What They Really Think


Know your enemy.

They plan to destroy you.


19 responses to “What They Really Think

  1. Kill the Communists.
    Every one of them.
    And every one of their enablers.

  2. if the fear of increasing diseases and welfare debt by unchecked immigration, fear of losing everything financially because of decades of going into debt for people that are not self responsible and fear of the decline of society; then yes; I fear that losing privilege that the usa and west has enjoyed.

  3. Since they despise what the Christian western white man has provided their choice is simple, Communism or Islam.

  4. Krugman is just another loud mouthed Jew that is well passed his use by date. The New York Times is run by and for Jews to enhance their power in our white, Christian country, and nothing more.

  5. Krugman, you don’t know jack shit about us.

  6. Privilege? Yeah. And every bit of it earned. Watching the Race War trailer I could only shake my head. Black people can’t seem to grasp that it’s not white people that are the problem. The problem lay within themselves.

  7. It’s like he gets an e-mail from Team Soros every evening telling what the next days propaganda theme will be so he has time to polish his turd.
    But that’s impossible, yes?

  8. ((((((Paul Krugman))))))

  9. In reality, Paul Krugman is an angry white male who fears losing his position of privilege if Trumpism succeeds.
    His opinion matters not.

  10. That Paul Krugman is considered an economist is laughable

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. “I’ve spent my whole adult life in rarefied academic circles…” and that’s the problem. it’s the rarefied air in his rarefied academic circles that renders him, and, of course, his ilk, the idiots they are.

  13. Krugman’s a joo isn’t he?……………Well, i’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

  14. Fuck him with a pipe across the mouth.
    Every time I even glance at the NYSlimes, I want to take an all-day hot shower to scrub the commie retard off me for visiting at all.

  15. Krugman is another collectivist who views everything through the prism of his leftist ideology. Literally anything can be twisted around to be about “white male privilege,” if you try hard enough.

    I have to give credit where due: he’s never been as consistently wrong, as in this “opinion” piece. But as hd demonstrates, opinions are like assholes…

    He’s now preaching to a choir dwindling in size, a paper version of CNN. Bankruptcy is their future.

  16. The Slugman piece was bad enough, but did you get into the echo chamber called “Comments”?

    A term I picked up in the Army, which I love to apply to creatures like these…

    Frigging Piss Ants. Screw them and their condescending view of those of us who haven’t immersed ourselves in the kool-aide vat of the left.

  17. I always enjoy reading the rants of the angry white guys lecturing ‘the angry white guys’ about losing their priveledge. What priveledge is that? The priveledge of going to work 40 – 80 hours a week so that 20 – 40 percent of my income can go to support dindus, or ‘I be coming to give my kids a better life and I don’t give a crap about your damned law’, and a bloated civil servant class which is neither civil or servant?