VDH Cuck-Clucks

This is what denial looks like.

Stating the problem (relatively) accurately.

But then proposing the Power Of Nice as a solution.

I wonder if a noted historian such as VDH could give 3 examples where Nice was effective in depolarizing a armed, angry, uneducated, racially-heterogenous, media-manipulated, multi-factioned country such as FUSA 2018.

I can’t.

Can anybody?

Open thread.

52 responses to “VDH Cuck-Clucks

  1. mister-sigint

    I can’t

  2. Seems unlike the VDH I know

    • VDH is a life-long proposition nation cuck. That – and cheap labor – is why he and his Republiscam friends turned California into Mexifornia. This essay was no more than his usual.

  3. We crossed that Rubicon back during the Clinton impeachment. Its bare knuckle politics right now with a sprinkling of armed struggle. God only knows when the curtain goes up on full on territorial assault.

  4. VDH writes column, fails to point out that 95+ percent of the hatred being advanced is by the communists intent on fundamentally changing the country.
    The left’s agenda driven minute by minute assault upon normals, deplorables and the “dregs of society” (as defined by Joe Biden recently) is what is driving the country toward a hot, shooting, bloody civil war.

  5. “But when immigration is often illegal, not diverse and massive, then Balkanization follows. Currently, the country hosts 60 million non-natives — the largest number of immigrants in America’s history.”
    That is the nut graf right there: the mass influx–displacement if you will– has led to much of the polemicism, social breakdown and culture of entitlement. Immigrants used to be able to come to the US, learn English, work hard, and reap the fruits of their labor. Now there is large-scale enclaving, where the children are dumped into overburdened public schools while mom cleans motels and dad plucks chickens. The only language spoken at home is the native tongue and there is little in the way of civic pride or sense of responsibility.
    LEGAL immigrants, however, notably from east Asia and the Indian subcontinent, evidence a conservative streak and a sense of gratitude and civic duty unseen from the economic migrants from the global south. With Indians, there is a pre-planted antipathy toward team Mo, and an appreciation of the sense of relative civil calm which comes with middle to upper middle class life. When was the last time you heard of an Indian or Korean “wilding.” These ethnic groups, along with those who know first-hand what hides behind the benevolant mask of socialism i.e. Koreans and Vietnamese, are the groups our side should be cultivating. We should reject the label of racist and embrace the label of culturist. Not all cultures want or expect a handout, and contrary to the new Marxist mantra, not all cultures are equal.

    • cultivate the non-Mexican shitskins all you like.

      the Chinks, koreans, and dotIndians are – like the Jews who let them in – highIQ & vicious collectivists. They are entirely out for their own Tribes and no friend to Whites, however “conservative” you think they are. Essentially,

      you – and VDH – are into the same old Proposition Nation (((neo-con)))/cuck claptrap.

      it has not worked, it will never work.

  6. Power of Nice got us here

    • More likely the actions of jewish 5th columnists..atlthough no
      act of ‘nice’ goes unpunished either, especially if they can
      involve themselves in some fashion!


      Teddy ‘the degenerate murderer’ Kennedy wasn’t alone in
      shafting America in 1965; he was just the useful shabbos goy
      that was used as the ‘White poster boy for immigration’; the
      real shitweasels were Javits and his fellow jews.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  7. Aside from the emotionally arrested development of the left as a whole, there are at least a dozen members that sit in the USHOR that are functional illiterates. Comes a time one needs to choke the meatball down and VDH hasn’t. As Rand said you can avoid reality but you cannot avoid the consequences of reality. As for me I can see and feel the acceleration of events.

    • VDH is still employed by Stanford – you know, the university whose administration would not allow Robert Spencer to speak, nor allow anyone into the auditorium to listen, except for the ignorant students and administration who worship Che, Mao, and Marx, who were there to disrupt, not listen. He probably feels he needs to tiptoe before he is cast aside as well (not that I am apologizing for his meek and mild article above). Stanford has displayed its unwillingness to allow free speech, or any speech which doesn’t hew to the agenda of the Left.

  8. Read the book. People don’t read 1 Chronicles. They say it’s just a long list of names and that it’s boring. But within its texts are hidden gems of the ancient knowledge of men and God says in many places and multiple ways, that diligence causes a man to prosper. Read the whole book.

