Otherwise Engaged

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  1. Just a heads up. When you type in Western rifle to Duckduckgo, it only shows the old site. You have to go there to get to the new. This is my first post. Amazing site, incredibly articulate group of humans. I have picked up a great deal of knowledge and insight. Thanks.

    • I just tried DDG for the following three variations, Western Rifle, WRSA, and Western Rifle Shooters Association and all brought up this current site as the first or second match.

      Don’t know what the difference is for you to not get the current site?


  2. Had a guy out to the property yesterday for a few hours for some rifle training, got him zeroed up out to 300m. Did some pistol work, working on scoring a good follow-up shot. Fed him a couple of red pills and watched the gears start turning.

    Today I have another friend coming out for the same exact same thing. Going to get someone zeroed up and do some pistol drills. He isn’t in need of a major red pill though right now. He just got himself through his own version of the “Kavanaugh treatment”, a very similar situation. My friend unfortunately received his red pill by suppository.

  3. Every single day Rain or shine. Discharge one round(minimum) from a weapon. Change it up. Night and day. Handgun,long gun. Rain,shine,snow,wind. The only thing saving your sorry ass is you. Give yourself value and worth. Do not become that which you despise. True morals and values are non-negotiable.
    “Killing For A Living”