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Bonus live commentary from Scott Adams here.

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  1. The fact that two of the Senators on this panel were present and questioned Anita Hill, is indicative of the problem we have with this country.

    Apparently 1000 female doctors signed a letter and it was submitted as a statement to be on record….What the tee total fuck do they have to do with anything? None of these 1000 female doctors have anything to do with the women being questioned or the Judge…

    So this women can recall all sorts of specific details ….except when it occurred..

  2. Lee Van Queef II

    Fake victim is a psychology professor manipulating the spectacle, using and reusing the assertion of engram formation of the rape! from permanent encoding of psycho trauma via the hippocampus. But she talks like an over-50 valley girl, permanently infantilized.

    Professional fakir. Sophisticated, but a lying psycho bitch.

  3. Wait until The Kavanaugh Accusation takes a twist when it is revealed that the assaults were carried out by a time traveling Bill Clinton.

    The Kavanaugh Accusations are the sure bet for the next Hugo award for best Science Fiction.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    This it the greatest put-up job in the history of American politics.

    This how it works now–nominate someone… a republican, and at the last moment the Socialist-Democrats pay-off some slut with a bag of cash to come forward and make salacious allegations about a nominee. The more salacious, the better. This time it is “attempted rape.”

    Now several more “SLUTS” have come forward–one with a “gang rape” yarn, and the last one with a “dildo” yarn.

    Now looking at Ford (the initial accuser)… she has obviously been thoroughly coached to come off like a ‘church mouse’ with the meek voice and confused disposition.


    Don’t be fooled by this lying cunt!!

  5. By golly, Ford appears to be developing prune skin of her face as she testifies.

  6. grassly leads off on the suspect timing and holding of it by difi from her fellow senate colleages and difi sidesteps the whole thing by essentially putting all men to blame for being sexual deviants; very nicely done.
    if somehow this trend of increasing division and trust disappearing between men and women and the races reverses; it’ll be a miracle. this is were we are today, imagine where we are going to be in 5 years, just depressing.

    • Yeah it’s important to not miss the point of all this: the commies believe in initiating a chaos breakdown event from which they believe they will rise in power. They believe chaos is their ally. When they finally succeed in initiating their chaos we must ensure they do not survive it. Chaos can be our friend as well.

  7. As they say “Follow the money.” Anyone guess how much Soros paid her to commit perjury?

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    Now this fucking nut is whimpering and sniveling on cue, on camera.

    Weep, weep–sniff, sniff.

    What a shit show! Apt description.
    Coached and consulted all the way.

    The little church mouse–awwwwwwwww!

    Yeah right.
    If anyone out there believes this shite, I have a piece of property on the moon for sale.

    • she’s a PHD and crying like a little girl(I am not watching thankfully) on something from 35 years ago ?
      I realize I am giving PHDs too much credit, but the amount of educated adults that are mentally no more mature than a teenager never ceases to surprise me.

  9. I listened to this malarky while driving home from a blood test. Ford, her little girl, whiney voice almost breaking in emotion: SPARE ME!!! To quote Clarence Thomas-this is a high tech lynching. And Dickless Durbin needs to be gone! STFU!

  10. TFM lays it out in a recent vlog:
    News: How Much Will You Tolerate? (TFM 42O)

    No matter which way the ‘confirmation’ goes, America
    WILL have another bloody conflict courtesy of the
    commies and those who fund and support’s
    just how they roll.

    Had a talk with a couple of male neighbors after getting
    home from work; they both said they can smell the blood
    in the air leading to a hell of a fight coming.

    Be ready to reciprocate with extreme prejudice as

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. Ersatz Naugahyde

    More Government please.

  12. Dr Ford is a spitter. I saved my blue underwater for proof. Slick Willy

  13. Shinmen Takezo

    Ford is just a FUCKING LEFTIST-KOOK!
    And this is an understatement.
    Some-where, somehow, someone planted a memory in this bitch’s skull.
    And there it stuck, like a plate of spaghetti tossed against a brick wall.

