Z Blog: Our Struggle

Goodthink on not pissing off or pissing on our natural allies in the trad American crowd.

I always have to keep near front of mind just how much of a statist, aspirational asshole I was – even before I was given felony prosecutorial authority in six major metropolitan counties.


If I can recant my heresies and assholeries, I should know enough to be patient with those who are just awakening.

See related piece and comments on LeeGreenwoodism.

You really don’t have enough armed, trained, provisioned allies with hard hearts and the infrastructure to support them.

Keep at it.

7 responses to “Z Blog: Our Struggle

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The freedom side plus a fair chunk of norm normies should have a tactical advantage in experience. Vs say the AnfiFA/DS/Commie crowd who is generally made up of an age group whose frontal cortex is not even fully developed yet. You won’t defeat the Left by logic as they work on emotion. Hence the only effective emotion on our side to counter is FEAR.

    The question is the best instrument to implement it.

  3. The periodic “You don’t have enough…” admonition is appropriate. Most folks don’t. I have said this before but feel strongly about it. If you & a couple buddies go into the forest expecting to immediately find more exactly like you & emerge with a battalion of light infantry you’re delusional. If, on the other hand, you can shut off some of the white noise & pay attention to those around you – who’ve never been shown a cultural alternative (see CA’s Greenwoodism piece) – you may build a willing fire team.sized substance or a piece of the mesh in a network. It helps to not take yourself too seriously.

    Even the infirm may be someone who can provide a few hours respite, a meal, or a place out of the weather for just a bit. But they’ve got to want to open their door to you. You can wrestle with substitute analogies on your own.

  4. As you know, CA, you’re not the only one that’s had to repent. Just a guess, most of us fall into this category, at about the 80% level.

    • I know.

      But it’s good for me to keep it in mind.

      I used to believe much of the same shytte as the lost do today.

      Sure glad that I was actually a semi-programmable meat unit w/ modest sentience.

  5. robroysimmons

    I went thru the comments at Z’s for that piece, total Losertariandom basically wasting time with the old fail tactic of “Outrage and essays.”

    4GW attacking the legitimacy of your enemies’ authority.

    CONservatism begging that “authority” to make your totally smart intellectual barely understandable abstract point.

  6. This is a nice thought, but where is there any indication that this country’s “Law Enforcement”, for example, will every “recant their heresies and assholeries”??? Sure, onesies or twosies might do so. And if you have sufficient resources to vett them properly, then that’s a great idea. But you DON’T have anywhere near enough resources to do so. And when the Habersham deputies will not deal appropriately with those in their midst, and the same goes for the Lake County deputies, and the same goes for the FBI, and the same goes for the Wichita officers, and the same goes for the Dallas officers, and the same goes for the LVMPD officers, and the same goes for the Detroit officers, and the same goes for the Framingham officers, and the same… How many more do you want me to list, where NOT EVEN ONE “Law Enforcement” officer in their entire organization has stood AGAINST their acts?

    The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig. And unless you have a means to verify that your locals are actually “good cops” BEFORE the fun starts, it is suicide to treat them as anything more than the filthy lying maggot swill that they are. But then you and your tribe do have the right to make that choice, even if it results in your slaughter.