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Not my feet.

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  1. Sorry sir that’s above my pay grade . Wish I had something to help .

  2. wendystringer48088

    Maybe the Left’s opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination wasn’t really about Roe vs Wade, but about something that they are much more worried about…
    Interesting line of questioning by Senator Lindsey Graham to Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

    • due process and presumption of innocence survives another battle, the war is still in doubt.
      will be interesting to see two things, lines at the mid terms which would be a back lash on the democrats imo and what the democrats come back with before and after the election; you know they’re not giving up when they are so close to having the mob run the country.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Interesting, Miss wendy; thanks. Remains to be seen what will become of that line of inquiry. BTW, what lit the fire under Sen. Graham’s butt of late?

      BTW, in other matters, it is hoped that Sen. Grassley and others have already been given the secret commos of traitors Feinstein and Schumer between them and such sources as Soros groups or worse in their failed efforts to torpedo Kavanaugh and by implication Trump. Remind me what the penalties are for aiding and abetting enemies, insurrection, or flat out treason.

      Best thing to happen to Feinswine and Chuck You Schumer: resign to “spend more time with the family” or “pursue other interests.” Typical bail outs.

      Yeah, I know Brett ain’t no Oliver Wendell Holmes, he’s got beaucoup issues. But at least we can chalk up a win for the Home Team and not the Marxists. Just view this as an appetizer or tune-up for when Ruthie takes her dirt nap.

      Q: “Got ammo?”

    • sonofnunn24

      Q says so , if that means anything. I do know Halliburton just did a 250MM dollar make over at Gitmo for the 4 prisoners still there.


      Yes, that was an interesting snippet of an interview. The scary thing is who defines the enemy? For instance, if Ruthie the Marxist Mummy assumes room temperature here within a short time, and the POTUS nominates another Kavanaugh, the professional rent-a-mobs of the left will go full chimp-out, poo-flinging, bat-shit crazy. Will THEY be the enemy? Will it be the Deep State? Or (((those))) who are funding CWII? Bleib ubrig.

    • That was something alright, thanks. In addition to the obvious upcoming WRSA commenter executions–or attempts at same anyway–I couldn’t help but notice that he twice chose to use “against the government” about a US citizen’s rights, rather than “with respect to”…when clarifying that a citizens rights is, ahem, granted only by his/her own government, rather than a foreign one. My guess is it’s because that’s how he sees it. He must be thrilled to be a grantor.

      • Oops, only once. The other usage was “from the government.” Either way, he sees two opposing sides there. Oh, I guess there are.

        But not after the right guys take over…that’s the theory in these parts, right?

  3. @wendy
    I was wondering about that myself. My speculation is that a lot of this hoopla over Kavanaugh was to direct attention away from Feinstein’s association with her CHINESE SPY driver of 20 some years. Funny that the story was a one/two day event in MSM and only some follow after that in more conservative news and sites, soon to be eclipsed with the Blassey-Ford fiasco. I guess it’s just a coincidence that Ford’s letter, via Feinstein, ends up with CNN as Feinstein is publicly outed as being involved, however tangentially (and I’ve got a bridge to sell you, somewhere, cheap), with a Chinese spy, as she sits, as the current ranking (opposition) member, on the Senate Judiciary Committee and during the spy’s tenure was the Chairman from 2009 to 2015 and Vice-Chairman from 2015 to 2017 of the Senate Intel Committee? Wasn’t there a story some years back, during the Obama admin., about US spy networks in China being rolled up by the Chinese .gov?

    Date of Ford’s letter July 30. Date of spy story publication Aug 1. Date of first release of Ford’s information Sep 12. OK, maybe it’s a stretch, but it wouldn’t surprise me, especially since Feinstein sat on Ford’s letter for almost six weeks during the confirmation process. Kinda like picking up a get out of jail free card with no one else in the game knowing. Luckily and providentially, the whole scheme backfired on the Dems because, like the stupid loons that they are, they overplayed their hand by doubling down twice on even more unbelievable and sensational claims against Kavanaugh.

    I’m hoping someone somewhere is still following up on the Chinese spy thing. Knowing the news process in this country currently, it’s probably long memory holed now. It would be oh so grand to see that old commie biatch brought down with a treason charge.

  4. 173d Viet Vet

    So sorry. Guess you will have to learn to type using your nose…and elbows !!

    Seriously, may God speed your healing !

  5. Those toes look stressed.From my novice experience, need
    to bring circulation to and trough those tips, and relieve the
    stagnant flow.
    I would say to begin extracting that bulge through poultices
    and get the circulation going through hot and cold therapy;
    maybe 3 to 1 ratio – 15 minutes hot to 5 minutes cold.
    As the dead skin dries, it will fall off as new cells begin their
    wonderful journey. But it is my belief that flow is the key.

    French Green Clay is good for mud packing poultice, or
    even Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

    Be patient – Rinse and repeat 🙂

    Whatever is decided to heal, hope all goes better.

    semper vivium


  6. Just saw your finger picture: Diagnostic info required please: what were you doing during the prior 24 hour time period to generate the ‘blistering’ effect on only those two digits; what treatment methods have you tried; does anything help/hurt. On the surface I note that your nails are trimmed too severely to perform their intended function of protecting your finger tips. Was this a heat/cold exposure incident? Facts needed, sir.

  7. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Looks more like a hand. Beta hemolytic strep cellulitis maybe. Definitely needs antibiotics.

  8. sonofnunn24

    Just read some bullshit on the Millenium Report says Israel has been training Daesh/ISIS. Does anyone really believe any muslim fighter would accept training from Jews?

  9. David Hamel

    Bullous pemphigoid.

  10. In desperate need of antibiotics. Ouch!

  11. The left wants a justice much more aligned with the religion of Merrick Garland than that of Judge Kavanaugh………nuf said..

  12. Old Gray Wolf

    Wow. What happened? Wicked burn? Or maybe chemical?

  13. Hognutz Swineford

    Is this blisters associated with having run a marathon or long hike/ march

  14. I really want to know all you can tell me about what happened to that person’s foot, so I can devote my life to making sure it never happens to me.

  15. ghostsniper

    First, stick a needle in them and release the pressure, then mop up with sterile cloths and alcohol.


    Article by podiatrist, same picture appears at bottom of story.

  17. Somebody has been sticking their digits in places where they dont belong.

  18. Damn that looks painful. I’ve never had that on my toes but def on my feet and I’ve always heated a pin and drained the bitch. Then a bit of anti biotic cream and a wrap and away you go. sometimes the skin then tears sometimes it doesn’t. Winter is coming.

  19. Now THAT’S a grid-down medical problem I didn’t even touch on at the Murphy PATCON. Topic for an American Partisan piece after the introductory one I write today on United heading home from business in Commiefornia. The California Conundrum: why do leftists always swarm to places with great weather and lots of amenities developed by capitalists?

  20. Your boots are too small and your toes are hitting the toe box while walking down hill…. you could loose both nails.
    Ruck on !

  21. Stormbringer

    Those are some nasty looking toes. Doubt the person can walk. OUCH! Hope Doc could take care of them.