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  1. Old Gray Wolf

    I have said for years, that if the lid comes off what is seething just 7nder the surface of American society, what results will be beyond compare. Bosnia, Rwanda will look like training exercises for what will happen here. Stop the trucks, turn off the lights, and choke the supply of mood-altering meds, and what results will be a horror show unmatched in any kind of recent memory. We have become a nation of disconnected, completely selfish people with few exhibiting any sort of moral code. Replace the current order with chaos and people will become outwardly the person they have always been inside. It will not be pretty. We will be forced into doing things we never wanted to do, if we want to survive. It may even come to choosing between one’s moral code and living, in some cases. Gonna take some mentally and physically hard people to survive it and rebuild once the fire burns itself out. And we don’t develop that hardness in a day. Study and train like your lives depend on it. Because they do.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The only solution I see with scenario is for Whites to move to states to form a coalition of governments to support their interests. It may not even need secession, just large majorities of like minded whites with their own legislatures and a governors. Then they can get their own gun makers, agriculture, businesses, etc. Of course this sounds like America prior to 1960s’. But this time all will be cognizant of what is at stake and what their legislators are up to. No room for bullshit any longer.

  4. Eleua’s comment was stirring and to the point. Know your neighbors, move if you can to a better spot. Don’t advertise your preps, be the gray man.

  5. Yep. Eleua might-could be on to something. Not the first to say it but succinct, the beauty is in its simplicity.

    How far away is your rally point?

  6. Must be a Normie newb.

    I thought everyone knew it’s “Ruth Vader Ginsburg”.
    Those of you with OCD who reflexively add the JOOOOOOO! parentheses, try not to twitch too hard.

    • He’s also incapable of second-order consequential thinking:

      When “it all comes to a grinding halt”, the thought will dawn, “If only I shoot my Commie dope-smoking neighbor first, my problems are solved!”, with the certainty of an apple smacking Isaac Newton in the head.

      After that, skin color will be a uniform, voting lists will be a weapon, and the house-to-house begins in earnest, unless the side without the guns suddenly discovers the benefits of SingTFU, and peaceful, rational co-existence, like they haven’t done here since the 1950s, when we simply let the Congress and FBI hunt them down and blacklist them.

      It’ll be that, or the mass graves won’t be getting filled with the right people, a fact that will suddenly add to their confusion.

      “Waitaminute, Marx and Lenin were wrong?? What the…?” THWAP!
      Bullet to the head, too late, game over.

      Lather, rinse, repeat.

      It won’t be T-FAt’s earnestly wished-for 300M, it’ll be more like 60M Leftards, the slowest to leave among 30M migras, and the Muslims too slow to convert to the joys of ham sandwiches and pork hot dogs. We’ll lose people, they’ll lose the war. That’ll just have to do.

      And like a domestic disturbance, neither Team Blue nor Team Fed is going to get in the middle of that, except for those with a wish to explore the afterlife. They’ll suck their teeth, examine their finger nails, and go all Sgt. Schulz “I see nothink!”, especially knowing the tree chipper may soon toll for them too.

      It won’t be fast, easy, or pretty, but it will be final, in a Third Punic War kind of way.

      But sitting around in pants-wetting fear, to watch it all burn down slo-mo?
      Fuck that noise.
      Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  7. Possible, but in my experience as a former long time gop election volunteer; apathy rules. imo, apathy is why the slow creep of the state and decline of the country has continued because of apathy and likely, this nomination will be moved on from and the decline will slowly creep on.
    if there are lines at the mid terms like there had never been since tv coverage was around; then I can buy into this being the match.

  8. Which is why I’ve always said you better have Community before it kicks off…It’s too simple for most to figure out though so it won’t happen and you will end up just like the poster said hiding out in your basement until the food and water run out…If you are still near a large city or in the suburbs “Good Luck” because you had a choice to leave when you had the chance to do it with minimal hardships…Sad That…

  9. Understood and agree. Targets already identified for executive action. May the Lord have mercy upon their souls, since we will not…….. Hooray…

  10. plausible. IFF will be simpler than that for those of of us who are hardRight/WN: all “college professors”, “all Blacks”, “all Mestizos”, “all pervs”, “all feminists”, will be shot on sight on a – usually justified – assumption of lethal hostility.

    as to urban Jews and urban White cosmics, I expect most’ll be quickly liquidated by their former ethnic orc enforcers, who’ll also have at each other. Any who ooze out into the countryside will likely be short-lived. (NB: Ron Unz is now classified honorary White).

    when? late summer 2020, when the economic, political, and cultural crises will converge. The (((high rollers))), sensing trouble, will collapse the debtPonzi’conomy over a long weekened, giving themselves time to bail out of dollar-denominated paper assets and into gold/silver, food, guns/ammo, & other stuff that has intrinsic value; by Tuesday the banks will be run and grocery stores cleaned out. Early September, labor day weekend might be it.

    could happen sooner, a’course. But I’d rather it didn’t.

