Why You Should De-Google

The Intercept: Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans To Closely Track Search Users In China

And by “de-google”, I mean get off the smartphone/Internet gerbil wheel.

Ironic, coming from a blog post, nu?



Burner phone (if used correctly).

Hard copy materials.

The cost/benefit ratio on the “connected world” is fubar.

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12 responses to “Why You Should De-Google

  1. There’s a new book out that details methods for creating a private phone and mobile comma. I’m reading it now but the author has a podcast that has covered the information. The focus is on compartmentalism. I’ll do a review on it soon.

    • You might want to check out a guy named Michael Bazzell at his intel techniques.com site. He has a whole series of books on protecting yourself as well as how to use the Internet in an offensive counter intelligence role. His free newsletter is worth subscribing to if nothing else. He and his associated cyber privacy researchers are very proactive about keeping their info up to date and current. That’s something I have found many others to be severely lacking in. His in-person training and How-To training videos are excellent but kinda pricey.

      • Justin Carroll, who is Bazzell’s co-host on their podcast, wrote this book. It collects and details all their suggestions for private comms.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. It completely amazes me that people on our side of the fence use Gewgle, Twit or Fuckbook anymore.
    Alternatives have been around for years.

  4. I was only on Facebook long enough to read their TOS. I then terminated my account.

    Twitter is useful. But only listen, do not post. You would be surprised the amount of AO like data can be acquired just reading twits. The Progs are quite liberal with their aims and methods.

  5. “Leadership misled engineers working on [Dragonfly] about the nature of their work, depriving them of moral agency,”

    Knowing what we now do about Google/Alphabet, or whatever they want to call themselves, is anyone surprised?

    At what point does the unsavory nature of what engineers are asked to do become morally repugnant?

  6. How many powered-on smartphones do you see at patriot gatherings?

    There seems to be religious faith that both mainstream government and mainstream technology “must” be reasonable, and if they aren’t then the sky is falling and therefore we must run back to the mainstream. No, this doesn’t make sense.

    There are plenty of alternatives to mainstream technology which has so much surveillance. This blog post says ‘don’t use technology’, not ‘don’t use technology whose codes the enemy has cracked’. Why is that? Linux ends up being an worldview in response to Microsoft and Apple being a religion. I’m not even seeing the amount of fact present in .223/.308 debates.

    • I’m retired and have no cell phone. Were I still in the workplace I realize I’d probably have to have one. Nevertheless, how many episodes of Forensic Files do you have to watch to see that CPs are a trip up 75% of the time. If you don’t want to be tracked powering off is not enough. You have to remove the battery.

  7. Walter Sobchak

    The elite cloud people of big tech don’t see the ChiComs as evil. They see it as a proving ground to perfect their censorship algorithms and social terraforming. The see it as a blueprint for creating a perfect Maoist utopia in the fUSA.