    “And Abishai the brother of Joab, he was chief of the three: for lifting up his spear against three hundred, he slew them, and had a name among the three. Of the three, he was more honourable than the two; for he was their captain: howbeit he attained not to the first three.”

    Even though Abishai was not as good a fighter, he was honorable before the LORD and among men, a natural leader. Well, I’m thinking going ‘heavily armed’ is the way to go. It’s the honorable thing to do for those less able around you. I’m not really interested in a chief of po po’s opinion or DHS’ with its run and hide. Who is an honorable fighter? This is what counts.

    And more reasons to ignore your government on these matters are found in the ancient texts.

    “They were armed with bows, and could use both the right hand and the left in hurling stones and shooting arrows out of a bow, even of Saul’s brethren of Benjamin.”

    A few versus later we find that these men of war were “fit for battle” and “could handle shield and buckler” and “were as swift as the roes upon the mountains”. (Swift as roes upon mountains? The battle of Kings Mountain comes to mind.)

    It is possible to teach your brain to write new neural pathways. We do it every day, or let bookface do it for us, you decide which is more profitable for a man. These men, David’s men of war trained themselves to be ambidextrous with a variety of the weapons of war. The usefulness of this is obvious to Mr. CA’s readership. But, Saul was a tyrant, a usurper of power and an unjust leader. Even some of the tribe of Benjamin, his own people, ignored him and instead, did that which is right in the eyes of the LORD. They even fought against him.

    I’m wondering (not really) why we never hear things like this preached on in the American Church? I know why we don’t hear it from government. They follow a different master. The question is, who is our church following? Who will you follow?

    In conclusion of today’s sermon; Follow God, be honorable, prepare well for war, screw the government. – ProGunFred

    • Beaitiful. Most of this group is trash, but you’re a diamond in the rough.

      God bless.


      ProGunFred: Good points. Sadly, most of the “born-agains” I have run into have consumed so much Romans 13 purple Kool-Aid they cannot and will not do anything else but follow in lockstep. Look at John Hagee, Rick Warren, and the legions of other “Pastors” out there who have no problem overlooking the slaughter of over 60 million unborn citizens to protect their 501(c)(3) status. When was the last time one of these fat, rich Pharisees led their flock to picket an abortion mill? They are too busy rolling in the hay with AIPAC.
      The only Pastor I have found that has challenged this robotic, syphilitic thinking is Chuck Baldwin. He has a large flock in Kalispell, MT and has a written a very easy-to-read short book explaining the real reason for that particular New Testament passage. Call me paranoid, but when it comes time to follow God and prepare for war with the Leviathan, these mind-numbed Romans 13 robots will be just as dangerous as Antifa and the useful idiots of the Left. Bleib ubrig.

  9. The smiley face with a bullet hole in the forehead reminds of one we had back in the 1970’s in Rhodesia. Ours had the words “Cheers Gook” below the artwork. Gooks being the African terrorists. Fond memories.

  10. Two thumbs down.
    That has to be the poorest analysis/take-away on a VDH piece I’ve seen, at least if delivered with a straight face.
    Will America keep dividing and soon resort to open violence, as happened in 1861? Or will Americans reunite and bind up our wounds, as we did following the upheavals of the 1930s Great Depression or after the protests of the 1960s?

    The answer lies within each of us.

    Every day we will either treat each other as fellow Americans, with far more uniting than dividing us, or we will continue on the present path that eventually ends in something like a hate-filled Iraq, Rwanda or the Balkans.

    There is no suggestion that “Nice” is a proposed solution to the problem, not even a whisper of same.

    Go back and read it ten more times, until that sinks in.

    The man has correctly described a binary outcome:
    Either the lunacy will stop, or the country will rend itself.


    1, or 0.

    And he described it, not to put too fine a point on it, in exactly the terms put forward by Matt Bracken years since on these very blog pages:

    Bosnia, times Rwanda
    we will continue on the present path that eventually ends in something like a hate-filled Iraq, Rwanda or the Balkans.

