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  1. Sounds like an Urban/Suburban problem. No fucks given about that.

  2. A race war would be an unimaginable tragedy. Given that there is still at least a plurality of Euroids and we are the best armed demographic cohort on Earth I can see that a lot of people of color (I think that’s the current PC term) would come to undeserved harm. So would everybody else but the side with the numbers and the guns is usually favored to prevail. It would be unbelievably ugly, with the “winners” losing less than the “losers.” When People of Color do rage cities burn; when White People do rage continents burn.

  3. 173d Viet Vet

    Yeah, I get it that there are blacks who have been mistreated because of their skin color, but where are the black leaders who demand that blacks be responsible for the consequences of their acts including the consequences of their failures to act when opportunity is in front of them?

    Where are the black leaders who are demanding that black students perform well at school, not become disciplinary problems at school or in their neighborhoods, do homework at home, be raised in two parent homes, and follow laws that other races seem to understand are necessary for society to thrive (like not shooting each other over petty disagreements/drug deals & gang prestige)?

    Where are these black leaders….?

    (Que in sounds of chirping crickets…..)

    • Sound As a Pound

      They’re busy stuffing their own pockets and being paid to lead “their people” to ruin at the behest of a 3rd party. Performing well in school, speaking English and not being disruptive is “acting white.” Any kid who does so will be called “uncle tom” by people with nicknames like “cockroach” and “junebug.” Sadly, this is a true example I personally witnessed. The culture is dysfunctional, almost as if it was designed to be the antithesis of how one should comport themselves as a member of civilized first world society. It takes a lot of courage to turn your back on institutionalised crazy, especially if you’ve been steeped in it since birth. I am reminded of the video of that black woman yelling at her little kid because he voted for Trump in the mock school election. Apparently they went off the rails in the 1960s, with a little help. Apostasy is sanctioned usually just with threats, profanity, social ostracism, vandalism etc, but sometimes more (https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/20/anthony-hervey-black-confederate-flag-supporter-dies-in-suspicious-car-wreck/)

    • NorthGunner

      Thomas Sowell, Will Grigg, Tommy Sotomayor
      and Dr. Ben Carson to name a few…they’re all
      discounted as being ‘Uncle Tom’s’ by other
      blacks however….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Isn’t that exactly what Bill Cosby was doing only a few years ago? Saying they needed to speak English, go to school and pull up their damn pants?

  4. They talk mighty big for such a small bunch of people…….not the mention the self inflicted pathologies that impact effectiveness. A race war is the last thing they should want.

  5. Darrell Cloud

    There is no question that race will play a part in these ongoing troubles. Tribalism is the default positon of failed states. This is truly horrific because there are many blacks and whites who share the same love of country and respect for the Constitution. Unfortunately, default judgements will be made on first encounters. The color of a person’s skin will in these encounters be the determining factor.
    Forty years ago we had a band of black racists that came to be known as the ski mask bandits. For several months they terrorized whites. Murder, rape and robbery were their forte. They chose isolated homes as their targets. We lived at the edge of an orange grove. I remember my dad watching TV with a M-1 carbine in his lap. We would sit up together and watch the late night news when I got off work.

  6. Absolute Blacksploitation written by Ayers and directed by Obammy, w/a lil’ help from Spike

  7. The black brother speaking about white people always on top needs to pull his head out and look around. Yo Man, can you say Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Collin POS Kapernick, etc…Black people are so oppressed its unbelievable, right? WRONG!!!

  8. NorthGunner

    Like an old time Chicago detective told me;
    “Who benefits from this incident or event?”
    “Who is making bank on what happened?”

    I’m definitely smelling a lot of Sorros $$$$$$$ here but
    also probably other international banksters and related
    hollyweird commies too.

    It’s in the (((globalists))) interests to continually stir up
    race hatered/class division when and where possible in
    America (the NAACP was created just for those goals
    despite what their shitty press releases tout) especially
    since they’re intentionally casting race realists as the
    uber-boogiemen/women of this commie propaganda tripe
    (almost surprised that that commie asslicker spike lee
    isn’t deeply involved in it…guess he’s as relevant and
    popular now as flavor-flav…).

