Bracken Sends

Via Gab.

5 responses to “Bracken Sends

  1. If memory serves me…
    This is the women that the NRA backed, i had a 4 email heated exchange with them, telling them Exactly what she was. It was Obvious!!!
    They replyed with some long winded Lawyer/Political Response.
    I quickly dumped my Lifetime Membership. Sending back my card and telling them never contact me again. They haven’t.
    I have kept others from joining NRA by showing them the emails and her record.

    The NRA Is full of crap!

    Yup…this is her!!
    Read her US House of Reps section.

  2. File this under tab “Christine Blasey Ford”-any thing to get ahead.

  3. They love democrat rapists……….YEP!

  4. See Ann Barnhardt axiom regarding politicians. ALL OF THEM, not just the ones who throw bones to “our team”. There are no good pols left. Period. At least whores are honest about what they do for a living. Politicians, meh.

  5. Questions I want asked of Christine “Wild Child” Ford if she does in fact, testify.

    1. How many sex partners did you have in 1983?

    2. Did you only have relations with Georgetown Prep men, or did you spread yourself around.

    3. How many times did you pass out at your parentless parties?

    4. How often did you dress up in black face?

    5. Who contacted you to ask you to attack Brett Kavanaugh?

    6. How much money is George Soros paying you?

    7. Is your lawyer, Katz, working for another organization for funding?

    And more.