    Things are going to be tough enough either way, without gratuitously trying to gin up enemies where there are none, and make disagreements out of a remarkably similar perspective to one that’s been shared and applauded here for its perspicacity and prescience times without number.

    Anything casting Hanson’s piece, which suggests no solutions, let alone any denial of the problem, nor a return to some imaginary “Nice”, as in anything but pure agreement with Bracken’s theorem, is simply and completely wrong.

    Many others may be doing that, but this piece is no such example of that, in any way whatsoever.

    Hanson is not an instigator, he’s a historian.
    He’s showing, with painful precision, that following the edge of this straight-ruler to its logical end leads to flying off a cliff into an abyss at speed, unless people see that inevitable denouement, and decide within themselves to turn away.

    He argues absolutely nothing for or against either selection, for anyone, on any side.
    Societies commit suicide all the time in world history, a fact of which he is well aware.
    {cf.: SAfrica, Venezuela, Argentina, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Germany, Britain, Sweden, France, etc. ad infinitum, just this week alone…}

    He’s simply posting a road sign marking a fork in the road ahead, and noting that taking the left side leads off the cliff, because the bridge is out.

    Which path anyone chooses is a function of whether or not one has shit for brains, or whether, contrary to most of human history, one chooses to use actual brains.

    In short, like the consummate professor he has been for decades, he’s teaching you how to think, and not what to think. Because he knows he’s not going to overcome a lifetime of stupid in someone’s life with just one essay, nor is he going to hand out the answers to the test just to ensure you can pass.

    What one’s adversary chooses is similarly a mystery, which is why intelligence analysts worthy of the name are limited to looking at capabilities, and trying to discern intentions.

    Because the enemy gets a vote.

    You owe the man an apology, and the readers a wee bit more precision in analysis.

    The guy just said, in precise and intellectually defensible terms, that Matt Bracken’s description is one of two possible outcomes of this society, given current course and speed.

    Not being a shit-for-brains drunken train engineer, and heading right off that bridge, instead of switching tracks or stopping the train, may be inferred from recourse to common sense and self-interest, but Hanson makes no such assumptions.

    He’s simply and impartially noting what’s ahead.

    And were he concerned, he’d probably suggest it’s a bit late in the day to look for new enemies, especially from among kindred spirits where there are none.

    The ones you have already, in plain sight, are sufficient to your tasks as it is.
    And only a fool stops and argues with a road sign.

    • Noted.

      Respectfully submit that “every day we will either treat each other as fellow Americans, with far more uniting than dividing us” is in fact a prescription for “nice”, at least broadly.

      Do you honestly believe you can, let alone should, treat the Americans who intentionally and with malice/political/personal gain who destroyed your California as as “fellow Americans, with far more uniting than dividing us”?

      How about the Red academics who not only kicked over the Jenga tower of limited government and the rest of Western Civ but set all against all first behind campus walls, and now in the general society? Can and should they be treated as “as fellow Americans, with far more uniting than dividing us”?

      The race pimps – same question?

      The first and second gen feminists – same question?

      The “my wallet and powerlust before country” politicians over our lifetimes – same question?

      Othet post-WW2 miscreants – same question?

      Those folks are destroyers, plain and simple.

      They are not my fellow Americans.

      And suggesting that they should be treated as such is denial of the actual situation – to wit, that the USA of our birth has been deliberately poisoned and raped to within an inch of its life by these same people, and it will take miracles in a quantity and quality nearly beyond imagining to prevent Bracken’s formula from becoming bitter reality.

      I like VDH.

      I didn’t say he was malicious.

      I said he was in denial.

      Which could have been cured by a line or two a la “And if Americans cannot so treat each other, do they at least have the common sense and self-interest to redraw the country’s borders so as to avoid the coming cataclysm?”.

      Hell, for all we know, that kind of thing was in the draft that VDH sent to the publisher.

      But as published, he did not actually call the ball with the integrity that I expect from a scholar such as he.

      Reasonable minds can differ.

      So imagine what you and I can do.😉

      • Maybe he sees the writing on the wall and this is his way of saying “see, I was asking to do it the nice way”?
        I think we have all been doing this a little bit over the last few years. We know deep down in our nuggets that its coming but we continue to think that each little light is a ray of sunshine that will turn into the guiding light of reason and steer us back from the edge.
        Jokes on us, that’s not sunshine its muzzle flash. The fire is not coming directly at us but its in our general direction.

