The Stakes

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    Dear Leviathan and your minions: You have done something terrible to me and my tribe. I have gifts for you: Pancake syrup in your gas tank. A brick through the front window of your house. Legions of homeless pounding on your front door demanding their free food. Night letters. Raw hamburger laced with bark-no-more for your golden retriever. And on, and on, and on. Have a nice day.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. And you have to wonder if even that will be enough to get people up off the couch to do something about it… Nobody wants to do anything when it’s easy but somehow they will find the courage when they are forced to when it’s hard…My sympathy goes to those families whos father decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to get his family somewhere where they wouldn’t have to bug out when it gets bad…Sad That..

  4. Nice electrical substation you have there, be a shame if something happened to it.

  5. Some black politicians in Chicago tried to cut off the water for a suburb they didn’t like, about 20 years ago.

  6. Mao-Mart is working toward this with their “social score” BigBro system

    Here we have TVs, phones, computers and in-home devices ( Hello Alexa !) that surveill us 24/7/365.

    Eric Blair was just 34 years early in his book

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Tovarich Grocery Store Owner:

    We should meet up for cocktails, soon!
    -Zombie Vyacheslav Molotov

  8. I love off grid, grow a lot of our own food, have our own well… they can all kids my ass.

  9. It’s LIVE and KISS on the previous post.

  10. just to clarify:

    “dear badthinker, you said something we don’t like. No electricity, water, internet, or food for you”


    Zionist Occupation Government

  11. Old Gray Wolf

    Gotta love the social credit system,..

  12. uummm, its called “mark of the beast”. The bible beat you to it….. Just say’n

  13. People will learn… When it happens.

  14. Dear Power Company, Water Utility, ISP, Grocery Store,

    The Law of Unintended Consequences is about to run you over like an express freight train. Still want to play games with We The People?

  15. Dear Goodthinker,
    You’re making the same mistake over again. You’re bragging because you think you’ve got it all wrapped up and under your control.
    Again you‘ll fail and feel the wrath of the common people.
    Oy vej!

  16. Detroit III

    Or medical care. You a gun owner? No insurance for you!

    But if they ever went so far as to cut your food and electricity you have nothing left to live for so make sure not a transformer is “working” in your AO.

    Two-way street.

  17. All the talking heads on the left like Hillary, Maxine, Correy, Kamala seem to forget thatswords cot both way

  18. You have this a little backwards. This may be how it starts but reversed is how it should finish. First no one but a fool(s) would go up against a squad of battle hardened US Troops unless you wanted a dirt nap. But that war machine depends upon us dirt people. We supply everything that makes them go. Trucks for every supply, mechanics to maintain and repair all of their stuff. Factories that make and ship all of the spares. What happens to all of that fancy as*ed equipment if we do not deliver batteries or fuel. No water to the bases and no one to fix the clogged toilet and on and on. They are Americans but you can put them out of commission without firing a shot.

    When the water stops for one it should stop for all and the dirt people can and should make that happen – just walk off the job and turn out the lights as you leave. Truckers leave your trailer of whatever in the middle of the interstate and take your tractor home. 100,000 abandoned trailers and intestate travel is a non starter especially if the wrecker drivers also walk off.

    All of the cities and most of the rest of the country have about one weeks worth of food. Stop the flow of food into the ten largest US cities and after one week the riots start. There are not enough Police, Guard and Regulars to stop twenty or thirty million people from rioting and tearing up everything. They will not come for you because they will be too busy and how long before they go home to their own families. The whole premise of the Police, Fire, Medical, Guard and Regulars is that their families are safe and cared for, but what will they do if they are not. You are not making things work if you are in a camp.
    For the most part Politicians, Hollyweirdites, Rich Bitches, Educators, and the rest of the elites do not function and stay alive without the dirt people. When the dirt people walk off the job this place stops. This does not take a conspiracy, as this is a reaction, no weapons (except against the zombies coming over the berm), it is all individual action; yes, the lone constitutional individual having a (warm) beer in the back yard with best buds.

  19. lastmanstanding

    Still waiting patiently…doing our thing and building relationships that will last.

    They’ll fuck up, the earth hates them. Can’t tell you when but as stated here before, “you’ll know it” and it will be game on.

    None of these commie fucks understand how the earth works. None of them have a mind of their own.

    There a five rules in a friends local gun shop.
    1. No one is coming to save you.
    2. It is up to you to protect your family.
    3. Save who needs to be saved.
    4. Kill who needs to be killed.
    5. Always be working.

    None of us will have everything we need when shit goes tu but we’ll all do our best…THAT is how the planet works.

  20. Camacho2020

    “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.”

    You know, that’s almost good enough to be a subhead because it’s been clear for a long time that Hillary and her ilk want us shoved into boxcars and showered.

    Trouble is that the GOP doesn’t want to destroy what Hillary stands for. (Insert numerous pictures of Hillary and GOP Cucks smiling the standard Mark I Oligarchy smile) Many of them would have been perfectly happy to welcome Maleficent to Washington.

    In one of her few lucid, non-epileptic moments, Hillary speaks their true intentions. Thanks for clearing that up.

    These people see the world only through the lens of their political party. The fact that you are an individual person is meaningless.

    Once again, Billy Beck’s dictum from many years ago is borne out; All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.

  21. lastmanstanding

    Mole skin saved me a time or 2 when I used to backcountry ski. If your haulin ass for long periods of time in the bush, you’d better have some especially if you get into icy terrain.

  22. thats how i see it going down too. i see it going on high profile every day and it will only trickle down, better get out and vote for non-partisan, non-corporate, constitutionalist and boycott companies that have already started these outrages.

  23. Dear CEO of [Company Deciding To Deny Me Service]. Sorry I am not able to [repair your automobile] [update your pacemaker software] [deliver your products] [provide food to your area code] [respond to your alarm call] [see you for that urgent medical procedure], as I am busy [trying to find food, water, a generator and wi-fi]

    Works both ways, folks. Leverage is in favor of the ants, not the grasshopper.

  24. The civility climate has changed dramatically in the past two months. Dirty commie motherfuckers are beating on the elderly and kicking women in the face. Antifa bullies,Move On operatives, slimey dirty commie motherfuckers are on the cusp of a dirt nap. Law-abiding,play by the rules white folk have had enough of the bullshit. The elderly guy chased down by scumbags in Seattle should not be out driving by himself without a hogs leg.The time to defend yourself is now. Resolve,preparation,training,situational awareness and 168 grains are your future. This ain’t Norman Rockwells’ America. The situation will not un-fuck itself. Mangled,rotting,maggot-infested corpses have a power and stench of their own. Channel Vlad and get ready for some wet work.

  25. Welcome to the future. Any suggestions on how this can be stopped

  26. Mistake, thinking my words can be more harmful than my deeds… Do continue.

  27. All of those entities have a physical presence. Can you think of any way to make them regret their actions?

  28. Deplorable B Woodman

    Unfortunately for them, these utilities have a large physical presence, making them easy targets if they decide to go in that direction.

  29. And, lest you forget, without water, sewer, and/or electricity, the state will condemn your home. No roof for you!