Fauxcahontas Follies

Mike of Cold Fury explains.

Another argument for re-education camps.

In Free Manitoba.

8 responses to “Fauxcahontas Follies

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Princess Running Joke continues to live up to her Indian name.


    Chalk up another absurd political situation to the ignorant socialist drone voters in Taxachussetts. I have just found an alternate target for SMOD, after Mordor-On-The-Potomac. This country is so overdue for culling and a massive reset. Bleib ubrig.

  4. wendystringer48088

    From GAB:

  5. Grey Beaver speak with forked tongue.

  6. My wife, and thus our son, have more Original American ancestry than Princess Summerfallwinterspring (Anybody remember Howdy Doody?). Does that make them Indians?

  7. Instead of “Standing With Fists” from the movie
    Dancing With Wolves, they should put Warner’s
    face and title it “Lying With Lips”