    Or most likely she was handed a bag of cash or promised a million dollar book deal, promotions and so forth to come up with this lie. This is how it’s done now BTW. The payoffs are subtle and hidden–and sometimes no so subtle with bags of cash.

    The radical leftists know no depth, no toilet, no shit-hole in which they will not venture into to accomplish their fucked-up goals.

  14. Shinmen Takezo

    Kavanaugh comes out like a flame-thrower!

    Bravo judge! Bravo!
    Keep it up man! Keep it up!

    You will be confirmed–and when confirmed I expect you fuck the leftists up the ass with all of your SCOTUS decisions. Am counting upon this fact!

  15. Watched just enough to turn my stomach. When my husband gets home this evening we’re going to have The Talk. I will remind him that a great majority of the women actually believe this crap, or find political advantage to claim they believe it. He is thereby Absolved from any perceived duty or obligation to render assistance or protection to these creatures. It will go against his kind nature and upbringing, but they have crossed the line.

  16. She is tied to a company that makes an abortion pill. Kavanaugh could undo her company with one anti abortion ruling. The guy scares the shit out of the democrats because he is conservative and not corruptible. The more they fight him, the more I like him.

  17. Kill the Communists.

    Every one of them.

    And every one of their enablers.

    • That’s more and more my feeling as well…



    • Then burn their houses and houses of worship. When done burning tear down all the stones that make the foundations and scatter them far .lastly salt the earth where there will never grow a living thing there again .. But most importantly don’t forget to kill them all every last one

  18. Shinmen Takezo



    Lay it to them Lindsey–I have changed my mind about you now.

    • Rumor is Miss Lindsay flipped after his buddy Johnny Wet Start was given the Erwin Rommel option.

    • now that Miss Lindsey’s Evil Twin is dead,

      he’ll probably Man Up on an issue or 2

    • Hear, hear!
      Just rolled back the replay to his 5 minutes during Kavanaugh’s questioning.


      To Whomever sent him a spine and a pair of testicles, many thanks.
      I don’t believe I ever seen Sen. Graham piss such a scathing stream of lava that hard for anything, at any point in his entire political career. His five minutes isn’t something that’s going to be forgiven nor forgotten any time soon.

      I wouldn’t want to get too optimistic, but there may be the barest shred of hope for the republic yet.

      The Dems, so far as I’ve seen, simply need assembling to a rope and a tall tree.

    • Don’t think I have ever seen him as fired up about anything. Odd times we are living in folks.

  19. Another used and abused Monarch slave. Well known to the tin-foil hat crew. This is a Hail-Mary. It will fail.

  20. Incredible. Shitlord status confirmed. Graham too.

    War hot now.

  21. McCarthy was right.

    cuck speaking now.

  22. ANY fcking doubts that you had about the true state of the former republic should now be put to bed. We are a Bananna Republic full stop. Please tighten up your preps, training and hearts because the continued death spiral appears to be accelerating.

  23. zero’d the 308 today, got home in time to see shitlord opening statement

  24. Durbin: slice lengthwise.

  25. heartiste is down

  26. There are democratic legislators from West Virginia. (((Foynstoyn))) is a senator for many years.

    That alone proves TINVOWOOT

  27. Johnny Paytoilet

    I’m waiting for the shit(show) to hit the fan. That’s when the real fun begins.

  28. Reminds me of a time when asked if I had taken an anger control workshop
    by a judge, to which I replied – “This whole thing IS an anger control workshop.”

    WWG1WGA —– 🙂

  29. McCain must have had Graham’s balls locked in a freezer. He’s finally acting like a man again.

  30. Shinmen Takezo

    Wait until a day before the vote to confirm.

    The Leftist-Socialist-Democratic Party (LSDP) will spring yet another salacious or better yet, criminal allegation against this guy. Mark my words here they will go for it with a last minute Hail Mary against the judge.

    Someone will come forward with allegations of bribes or jury tampering or something along the lines of his work as a judge in the past.

    So much is at stake here–they will go for broke and break all the rules doing it.

