Laugh ‘Til You Puke

Heartiste explains.

Too funny.

Especially the last line.

12 responses to “Laugh ‘Til You Puke

  1. Hey FYI – as of today I’m getting two issues for your website. I believe both are being caused by OpenDNS. One is an HSTS error when trying to connect, meaning the ISP is trying to proxy the connection and breaks the certificate. Your website is smart enough to detect this, and blocks the connection. If you can figure out a way around that, then OpenDNS (apparently now used by TWC/Spectrum) is actually sending a proxy block for the site and saying it is a hate/discrimination site. They are obviously not worried about this, don’t listen to any correction emails. If you’ve noticed a drop in traffic, this is probably a reason. Replaced my DNS with Cloudflare and the problems went away.

    • Do you have config over your own router? On my “Moscow-rules” system I’ve use the OpenDNS addresses found here. (Scroll down for your particular OS.) I also use a small ‘hosts’ file simply for speed to a few specific sites – small so that the system isn’t spending more time parsing the file than processing the DNS query. But just tested both & no issues getting here with the OpenDNS addresses listed at the link above. TWC/Spectrum seems to be using something different but I run my own router so literally don’t GAF what they’re doing; they are not a proxy for me. Just offered for consideration.

      • Rog thanks.

        I run bonestock WordPress template cuz I too grunter to load anything more than revolver bangstick.

        • “…cuz I too grunter to load anything more than revolver bangstick.”
          Thanks for that 🙂

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        This is way over my head and why I plan to shoot all sensitive electronics with API

        • Grunt. But you young airborne least smart enough to load magazine-fed bangstick. Old grunter must stick with rock or S&W Mod 10. 🙂

          • Those old cop-trade-in wheelguns if paperless will be things of beauty at certain times.

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            I made an account on that Free Galaxy platform.
            I also made a modified rifle variation simliar to the one Bracken describes in his first book.
            Which im going to make a how-to video on and upload.
            I’m gonna ghost my face.
            And do videos on other stuff.
            After midterms this week, I’ll post the video.

            Im gonna zero it. I have ballistics charts and shit. Itll be fun.

          • this side toward enemy

            Funniest thing on internet in weeks ! C.A. need own website.

  2. Slimy lawyer (is that redundant?) Michael Avenatti has appealed to 9th Circus Court, expected a better result. If he gets it, next stop is the Supreme Court, where he shouldn’t expect Justice Kavanaugh to be very receptive of his arguments.

  3. Hey! But what about us lowly deplorables!!!!
    We’ve been taking that crap for decades, and payin’
    for it too.

    Either way, I’m not jealous…. and hope for the best.
    Time to learn how to swim or sink 🙂