SLL: Naked Emperors Don’t Get Much Respect

Robert’s latest.

“Indispensable nation”, my ass.

15 responses to “SLL: Naked Emperors Don’t Get Much Respect

  1. Lee Van Queef II

    He may be happy to see Europe come unglued.

    After watching the Hun Delegation’s behavior at Un today, nothing would is more welcomed.

    Let us build our own space particle beams, hypersonics, enhanced radiation warheads and rail guns. And use them. Immediately.

  2. But our guys have the “prettier” uniforms, right? That’s gotta count for something, right? Saw a great screen shot years ago posted by a guy named hedgeless horseman at Zerohedge.. Was a picture of 2 Russian soldiers checking the tie downs of a Russian tank on a flatbed rail car. It was bordered by the picture of a morbidly obese African American about to be hydraulically hoisted onto a city bus in Houston.

    We ain’t gotta chance.



    • “It was bordered by the picture of a morbidly obese African American about to be hydraulically hoisted onto a city bus in Houston.”

      Considering that, would the city bus even be able to
      keep rolling with these beached orca’s aboard?….

      This grounded blimp won’t EVER get near the bus stop!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Another FSA heifer that is just waiting for
        the ‘whiteman’s world’ to evaporate so she
        can be blessed with Mc’mana from Heaven…

        Thankfully for Dweezil and Mtnforge such shoggoths only
        abound in mostly Eastern innercity lairs…or in Lost Bangelos.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Russians have won their wars by having the other side run out of bullets before they ran out of men. They don’t have those kinds of reserves anymore. You may also want to look at life expectancy rates for Russian men, and their alcoholism rates. They’re not a healthy bunch.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. It’s not the nation that’s indispensable, it’s the IDEALS it was founded upon… Seriously, doomsayers, perform a cavity jerk.

  5. Substitute the image of the MLK Jr. Monument in D.C. for the Statue of Liberty and you have the cucked states of ‘Murica.
    Moar negro sports please, to distract from our fall. Bread and circuses indeed.

    • Only if one can put a pink pussyhat on Martin Lucifer’s head…along
      with a suction-cupped rainbow colored dildo stuck to his forehead.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. When those so called diplomats laughed at the POTUS, in his own country no less, Trump should have responded that the US economy will be even better condition next financial year when the US brings the amount of money it gives the UN into line with the average contribution. Let Togo carry the UN funding for a few years. See how that works out for them

  7. Interesting. Now ramp it up a few notches and notice the
    similarities, while them using “by any means necessary”,
    throwing all their shit in the wall to cover up the decades
    of espionage, stealing intellectual properties, human trafficking,
    dark weapons smuggling, opiods/drug smuggling, trading with
    enemies, extrortion, racketeering, etc. etc. etc.