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  2. We are at that point where successful men will not take a chance on wymin. Which will leave the whore bitches with only the losers to to mate with. Idiocracy on steroids… Serves them right to suffer.

  3. Andy taking Opie fishing: a natural thing for a father to do. It meant time spent together, to talk about any-thing, and to practice a skill that has been with us since before Christ. Oh to be a Christian nation again.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. thesouthwasrght

    When Andy Griffith stumped for Obamacare he immediately became dead to me. A scalawag of the first order.

  6. A person is charged with a crime. Misdemeanor or felony. Evidence is presented. A jury or judge decides your fate.
    Nah….fuck that! Anyone ,at any time can make an accusation. No evidence. .No witnesses. No courts. No sentences. No prison. Kill em all.
    First to go…,loudmouth cunts. Men or women. Men can be cunts also.
    Second in line pedophiles and bad drivers. They fucking irritate me.
    Third..Hollywood. Dirty commie bastards.
    Media whores,lawyers and politicians.
    Athletes who speak about anything but sports.
    No welfare. Produce or fucking die. As nature intended.
    We are living Idiocracy. I thought it would take longer.
    I was wrong.