        Some folks are never going to get that but some of them may be leaving a positive note for history because they know if we lose its going to be bad.
        They want it to be viewed as “I tried to do it the nice way” rather than “Saddle up boys lets go commit a Hate crime!”

        Jokes on them, if we lose its all going to be called a hate crime.

      • 1) It can be such a prescription, but it was not delivered as such, nor would I argue that was the author’s intent.
        “Will” is not “Should”.
        He’s giving a mathematical formula with precision, not issuing a jeremiad, or even nudging like an advice columnist.
        “You will either live or die” is true. It doesn’t suggest which one you ought to choose. The former is the inexorable result of where your history becomes your future; the latter is moralizing, which he’s not engaging in here.

        Many others do, and to the extent they suggest the Mister Rogers/Rodney King “Can’t We All Jus’ Git Along” Plan for dealing with what’s been brewing, they’re simpletons.
        That’s not been VDH, anytime in living memory, AFAIK.

        2) Re: My fellow Califrutopians: only to the extent they open the ball in that same approach and spirit. IOW, not in living memory either.
        Trust, but verify.
        I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all. And people will talk about what happened here for centuries afterwards.

        3) Again, Hanson is not suggesting anything; he’s stating with mathematical precision that either things will be done differently, or there will be a conflagration. He is mathematically correct and precise in this formulation.

        Having laid out the consequences, I don’t think he’s in denial about the current state of affairs at all.
        When one guy, or five guys on the ‘net say “Civil War”, it may be just Tulipomania. When everyone is starting to sound like a chorus, including Stanford historians, there is beginning to be something to it.
        Not everyone gets this revelation at the same time, nor with the same reliability as this guy:

        Best line in the movie: “Those 5000 ships you say they haven’t got?? Well, they’ve got them!

        The problem with that in a practical sense is that it’s not a simple unilateral formula; it’s a complex one.
        The simple (and incorrectly stated) version is
        “If bunnies and unicorns, then rainbows.”
        What Hanson actually said is
        “If (D+R) = 1, then normal. If (D+R) <1, cataclysm."
        And without explaining further, or assigning values to D and R, we can probably agree that variable D in this case has been working very hard to achieve -300M, because it wants cataclysm, while if asked, they would say the exact same thing of R, because “subhuman Nazi -ists and -phobes.”
        It is a logical conclusion that regardless of which statement of variable values is correct, the end sum is identical in either case.

        Hanson is telling you the product (just as Matt Bracken has).
        You’re worried about plugging in variables.
        You may even have them precisely correct, but the greater point is that it’s immaterial.

        When you put enough U-235 in close proximity (64kg, in point of historical fact), you achieve a predictable result:

        In the grand scheme of things, yes, it matters that Japs are Japs – sneaky, underhanded, backstabbing murderous pigs, and Yanks are Yanks – aggrieved, patient, but ultimately intolerant of being wronged; but not so much if you’re just the guy trying to push his cart of wares across the bridge that day at ground Zero when the gadget goes off.
        And unlike Hiroshima 73 years ago last month, it won’t go off 8000 miles away from home. It’ll be happening on your block, and mine. Which brings us to

        4) A line about “redrawing borders”?
        How did that work in Yugoslavia?
        How about Rwanda, or anywhere in Africa, in all of history, inclusive?

        This isn’t a red v. blue classic set-piece battle, because your town, your block, your apartment building, and in some cases your own bedroom are purple.

        That’s going to be Stalingrad, not Waterloo.
        Hue, not Gettysburg.
        House to house, door to door, room to room, war to the knife, knife to the hilt, and then hand-to-hand.
        Ain’t nobody likes that scene:

        That stuff gives you nightmares that last for decades.

        That’s why the coming sportiness in Califrutopia is going to be biblical: the state, even now, with illegal inundation and cuckservative flight, is still only 58-42. Even in the “blue hive” areas.

