Hillary Stories

A BLR classic, courtesy of GVDL.

Until the frabjous day…

6 responses to “Hillary Stories

  1. My sides will never forgive you. Hilarious. Great stuff.

  2. Frank Tex Rogers.

    She will be crying out to the Chinese before they ever put her in irons….and the Chinese will taker her and her family in…

    • Ah yes, but the Clintons would not be able to live under the ChiComs. Them Chinks ain’t no fools, and they would keep Slick and Cankles and the rest on a short leash. To the extent that they would rather be in jail in the US. Or maybe even executed.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. “You’d be in jail” said the hope of millions of cuckservatives.

  5. I see two nooses hanging from the crossbar. Who is the other one for? I can think of many who would deserve to be hung along side Felonia Von Pantsuit. But who among those would be the MOST deserving??

    I nominate Barack Hussein Soetero. What say you all?