The NPC (“Non-Player Character”) Meme

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For your enjoyment:

Explainer #1

Explainer #2

Explainer #3

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Finally, the “All Will Be Converted” version:

19 responses to “The NPC (“Non-Player Character”) Meme

  1. Link #3 “…anti-progressive online communities”
    Ha ha. Living rent-free in their heads as “The Enemy”.
    They mean “Counter Revolutionaries”?

  2. lastmanstanding

    The more of this bs that they try to shove in the more volatile its exit will be.

    Still waiting patiently…meanwhile, more are waking up. Local discussions of who is “naughty or nice”.

    I’m seeing more frost than ever.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. NPCs: Mow them down to level up.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      This will be lost on anyone over 35.

      For the uninitiated, NPC’s in videos games can be used to gain experience points that increase the abilities and strengths of the player character.

      Also, the elimination of NPC’s in any game can, and will, affect gameplay later.

      This can have a negative or positive outcome on your own players timeline and their social interactions with you in the game, however, the NPCs that have been eliminated cannot return as an enemy. Although, their removal can create more enemies.

      • No. NPCs originates in Role Playing Games from the 70’s and 80’s it predates video games by a long shot.

  5. Dan Patterson

    Laugh and sneer all you like, that character is exactly what the screeching harpies want you, that is men, to be. Fuck that. Make me a sammich. And quit jabbering will ya I’m tryin’ to watch the game.

  6. WDS, Societal Dreg

    You will be assimilated.

  7. smithgroup55

    No time for comic book crap

  8. 1) I drive black and silver-gray (SS colors don’t ya know?) V-10 F250. Talk about a dog whistle!! Obviously I’m ready for promotion to
    Obergruppenfuehrer. Take note that I have never harmed or advocated harming anybody.
    2) Yeah, I DO regard them as sacks of protoplasm without independent thought or action. So? That’s how they see us. See #1. I don’t advocate initiating violence. Violence in self defense is something else.

  9. This one has been floating around for a few weeks on the boards. Its funny and it REALLY pisses the Progs off.

  10. These racist, sexist, inbred kkk nazis are trying to DEHUMANIZE us!!!

  11. anon45561488

    Hungarian soldiers sent to relieve the ÁVH hesitated and then, tearing the red stars from their caps, sided with the crowd.

    It can happen.