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The NPC (“Non-Player Character”) Meme

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For your enjoyment:

Explainer #1

Explainer #2

Explainer #3

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Finally, the “All Will Be Converted” version:

Balko: Little Rock’s Dangerous & Illegal “Drug War”

Excessive force, judicial irregularities, and financial corruption – in Little Rock?

Well, paint me blue and call me Shirley.

Just remember:

Sultan Knish: When The Google Dream Died

Don’t think a Google/Alphabet bust-up will go as smoothly as the AT&T divestiture 35 years ago.

My bet is on Team “Every single email, text message, and spank search everyone has made over the last 20 years” if the G is naive.

Executive action would help balance those odds.

Hard for even unimaginably wealthy folks to enjoy their success as corpses or quadriplegics.

Of course that would assume that the USG and Big Tech were actually antagonistic to each other’s long-term interests.

It’s possible.

Just like this poor chap could possibly recover his mobility through genetic means.

But it ain’t the smart-money bet.

Authority & Consent Of The Governed – Part I

JJ checks the foundation for structural damage caused by illogic, dishonesty, and ignorance.

Hint: You’re gonna need a much bigger mortgage.

Or condemn the shack as a public (and private) hazard.


ZH: “This Is An Earthquake For Bavaria”; CSU Suffers Stunning Defeat, Loses Absolute Majority In Worst Result Since 1950

DW: Why The Bavarian Election Matters

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Z Blog: The Leverage President

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Z’s latest.

Can chaos have a design?

Can a design be chaotic?

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The Heart And The Hearth Fire

Musings on connectedness.

At all levels.

And why those of the Other Side can never be connected in that sense.

Even with like kind.

Triumph of the individual.

A Measure Of The Enemy’s Evil

Via Gab; please read the full post.

Then watch the vid above.

And review the referenced pamphlet.

Incapable of reproduction, they prey on children.

Likely funded in part by your tax dollars.

Update From The Canadian Front

Thanks to the author for his continuing efforts.


Or destroyers.

Choose wisely.

Herschel: Response To Larry Vickers On Inclusion Within The Second Amendment Community

Watch the vid above.

Then read Herschel’s response.

Discuss/open thread.

Two From The Diplomad

On language:


Lost In Translation: Right Might Not Mean Right

The totalitarians will do anything to prevail.

Opponents who quail at the prospect of counter-action need to abandon their illusions.

GoV: Tommy Robinson Has Won

The UK begins to acknowledge its predicament on one front.

The WSC quote comes to mind:

Two From TL Davis

The Rise Of The Dazis & Mob Rule

Eric Holder & Hillary Declare War On The Republic


Via the Rightly-Guided One.

The Stakes

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Any questions?

Your National Political Police In Peace And War

Totally legit.

Seems that the whole Justice Department needs to be flushed.

SLL: A Silver Lining

Robert’s latest.

But, as dubious as the ascension of Anthony Kennedy II is, it is driving the Reds into even greater conniptions.

And that will do for now.

The enemy is making more allies for us that those of us in the game could achieve.

Never interrupt your enemy as he is defeating himself.

More On FreeZoxee

Have you checked out yet?

Social without Zuck or the Googlees.

Social without totalitarian meatbots or digibots.

Social with those who have banned by Big Social.

Here’s Matt on why and what, via GoV:

Punching Left And Punching Right

Support free speech.

Support freedom.

Support FreeZoxee.

Open Thread

Not my feet.

Comment moderation asap.

Fred: Kavanaugh Gang-Rapes Collie in Satanic Ritual

College Boys in KKK Robes Chant “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!”.

And throw ice.

At Anne Frank.