  11. Local. At first. Then Beirut. Wonder if one or more foreign countries will take advantage of the situation?

  12. When?

  13. Finally, someone gets it and says it!

  14. I’m sensing a whole lotta whine. Maybe you need some cheese. This is an outstanding opportunity for mucho executo….. Target free environment… Kill for the flag, kill for the country, kill for the fun……………,…..

  15. On page 42 of Tom C. McKenney’s book “Jack Hinson’s One-Man War: a civil war sniper”, he writes:

    A story is told of one young rebel prisoner who was asked, “Why are you fighting against your country?” The unsophisticated boy, in his ragged, butternut uniform, replied simply and sincerely, “Because you’re here.”

    Once blood touches blood there will be no rest until the deadly wound of Revelation chapter 13 comes to pass. If one professes to know Jesus and does not know His word then one is guilty of breaking the third commandment as taking His name in vain. Church membership or doctrine is no excuse for ignorance.
    Judges chap. 19&20 are an as yet unfullfilled ensample of civil war. Begun with an outrageous act, perhaps even a “false flag” of sorts and resulting in great loss. None the less, it is there for our admonision.

    a Bibleater

  16. Good Good

    let the killing begin in earnest.

    send as many stupid fucks as possible to their chosen fake gods.

    the planet will be much better off without several billion delusional retards worshiping fairy tale deities.

  17. Who doesn’t think that the UN will be called upon to intervene in America’s domestic ugliness? Foreign troops in blue helmets patrolling out cities and thoroughfares too far-fetched? It is a communist’s dream to have UN intervention. It may just rally American’s who have been living through deliberate, strategically planned, creeping cultural decline. It would also become ugly to the 10th power.

  18. Not gonna happen. There is zero upside for the Establishment and Deep State for this sort of unrest. Some nut might do something, but wholesale violence is not in the interest of Red team.

    Sorry, but it’s sheer fantasy.

    And should it happen stay the **** away from my happy tail-hunting grounds of Whole Foods.


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    The comment from “Eleua” is just a repeat of the opinions on this site which have been posted for years. I am not discounting it or criticizing. The writer is spot on. So what do us “Dregs” and “Deplorables” do? We do the same things we have always done, just with a greater sense of urgency. Bleib ubrig, one and all.

  21. lastmanstanding


    Meanwhile, our crops are in and we are preparing to process them. Just put half a local hog in larder. Misc. local protein to follow. Made some nice additions this year to our growing capability and will continue to do so. We share the overburden with neighbors/friends.

    We continue to move forward regardless of the bs, deception and misdirection. There is no other option…we have no other choice.

    Head on a swivel, check 6…God bless you all.

  22. Unfortunately, I think the guy is right. It’s either street fighting house to house, or try to bug out to your pre-planned bug out location and suffer from roving gangs of troublemakers. Neither situation is pretty.

  23. The Usual Suspect

    YUP, pretty much !

  24. More likely that Progs will mass in the urban areas and Patriots will head for the countryside. USA ain’t Bosnia…more space to maneuver in the US…much more.

  25. From the original article…………….
    “Witness the PA AG who has sought and gained national injunctions issued all the way across the country in Washington State! He’s not content to remain inside Pennsylvania and deal with whatever admixture of political process exists there — no, he wants to exert what he sees as “his power” all the way across the country, everywhere, even though by law he lacks any jurisdictional ability to do so. He makes a direct point of bragging about this all over Twitter too — daily. Indeed his positions are only thinly disguised as part of a formal “#resist” movement.”…
    Pennsylvania General Attorney is Josh Shapiro (D)=jewish
    “When Chuck Schumer states on CSPAN that “There is no presumption of innocence” then the Rule of Law and due process are both dead and he is inviting, provoking and in fact inciting civil war. “…
    Chuck Schumer=Jewish

  26. If you want a view into what data mining can do, have a look at this long read about the people behind the Fusion GPS group.
    7TB of Data fed through a modest computer except for the 64 GB RAM and 4TB SSD array. This is the work of an individual using publicly available data which is even more amazing.
    What the government could be capable of ought to scare the HELL out of you after reading this.