        That’s a recipe for mother**king BOSNIA, Man!
        Texas: same thing.
        Florida: same thing.
        Coast-to-coast, wall to wall.
        Great Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, the demographic data is such that, if only millenials voted (like they will in a few short years) we couldn’t hold a single state but UTAH.

        And that’s where we’re headed at bullet-train speed every day.

        So the question isn’t why.

        We know why.

        The follow on, which is none of Hanson’s bailiwick to prescribe is

        A) WTF are you (for all values of you) doing to plug the holes through which you’re being demographically supplanted, and have been for more than a generation?

        B) What are you doing to flip blue chips to red ones, a la #Walkaway, passing on values, and inculcating them to the maturing hordes who’ve been scrubbed and formatted, and left with nothing of substance upon which to live their lives?
        (Tammy Bruce pointed out “It’s easy for us. They have to cover all the windows top to bottom and keep their people in total darkness all the time; we just have to poke the tiniest of pinpricks of sunlight in, and their whole plan crumbles.”)
        Every one you turn now, you don’t have to shoot in the face then.
        It’s a zero-sum problem, and the consequences of planting acorns now could yield a forest in the future.
        {cf.: The Starfish Story


        and my namesake’s favorite about a slave named Androcles

        C) If/when A and B fail, locally or overall, what provision have you made for Afterwards? In a P-A-C-E way? For all the “B”s?
        (As noted here:
        Bunches of ball-breaking bastards to batter and bash the bunch of bumbling buffoons on your borders.
        That would be a Band of Brothers.”)

        If you ain’t got such, you ain’t got much.
        Because Es kommt.

        That’s why “jaw, jaw, jaw, is better than war, war, war.”
        It’s why “There never was a good war, or a bad peace.”
        It’s why “It is good that war is so terrible, or else we would grow too fond of it.”
        And because every day from now until itcomes “is another day to sharpen our hatchets.”

        I don’t think we disagree on any of that.
        I think the sun just got in your eyes, and you sent an arrow over the hay bale.
        As range coaches are wont to say:
        “No blood, no harm; no harm, no foul.
        Just take your time, and don’t make it a habit.”

        And remember:
        “A small band of committed men can change the world: it’s the only thing that ever has.”


        CA: Okay, I will give you that VDH is not malicious. He is and has been in denial ever since his “woe-is-me” screeds concerning his farm property in Fresno County which was pillaged and despoiled by gangs of Vato Locos. Of course, he could not bring it upon himself to set up alarms, booby traps or other means to terminate the problem with extreme prejudice. This is because in addition to being a “historian” he is also your typical Dead Elephant, no-balls milquetoast.
        Being a native of the Kalifornia Soviet Republic, I have watched useful idiots like Hanson, Larry Arnn, and legions of others, sell out the working class whites of the Golden State to porch monkeys, Viet “refugees” and other assorted third world criminals in an effort to get cheap labor and to assuage their consciences. And, for what it is worth, when the balloon does go up, Hanson and his ilk will be either running for their bolt holes or snitching the rest of us off. Trust me on this one. I speak from experience.

    • V.D. Hanson has been in a steady decline since his flagship work, “Mexifornia – A state of becoming” published over 20 years ago. I have a copy.

      With the election of Bush II, he became a hard core neocon, rationalizing most of what Bush II did, much of which was crap.

      Aesop, your continual justification of remaining an intact Union is a tremendous wasted effort. You need, seriously, to rethink your position regarding this.

      In short, get a grip on reality.

    • no A-sop

      CA has VDH taped perfectly: VDH is a long-standing prop nation cuck who thinks “we can still reason this out”.

      he is .mistaken. And he and his shabbatz goy kind

      will soon be swept away be Violent Events.

