Sabo Sends

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6 responses to “Sabo Sends

  1. So many who hit it big time via capitalism now want to shit on all those on the lower rungs of the ladder. I got mine so eff you. Willie we hardly knew ye.

    • the really sad thing is the amount of “Texans” who will vote for this guy. Texas long held the banner as a conservative, rugged individualistic state but even it is slowly declining into a socialist welfare basketcase. The city of Houston, who after a 10 year recovery; still has no money because it cannot manage record revenue.

  2. The Texas Monthly cover drawing of Willie from a couple of years ago that I framed is going in the burn pit. This will take its place!

  3. Willie got hosed by his management, but eventually paid off his tax liabilities, and that’s a good thing. That he’s a lefty is not news. i respect him as a singer, songwriter, and musician, but have never thought of penetrating him as a particularly great political intellect.