    Almost surprised that they didn’t feature Stefan Molyneux,
    Lana Lokteff and Heinrik Palmgren of RedIce TV or Mark Collett,
    let alone Jordan Peterson or possibly…Black Pigeon Speaks as
    ‘eeeeeviiilll white racisssts’.

    Here’s a link to their funding page:


    Jason Black – Project Owner
    Shreveport, LA, United States
    3 Campaigns
    $223,575 USD raised by 2224 backers
    223% of $100,000 flexible goal

    When I clicked on the link this info came up:

    Impact on Indiegogo
    3 campaigns
    $502,337 raised
    1 contributions

    That’s a lot of $$$$$$$ to be conveniently raised in such a
    short amount of time……

    Black’s other film project:

    7AM Official Theatrical Trailer

    It’s apparent to me that these two ‘documentaries’ are meant to
    go ‘hand-in-hand’ to create increased racial hatred of whites
    in the black communities in America.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. peace.loving.man

    The film maker does not start early enough in the cycle. The problem is the intentional disintegration of poor families. Poor (low income) people can be any color, and poor people do okay with a strong family network to help each other. When it’s advantageous for a young woman to have babies without a (or even The) father present in the home, you end up with confused girls (who do fine in school) and confused boys (on-track for prison). Add high and early testosterone levels in Black males, low levels of self-control, little “future thinking” in the culture (f-t leads to deferred consumption, savings), and the current situation is the result. In Africa, you get Rwanda and Liberia, because there is not the “stabilizing” force of Whites that exists in the fUSA. The 10% of Blacks who do well (high IQ, emotionally stable, no criminal record) are extracted from their communities as corporate trophies to show off for “compliance” with Affirmative Action (racial quotas mandated by the US gov.).
    The solution to Black family disintegration? End government subsidy. Women will need men to economically exist. Men will need women for what they provide at home. Leave charity to churches and fraternities, not the taxpayer.

    Agree with NorthGunner: these productions are encouraging Blacks to attack Whites, while ignoring the FACT that Mexican or OTM gangs have been instrumental in ethnic cleansing Los Angeles formerly-Black neighborhoods. Not L.A.P.D.

  11. Possible black serial killer of White people getting started on the north side of Chicago. Male black gunned down two White men in separate incidents. No robbery. The media is doing it’s best to distract the public. One victim was Jewish and the other was homosexual. But they’re not being called White.

  12. Zero Fucks given……………… THIS IS SPARTA! cupcake

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    The first comment says it all. When the nogs rage, cities(at a maximum) burn. When the white rages, continents burn. Put another way, blacks kill by the tens maybe hundreds. When the white man gets his kill on, millions die. History speaks for itself. Nobody needs a race war. Least of all the blacks. They are myopically focused on the whites, while the hispanics hate them worse and likely the asians do as well. Sure, there would be horrific consequences for urban whites in a race war. But when it was over, there would be very few blacks, if any. Not all whites are gifted with self restraint, and those who are would be less likely to after a little footage from the cities showing what happens to whites there. In addition, other minorities would likely roll with the white side out of pure pragmatism if nothing else. The blacks could find themselves with only the islamic sector of society as allies(maybe). They need to rsise their kids better(we do too), drop the victim mentality and start working to beat the plantation we all work on.

    • NorthGunner

      Remember Reginald Denny?

      Uncut L.A. Riot Footage- Reginald Denny Beating/ Looting

      As someone else mentioned, when the fuse is finally
      touched off and the pavement apes start chimping
      out and rampaging beyond their lairs, everyone else
      WILL go ‘Roof Korean’ on them!

      The folks in the films above don’t seem to understand
      that…or believe it’ll happen to them.

      Re-read Bracken’s “When the Music Stops”.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. Speaking of documentaries, this looks good: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/fetzen-fliegen/item/4119-review-of-the-vatican-deception

    It’s about how Novus Ordo disobeyed our Lady’s order to release the 3rd Secret and consecrate Russia to the Sacred Heart. I know there’s a lot of Catholics here who might be interested. As for you Protestants, you got what you expected. But believe it or not, we were warned by Prophecy that Rome would become the Seat of the Antichrist along with Jerusalem. Yes, Jerusalem. He will sit in the rebuilt Temple, remember?