Z Blog: Letter To The CivNats

His latest.

Waking up is hard to do.

Especially when you awaken in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, circa Spring, 1991.

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  1. The current state is gravity, working, since the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965, and the Amnesty of 1986. The floodgates were opened for “Diversity”, not merit.
    Everything else is two generations of proof that demographics are destiny.

    White South Africa was doomed the minute they didn’t treat their indigenous problem the way everyone else in history did.

    In case no one told you, no one builds a nation composed of part terraforming colonists, and part acid-blooded Aliens. But only in sci-fi is reality placed so starkly. And Paul Reiser’s character has been the Dem leadership and the GOPe CoC types, since ever.

    If Oz let aborigines become 98% of their population, or lets the Indonesian muzzies get to that point, they’ll suffer the same fate as the SAfricans.

    So will we.

    There’s nothing wrong, per se, with civic nationalism.
    There’s a problem pretending it exists when you both raise and import a huge and fecund demographic that neither believes in it, nor holds allegiance to it.
    It becomes even more manifest when they seek to vote their way into power, and you stand around watching right up until Kristallnacht.
    (And nota bene, if your collective response at that point is to form an orderly line at the train station, and sew yellow stars on your jacket, you deserve everything that happens to you afterwards. Everything.)

    It’s also why democracies never work, but republics do.
    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.
    A Republic is the sheep with an AR reminding the wolves to fuck off.

    At some point in that example, the population either drops to one, or by one.

    We’re almost at the point.
    Which way our history forks is an open question.

    The biggest mistake of the democracy-pushers is assuming that real life is the analogy.

    Because we aren’t sheep, they aren’t wolves, we can count, and we’re perfectly willing to try this experiment again, minus any wannabe wolves. And two headshots, and democracy is a whole new ballgame. henceforth.

    If you want it non-PC, if this nation was only the white ‘burbs, the crime rate is Lichtenstein. The biggest issue is what to do with the wheelbarrows of cash, and all that leisure time.

    If it becomes the Diversity Ghettoes, it becomes Brazil, or Mogadishu. The issue becomes surviving another 24 hours.

    Ain’t nobody sitting still for that.
    The only issue is whether the still-majority waits until the machete-wielding Hutu mobs start showing up to culturally enrich us all, before they take an active interest.

  2. “Yet here they are getting clobbered again. If they can’t win this fight, what can they win?”

    In fact they lost so many of the prior battles through corrupt abdication that they can only stand by and watch while a horde of 22million or more illegals gang rapes lady liberty daily. The virtue signaling crowd is the one waving their dick around. This crowd here needs to tighten the fuck up. And yeah I’m writing this between sets of pushups. FOAD commies. I may die but you may die trying to kill me. The woods are calling me.

    Enjoyed the article, thanks and God speed in the coming ensportenment.

  3. “Civil society is a white man’s thing.”

    No! No! No. No. No,no,no…nonononono Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!

  4. White people in line gathering water during Yugoslav civil war.


  5. Just so you know, ATT blocks the link. Has it labeled as “hate and racism”