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All Hallow’s Eve

Thoughts on the past and the future.

Z Blog: Kept Men?

Double-dealing within the NormieCon (heh) elites?

Say it ain’t so.

Dehumanizing HateArt

Via Twitter.

VDARE: Talking About Third-World Invasion Hordes Means You Have Killed The Jews

Start here.

Welcome to the new discourse.

This will end well for all.

Ebola Update

Aesop sends.

Not good.

GoV: On The “Anchor Baby” Scam

Watch and read.


The PTB (both R and D) plan to replace you.

And have made significant progress.

RIP John Taylor Gatto

Ms. Wolfe has the links.

A great man, a great teacher, and a great freedom fighter.

Essential reading from JTG:

The Underground History of American Education

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

None but ourselves can free our minds.

Cow Incinerator!

Up to 2000 kilos at a time.


What do you think, mi General?

“Creo que el refractario revestido de ladrillos es muy macho.”

(H/t WRSA reader)

For Your Red Relatives At Christmas

Via FreeZoxee.

New Flavor

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Quote Of The Month

“…Anti-free speech appeals are primarily a woman and [best people in the world] thing. It’s a lot of disingenuous sophistry that provides cover for continuing their dominance of the public communication square. It’s Suckup Conformity 101. They just don’t want dissidents upsetting their carefully manicured anti-White Christian virtue sniveling ecology…”

Heartiste, with a definite RTWT.

Team Gyno and the simpering Pajama Boy hordes are the electoral mass active to eliminate you.

Never forget.

Z Blog: Playing With Fire

Hatespeech from someone who is clearly a green Nazi frog.

Related NYT story.

Spirit Of The Season


144.1 Sends

Scales of Justice.

Get yours today.

Other swag.

Support your fellow patriots.


That I spit out my coffee laughing at the comic, that is.

The Organizations That Are Replacing You

Some of them, at least.

H/t Ol’ Remus.

New Woodpile’s Here!




Like there.

But worse.


Exclusive: Trump Targeting ‘Birthright Citizenship’ With Executive Order


Everybody loved it when The Mighty Kenyan said he had a phone and a pen.

Sauce for the goose.

Heartiste: The Power Of A Captured Media To Memory Hole Inconvenient Stories

Purely coinkydink.

Ignore this stuff as well.

You are responsible for Pittsburgh.

White devils.