    • I would draw your attention to: The bridge may well be out. Train cannot be stopped by the will of well intentioned men because the ill intentioned men have the vote as well as the vote counters. There is no way to make the ill intentioned into well intentioned because they are maniacs emboldened by POWER and LUST, busy arming the Orcs. A fence sitter, drawing attention to the obvious is engaged in a pointless exercise at best and a harmful one at it’s worst! VDH used to impress me as a straight shooter but I guess Gov. Moonbeam has him crawfishing to protect his land which has been in his family’s possession for generations. If this is the case then he has fallen for “We’ll eat you last” scam that all Tyrants use to control the Ivory Tower opposition.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Millions of whites see what this country is becoming, and it ain’t a recipe for dinner or desert. The leftists only see what they want to see, and whitey ain’t in that future. Any one that can’t or won’t notice the bloody constraint well on the way here, is going to find they are part of the problem. VDH see’s the problems, but is in denial as to where they are headed. I remember nuns praying at my school a long time ago, and they prayed that the “hood’s” wouldn’t fight anymore in the back school yard , at night. Next morning, broken and bloody teeth, table legs, and hunks of flesh and hair lying about told us more than words how that prayer was answered. The left WANTS to fight. So there’s going to be one. Let’s win.

  13. I wonder about VDH lately. He doesn’t seem nearly as sharp as he used to. I saw him interviewed by Hannity last night and he looked addled and unsure of the points he was trying to make.
    And this column is nothing but a bland recitation of stuff everyone already knows and has said a billion times.

  14. Our nation is divided, roughly, on the question of a unlimited abortion.
    However else we define ourselves, this is the division that seems to be associated with one cluster of philosophies or the other.
    If open hostilities are in our future, my guess is that voting will be the trigger.
    In a recent editorial, Mrs Clinton said that “one man, one vote” is a core national principle. Seemed pretty sexist to me.
    What she’s setting up is the argument that anyone resident in the country should be able to vote.
    A proper position would be “one citizen, one vote”. That excludes felons, squatters, and resident aliens.
    Imagine what happens if the DOJ does its job and refuses to certify a state’s votes because they don’t enforce voting laws. “Do it over, right. We’ll wait.” It’s easy to imagine the nationwide flare of conflict.

  15. It’s unsaid, but he’s requesting “play nice” as a behavior for the right only. This is to give the left more time to prepare and dig in. Aptly delivered by Jack Nicholson in the original Batman, “You wouldn’t hit a man wearing glasses would you?”

  16. William Munny

    OT But in answer to a fellow Dreg in a thread below, about the Cant Understand Normal Thinking doxing wench who thinks she’s untouchable from within her air conditioned office in the DOJ…
    TruthFinder app. Free to download and install. Gets more granular with a paid subscription but even the free version will give you a shit ton of data including addresses, email and phone #s.
    Im sure there’s others and I would love to hear recommendations.

  17. His closer: “Every day we will either treat each other as fellow Americans, with far more uniting than dividing us, or we will continue on the present path that eventually ends in something like a hate-filled Iraq, Rwanda or the Balkans.”
    Sounds like he’s just too genteel to come out and say it. But it sure sounds like “Rwanda times Bosnia,” barring a miracle. The sentence starts with an unlikely hope and ends with “continue on the present path.”

    Yep, Rwanda times Bosnia.

  18. “…during the greatest age of affluence, leisure and freedom in the history of civilization…”

    Saying your a US citizen (slave), Paying Taxes (slave), claiming Civil Rights and Government Granted Privileges (slave) do not equal freedom.

    The Best Slave is one who thinks he is free.

  19. Normies got to Norm.
    Only place “Nice” has any business being is with family, tribe and charity for those who can help themselves. Or as a gesture of good will with those worth extending it to.
    And RINO’s or cucks deserve or get niether.

    There exists in no uncertain terms a bucket of spits worth of difference between the members of the uni-traitor party.
    That their days are numbered is inevitable.
    Only the methods of their timely deserved demise remain to be of historical record.

  20. It isn’t just a matter of deciding to be “nice”. The government has now grown so intrusive that the issues being argued over –
    _Will I be able to own anything more than a pop gun?
    _Do I have to do something that I consider a sin or be bankrupted?
    _Do I have to subsidize non citizens brought here against the law only to vote for leftists and are changing the country into a socialist state?

    There are truly existential issues for a country that is supposedly based on freedom. The problem is civilized discussion doesn’t work when discourse in general has been dispensed with by one side and replaced by 24/7 propaganda on nearly every information channel?

  21. I agree with CA, and although I like VDH as well, he is much more forceful in writing about the depredations visited upon California by the treatment of illegals and gang members who are making life – peaceful life – difficult for those living in California (an article he wrote concerning where he lives in the Central Valley).