  31. Mr. Kavanaugh looks like he’ll be ready to lead the new resistance that is long overdue.

  32. wendystringer48088

    I talked to a couple of people who watched the Christine Blasey Ford testimony and they were convinced she was telling the truth.
    I would like to ask of any trial attorney (or police officer or prosecutor or therapist or other person who has first hand knowledge and seen stuff of this nature first hand) to please weigh in f it is possible that she could be putting on that kind of act and lying.

    • Everything is possible w live testimony.

      The key is who determines the facts based on that testimony.

      Juries are notoriously fickle.

      Judges are a crapshoot, but more predictable than juries.

      In a crim case, there would be no testimony or factfinding, because this whole shitshow would be time-barred by the jurisdiction’s statute of limitations (usually 5 years or less, except for murder or max drug felonies).

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Absolutely she is faking it.

      She’s had over month or more to rehearse her testimony. I will bet a steak dinner she had acting coaches and others going over her possible testimony.

      This meek church mouse/innocent librarian routine is all a big phony act.
      Believe it.

      Even prosecutors rehearse and go over testimony before court appearances.

      This is the BIGGEST PUT-UP JOB in American history.

      Forget about asking a lying cop or prosecutor–they are rats as well who twist and lie and withhold evidence.

      This was all staged and orchestrated behind the scenes with Senator Swine-Stein and the rest of the socialist-rats.

      What I am pissed off about it that NONE of the GOP senators stood up and called this cunt’s bluff.

    • ……… 48088: She is malleable enough, and has been “advised” enough just lately, that she most likely does not think she is lying. If she passed her polygraph test, no problem, she believes her story so she shows no deception to the test examiner. She’s probably enough of a wreck that she is not capable of lying about this particular subject. She is telling subjective truth. Which means exactly Jack S___.

      Life is easier if you talk to only the right people and ignore the ignorant.

    • wendystringer48088

      Thank you for the information and insight.

  33. People need to recall that Dr Ford has a degree in Experimental Psychology. Its well within her training to be able to fabricate an experience and recount it with some conviction. Its not beyond the left to do something like that.

    • If a jew can fake in his or her own mind ‘being at Auschwitcz’ and
      convincingly get enough credulous people to believe it (ellie shitweasel
      anyone, among others?) is it any real effort for the train wreck of
      Ford and her slut sisters to do the same?….especially when there’s
      a boatload of $$$$$$ and attention as a reward for either the first
      or the second example of damn liars?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  34. Quietus, her “ploy-graph” test was administered by her lawyers butt boy. This tool is a “sub contractor” used by her law firm on a regular basis. So in other words he said to her lawyer “how do you want it to turn out?” This whole thing was so transparent it is a joke. I don’t know if the RINOs are stupid or evil. One they are in on it and its civil war. Two might be they are stuck in the past while the democommies run circles around them. Then they must be replaced with young blood that can adapt to the new way. Won’t happen so civil war.

    • Stupid and evil is also a valid answer on the GOP question.

    • Read the rules having to do with confirming a Supreme. The committee hears the judges opening statements and a time limit of at least 30 minutes is set aside for rebuttal. Turtle McConnell allowed this thing to go on for what? A month now? If a vote wasn’t finally set for tomorrow, the commies could continue bringing witnesses in forever. McConnell is the one that needs to be set on a post (post turtle).

  35. wendystringer48088

    Then there is this:

    If Kavanaugh nomination fails, here’s who could be next in line ( 46-year-old Amy Coney Barrett.).

    Since it has been perfectly demonstrated that nominating a moderate in the hope of getting less opposition from the Democrats is not going to work…

    Actually, I am hoping for Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed, a big red wave in the November mid-terms, and then when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes on for Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to replace RBG. There is yet hope…

  36. Shinmen Takezo

    Breaking on Michael Savage’s site….


    The entire family is tied deeply into the CIA with strong ties to Fusion GPS

    And you wonder how and why this all happened.
    It is scripted completely out of the CIA dirty tricks handbook.