Z Blog: Fascism & Bolshevism

Know the differences.

Between the terms and between the times.

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  1. Wrong.

    It really is the Jews.

  2. It’s a difference without a distinction.
    National Socialism, meet International Socialism.
    National Socialism is one man wanting to enslave the world.
    International Socialism is the other way around.

    This concludes your briefing on all relevant differences of the two systems.

    • We are lucky to have you here to brief us.
      Interested to know how Hitler or Stalin could be anything more than local players without blue water navy/carriers and strategic bombers? The crowd who actually enslaved the world (Anglo Zio-finance) won in part because they prioritized those components alongside genius level intrigue and vicious propaganda which today passes for ‘history’.
      The underlying virus of whichever flavor of socialism is still alive and well in the bosoms of idiots everywhere( including ex .mil pension spongers).

  3. Had been giving this topic some thought lately. The definition of Fascism is all over the place. I used to think it meant when corporations controlled the government. Even after reading the article and comments, I still don’t have a good definition. It is what ever one wants it to be. Convenient.

    • “[Some “moderates” are trying to] revive that old saw of pre-World War II vintage, the notion that the two political opposites confronting us, the two “extremes,” are: fascism versus communism.

      The political origin of that notion is more shameful than the “moderates” would care publicly to admit. Mussolini came to power by claiming that that was the only choice confronting Italy. Hitler came to power by claiming that that was the only choice confronting Germany. It is a matter of record that in the German election of 1933, the Communist Party was ordered by its leaders to vote for the Nazis—with the explanation that they could later fight the Nazis for power, but first they had to help destroy their common enemy: capitalism and its parliamentary form of government.

      It is obvious what the fraudulent issue of fascism versus communism accomplishes: it sets up, as opposites, two variants of the same political system; it eliminates the possibility of considering capitalism; it switches the choice of “Freedom or dictatorship?” into “Which kind of dictatorship?”—thus establishing dictatorship as an inevitable fact and offering only a choice of rulers. The choice—according to the proponents of that fraud—is: a dictatorship of the rich (fascism) or a dictatorship of the poor (communism).

      That fraud collapsed in the 1940’s, in the aftermath of World War II. It is too obvious, too easily demonstrable that fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory—that both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state—that both are socialistic, in theory, in practice, and in the explicit statements of their leaders—that under both systems, the poor are enslaved and the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling clique—that fascism is not the product of the political “right,” but of the “left”—that the basic issue is not “rich versus poor,” but man versus the state, or: individual rights versus totalitarian government—which means: capitalism versus socialism.

      The main characteristic of socialism (and of communism) is public ownership of the means of production, and, therefore, the abolition of private property. The right to property is the right of use and disposal. Under fascism, men retain the semblance or pretense of private property, but the government holds total power over its use and disposal . . . .

      Under fascism, citizens retain the responsibilities of owning property, without freedom to act and without any of the advantages of ownership. Under socialism, government officials acquire all the advantages of ownership, without any of the responsibilities, since they do not hold title to the property, but merely the right to use it—at least until the next purge. In either case, the government officials hold the economic, political and legal power of life or death over the citizens . . . .

      Under both systems, sacrifice is invoked as a magic, omnipotent solution in any crisis—and “the public good” is the altar on which victims are immolated. But there are stylistic differences of emphasis. The socialist-communist axis keeps promising to achieve abundance, material comfort and security for its victims, in some indeterminate future. The fascist-Nazi axis scorns material comfort and security, and keeps extolling some undefined sort of spiritual duty, service and conquest. The socialist-communist axis offers its victims an alleged social ideal. The fascist-Nazi axis offers nothing but loose talk about some unspecified form of racial or national “greatness.” The socialist-communist axis proclaims some grandiose economic plan, which keeps receding year by year. The fascist-Nazi axis merely extols leadership—leadership without purpose, program or direction—and power for power’s sake.”

      Ayn Rand

  4. They all bleed the same color

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  6. NorthGunner

    Take time to watch Europa – The Last Battle.

    Then ask yourself if you STILL believe the absolute
    horseshit narrative of ‘History’ that has been pushed
    on all of us since we were ‘schooled’.

    EUROPA The Last Battle Part 1 YouTube 1080p
    (the other 9 parts are all linked for ease)

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Z-Man, your article, “Fascism And Bolshevism”, started out so well and then went down hill.

    For example, you say, “Spain under Franco was both Catholic and fascist.” You then go on to explain that no one can provide a workable definition of the term “fascism”. So why did you not define the term yourself if *you* are going to use it label Spain and Franco as fascist? I would go out of my way NOT to use a term if I could not define it.