    Here he does not mention that the Left is the originator and – so far – the only side utilizing violence to advance their agenda. The notion that the Left is going to police itself and stop being violent and unwilling to even allow discussion is not terribly likely. He doesn’t say it is likely but he doesn’t say how unlikely it is, either, in spite of the fact that that the odds against it happening are high.

    The tenor of the piece is that it is still possible that we _could_ still all “come together, right now”. There is absolutely no indication anywhere that this is a real possibility, nothing to support that at all. So, saying that he offers that as one side of a binary solution is to claim that he refuses to face the almost certain fact that it will never happen. Martial law, or the arrest/detention of groups such as Antifa members who engage in vandalism and/or assault, the policing of voting polls and other methods of dealing with voter fraud, such measures (and more) _might_ make a difference, but based on the derangement of so many on the Left, I seriously doubt it.

    Again, as much as I respect the gentleman, I think he may be understating the severity of the situation because he is employed by institutions which do not permit dissent in the ranks.

  22. I watched a dozen of the #WalkAway vidoes on youtube today. They gave me a lot of hope, all were refusals to be categorized into an identity. Some profound sentiments, very well expressed, I thought. Black, white, hispanic, male, a couple of gays, very many fetching females. A nation-wide focus group, out in the open. No actors.

    The world is achangin at a hell of a rate.

  23. Whats up lately between the spat between Aesop and CA?

    They say politics are local, local, local. Bear with me as I am typing with thumbs on a phone with one eye, me, not the phone.

    Its not just politics are local, ere thing is local. Sit at my knee whilst I yell you a tale. I live in a small, but growing community in the South. Lotsa neaveux riche and yankee transplants but plenty of New South, Old South (me) and Rednecks. But ere one tries to be oh so respectable and certainly non-confrontational.

    We have a killa dog park in my town. There is one lady, prolly a crossfit acolyte due to her physique that has all the ladys cowed (my wife included) and half the men. She has two dogs and the black one is anti-social. Grabbed a nice lady’s sheepdoodle by the throat. Hulkett was dismissive. Couple days later black dog grabs my daughter’s little rat dog – same story.

    I go to the dog park and ID Hulkett. I casually sidle up beside her and very quietly, non-threateningly mention her dog’s behavior, specifically the incident with my daughter’s dog. Blank stare. I tell her blackie has two strikes and I am watching for strike three. Strike three means I either slit her dog’s throat on the spot while she and ere body else watches (depending on time of day) or shoot blackie depending on which day and what weapon I have on me. Again, quiet, very matter of fact, friendly even. Again, blank stare. To which I respond perhaps it’s not blackie that is the problem, pregnant pause. Oh, and I described her vehicle to a T and mentioned my granddaughter could find out where she lived using the interwebs

    Haven’t seen Hulkett at the dog park since. This is not a tale of Donkster strokin his wank but it is a story that sometimes you need to ID the Hulkett, or Commie or pedophile and convince them that there are people; normal, nice people (I am Deacon in my church, run security and a community feeding program; the nicest, most humble and community caring guy you will meet, just like my Pop) who will not tolerate their bullshit, are watching and will hold them accountable. Dont be overt, be calm, above all be smart and pick the time and place. But be Jesus damn you to hell willing to do what you threaten. Like snipping valve stems on cars parked in handicapped spots while they jog into the store. Wait for them to return, tell them why (my 33 yr Navy vet Dad spent the last 16 yrs in a wheelchair and my Mom spent two years looking for a handicap spot) and then just walk away. If you are quiet, calm but deadly serious and willing to follow through – they get the non-verval communication every.single.time.

    If 10% of the men who read this blog and all the others we all read – Commies aint gonna Commie.

    I left bread crumbs coproaches, come find me because it applies ro you 2.

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  25. Here’s a squeeze argument. Obedience to bad law has stopped when American gun owners are told to register guns more than they already did with 4473 purchase records. But, does obedience to bad law stop for any less harm? We haven’t seen that yet. Maybe what will happen is that as the Overton window keeps moving, the authoritarian end stops getting obeyed, but in a peaceful manner like gun registration was simply ignored.

