now on his way in the Navy, that you’re not going to college on my dime, and you’re better off learning an actual skill to support yourself. My wife, college educated and successful, is still pissed about all this, but not as pissed as she might be paying for these fuckers to spend four years learning communism. Took her a while to see it, but you know how that red pill always looks so big at first.

    • Have they ever thought about becoming lineman Sean…They wouldn’t be living at home of they had that job…I left the house at 18 and haven’t lived there since…

  4. Heh. I was ‘given’ two Havaaaard types in an intern program.
    Day 1: “Nice suits but you might want to wear something more casual tomorrow.” They spent the rest of the day getting settled in.
    Day 2: “Better but consider jeans.” Had them run thru some project numbers. Passable job completed.
    Day 3: “Here’s a pair of tool kits. I need you to move this half of the servers over to this other rack.” Perplexed I showed them how to do the first one. Complaints all around.
    Day 4: “Take this [tile lifter] and remove this row of tiles all the way to the window. Then I want you to run the cables in the box here in the floor.” More grumbling all around.
    Day 6: No shows. Talking to the HR rep the two had complained so it was decided to reassign them.

    To this day I have no respect for the Ivy league graduates. I don’t expect anyone on a project to do any more than I have/can do myself. I see Cornell, Harvard, Yale, etc on the resume it goes in the trash.

    • FIgures….

      Entitled snowflakes that wouldn’t know a shovel or a tractor even
      if hit in the face by the first, or run over by the second!

      These are the types of people who’ve never gotten any honestly
      earned grime or dirt under their manicured nails, never raised
      their own food in a garden (and had to weed it – none of that
      poisonous ’roundup’ shit here..it gets into the water table and
      kills beehives!), changed their own oil or changed a tire or
      chopped/cut firewood.

      Totally useless mouthbreathers!!
      Great for fertilizer though…..

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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