    And yes, Dinesh D’Souza (and a few others) insist on over using the term because they don’t have the guts to call a communist a communist.

    There’s an old saying (I made it up last week), “The communist cries out, “fascist”, as he strikes you!”

  8. Easy for you to say, however, let me sum up, let us feed the Christians to the lions, crucify a few of them and then Jews can rule the world with multi- cultures-ism and diversity for all that bow down to almighty dollar and of course military industrial complexities with rainbow fags. And of course an insecticide for mosque key tows. Did I mention the China Doll? Never mind if I didn’t.
    If you are not with US, you are again US? Play dat Funky music = W-H-I-T-E BOY (LW). Don’t know any other way to splain this other than to just blurt it out and loud, People! WE have a People Problem! I propose we devoid the divided half in halves. The halves and the halves not and of cause by hemispheres, the Polar North and the South shall rise again, or perhaps not, you be the jury and hanging judge, too the executioner. Administratively speaking of the people we have a problem with.
    We half meritocracy of bureaucracy and the other have is just plain greedy, if not just plain old incompetence, perhaps it could be delusional utopia tapioca pudding brains masquerading as real people syndrome. And I might add, WE do NOT owe them, even one thing dime and we should WITH HOLD certain things from them, such as thin air, for example, use your imagination, they do.
    Before any closing, you have to ask for the order and details of the order to be filled (peddler class 101, Death of a Sales Man is the lesson not learned). As far, or perhaps long range? My take on gun controls id, a firm grip on reality, both eyes wide open! Post in the Pussy, sight alignment, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger, FULL AUTO if you can. Meanwhile back at the long range, the eyes have it, targeted?
    As far as Communists are concerned, all I can say is, DAMN Communists! And the lesson from the way way back machine, in the event of a nuclear hollow all costs, duck and cover, is that understood?
    Roger dat white boy?
    Joe X

  9. “There’s another problem and that is the assertion Jews have the power to bewitch and beguile the masses. Even accounting for their exceptionalism, Jews are still 2% of the American population. Unless they are a race of super smart aliens with the ability to control minds, like the John Carpenter film The Live, it’s unlikely that they have controlled the debate for 60 years.”


    “Even more critically, modern anti-fascism has made the corresponding generation of Jews reckless and stupid. The social media meme “fellow white people” is the sort of thing that never would have been noticed without the anti-fascist hysteria. Previous generations of Jews were more circumspect, careful to avoid publicly living the stereotype.”


    Does this blow Elon Musk’s question “Who *owns* the media?” out of the water, or just smoke up our backsides?

    • You all keep suggesting that Jews are like Vampires.
      That exposing them to sunlight will turn them to dust.
      That killing them all off will somehow awaken all the “normal” people that have been corrupted and turned by them and restore them to being “normal”.
      That waving ham at them will drive them away like garlic.

      As I keep saying to you all..
      There are far more commie foot soldiers for you to worry about and there are far more powerful collectivist controllers than Zionist.
      Do you seriously think that Zionists command the thrones of the West?
      Let me clue you in on something.
      You don’t owe dead people money.
      The easiest way to clear your debts if you are a Nation is to imprison or destroy the people you owe money too. (See Phillip of France around 1300AD)
      “The Bankers” may in fact control the money but who keeps them safe?
      Who protects them and keeps the people in debt from just murdering them in the streets?
      The people really in charge reap the benefits and convince you to blame the “bankers” for all of your problems.
      Do you not think that its possible that the people in charge WANT you to blame the bankers so that you will lash out at them and destroy them?
      You solve their debt problem and continue to be controlled by them because they have convinced you that the problems have been solved.
      They get out of debt, and you still get the boot on the face.

      Kill them all, if you happen to catch some Zionist bankers in the process then good on you.

    • NorthGunner

      Ok, we’ll go there regarding the jq…

      Jewish Influence, Part I – The Media | Brother Nathanael & Laura Loomer

      Jewish Influence, Part II – The Porn Industry | Mark Collett

      Jewish Influence, Part III – Immigration Policy | Mike Enoch

      Jewish Influence, Part IV – US Foreign Policy | Ryan Dawson

      Why America Lost The Twentieth Century | Dr. David Duke & Eric Striker

      Who Owns The Federal Reserve Full (Brother Nathanael)


      Rabbi Porat – Hitler Defended Germany Against Communist Jews

      Rabbi says kill non Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws
      (this means that under the Noahide Laws, Christians WILL
      be killed if they do not give up their faith. This is from BOTH
      the Talmud and the Torah)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Unless they are a race of super smart aliens with the ability to control minds, like the John Carpenter film The Live, it’s unlikely that they have controlled the debate for 60 years.”
      The Goym KNOW!!!!!