  26. “Stay frosty. Know “who”, “why”, and “how” for each Communist in your AO. “When” will be apparent.”

    Nuff said!

  27. The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct. Cicero, he said some time ago, I believe. Concerning Mini Soda NICE, as you may recall, we do not talk about that. Is the understood?
    I must admit, here I Texas I had a good piece of cow, New York strip steak with 57 and a nice Cesar salad, with a couple of cold one’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’s , OK maybe more than a few, but not too many, I should hope? Speaking of being nice, it is always an outcome based education, you may be glib, you may be the lunatic, you may be crazy, shit I don’t know. Yet, are we men or not????????
    I have visions of Tank Girl and wonder women, I wonder sometimes what the F R they thinking? I Have no idea. It is beyond reason, pure emotion their potion. and gyrating motions, I suppose makes mush men notions. BE TO still my beating heart, to BE or not to BE TO is the question, to suffer the slings and nuclear projectiles of public service is to sell ones soul, ya know? Mine is for sale for a mere 34 billion, yet it can m=never be bought, it is the price of life…
    Saddle up Pilgrims, it’s going to be a hard ride. But in the end you will know you have one, a butt worth saving with interest.
    The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt, the mobs should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence.
    Thank you Ranker, Cicero as you may know said that, it is nothing new, but must be dealt with sooner rather than later, which it is later for some time now.
    Three things, STOP any and all government with holdings. Everyone has to volunteer to support you government you think you should have, meaning the goberment does not have any money and certainly has no value they do not print out for the CON game of confidence men and yes you girls too. Secondly, UN Seal all the records!!!!!!! And turdly, I want half of all the billionaires billions, to redistribute to the those it was stolen from, mom and pop America!!!~!~!~~
    You want a war, do it or else!
    Joe X

  28. Nice is the cancer that has killed the Republican Party time and time again, since the presidency of Ronald W. Reagan.
    Nice being destroyed was the secret weapon that got Donald Trump the presidency.
    Nice creeping into the Kavanaugh proceedings will be the end of his attempt at becoming justice of the SCOTUS.
    Nice entering into the demand of president Trump for unredacted documents will be the undoing of president Trump and will cause the demise of MAGA.
    I hate nice.

  29. The great divide in our nation is over the question of abortion. It seems to be the best indicator of where people stand on a complex of other issues. Firearms ownership, forced acceptance of homosexuality, likelihood that you’ll accuse others of ;racism or fascism because they disagree with you, etc. It’s what most clearly divides people, but it’s not going to be immediate trigger for conflict.

    In a recent NYT editorial credited to Mrs. Clinton, she brings up voting rights for no evident reason. “One man, one vote” she writes (a very sexist position). What she should have written is “one citizen, one vote”. Illegal and legal resident aliens aren’t citizens, no matter how long they’ve lived here. The deceased aren’t citizens either. Felons aren’t US citizens, they’re nationals, a different status.

    They never have, but if the DOJ or perhaps Congress, did their real jobs on the question of voting and actually cleaned the system up, then I think that open conflict on some level would begin. If the relevant parties refused to certify vote counts from areas where massive fraud was obvious and clearly done with the collusion of local authorities – it’s not hard to see that this would kick off hostilities in fine fashion.

  30. re:

    I have zero interest in me versus you, me versus all those wrong thinkers. I am too old and too tired to need to always look over my shoulder for ‘those other people’ sneaking-up to do some evil.

    The illusion of separation. Who benefits? Follow the money.

    Quoting MSM. Especially something from that Chicago bunch. You are kidding.

  31. I would have settled for “Leave me the fuck alone”. They don’t seem able to do that. Talking time is done. Voting time is done. Forecast is sporty with scattered defenestration.

  32. Someone went down shooting.

    City of Miami Police and Miami-Dade Police and the FBI were in pursuit of a man involved in a hate crime investigation.


  33. “…REPLACED by tea party movements and the new Donald Trump base…”
    Um, perhaps we’ve been here all along, have repeatedly benn ignored, and FINALLY along came Trump who could voice some of our concerns and was impossible to ignore. Just perhaps.