An Example Of The Current State Of The American People

NAXALT* caveat, but do read this short piece and apply its lessons to your life:

A short version of Gregory Kay’s experience during Hurricane Michael. Mr. Kay had moved to the Florida panhandle in the spring of 2018. Gregory informs me that he’ll be writing up a more extensive piece on his experiences.

“4 of us men (out of a hallway full of people) were desperately trying to tie doors shut in the shelter in the middle of a category 5 hurricane, with a 140-160 mph wind ripping down the breezeway right in front of it in a storm of debris, doing its best to suck those doors open, which would have resulted in people being sucked out.

We need to cut cord, so I produce a Leatherman. Two people gasp, “I didn’t think you were supposed to have THOSE THINGS in a school!”
In sheer disbelief, but in the interests of not escalating the situation, I went with my second-best response of “It’s a tool, not a knife, just a set of pliers with an auxiliary blade,” rather than my first instinct of, “Who gives a fuck, you fucking idiot! What are they gonna do, expel me?”
It turns out that my daughter and I were the only ones with knives in the place. Go figure.

Meanwhile, a woman is asking, “But how can the rescue squad get to us if the doors are tied?”
“The rescue isn’t coming until the wind stops and it’s over, lady, and we’ll untie it then.” The “if any of us are still alive to do it, and if not, it won’t matter, will it?” was left unsaid.

Another woman was whining, “You need to leave those doors open; it’s hot and stuffy in here, and we need a breeze.” No, I’m not lying.
She kept complaining about it to anyone who would listen, until she was finally silenced by a rawboned redneck woman who suddenly shouted, “Bitch, there are little kids in here handling this shit better than you are! If you don’t shut the hell up right now, I’m going to knock the fuck out of you!”
End of complaints.

Lessons learned:
1. Be prepared with basic tools (like knives).
2. Something like 90% of people are passive observers in an emergency, only a few will take action without being told directly, and tiny number are so incredibly stupid their mere presence can threaten the survival of the entire group.
3. The best way to deal with that tiny percentage is with the real threat of violence, complete with the full intention of following it up if necessary.” – Gregory Kay

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  1. Rings true as hell, doubly so for a leftard indoctrination academy.

  2. fulfilling their roll as sheep and doing so in any situation.

  3. Gentleman I work with is a senior staff NCO that has numerous combat deployments to his credit. I asked him if he CCW’ s since it became legal here without approval from the king and he responded that …” It is much too dangerous to carry a weapon in public.”
    It takes all kinds.

    • I would hope he’s blowing smoke up your butt. When ever I’m asked if I carry I always say no, but have at least one on me….

    • wendystringer48088

      Many people who are true bad asses (martial artists, military men) are also used to only doing their badass stuff when they have the proper authorization to do it.
      Dropping bombs or firing machine guns or cannons at a group of people while wearing a uniform and operating government equipment following orders over the radio is different than being in civilian life and pulling out a gun and shooting a thug (or thugs) who you threatening you with a knife or gun when you have to consider your actions in light of possible legal consequences.
      Defending yourself in the civilian world requires making the decision to use violence or even deadly force by yourself without a higher authority specifically you it’s what you are supposed to do (other than your belief in your God and/or your sense of what is right). It’s a very serious decision and a tremendous responsibility to make on your own.
      So in an emergency situation those of us who have been in the civilian world for a longer time and have had some civilian training and considered all these things ahead of time may be the better ones to step up and lead and do things over someone who has a rank or title in some civilian or government organization.
      Just be ready to tell the twerp who tries to stop you by saying “You can’t do that” “You don’t have authorization to do that” or similar to back off and say it like you mean it.
      On the other hand, maybe he was only speaking for himself when he said “It is much too dangerous to carry a weapon in public” and he knows he has a very short fuse and a low tolerance for other peoples’ disrespect and general stupidity. So don’t assume. 🙂

    • Jimmy the Saint

      One can still carry privately/clandestinely when out and about.

    • he’s probably a democrat

  4. Having delt with the general public for 25 years, I was often amused at the gullibility, the nievity ? When it came to them, saving themselves. Really quit sad,

    A few years ago, one of the rivers was rising, clearly going to,flood some folks homes. When we arrived, the father stated to nobody in particular, that ” he was glad we had arrived, to tell them to move to high ground.

    He wasn’t sure that was the right thing to do. The water had risen like 25 ft, up the bank, and was close to flowing into their house. This was like the third,flood, since they lived their and ” He” needed to be instructed to move his wife and children out?.

    Some people just need saving from themselves. Their not the folks you would find here. Yet these folk exist,,and sadly they breed.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      There is a difference between clueless and hopeless, though. I used to work with a chemist who was absolutely brilliant in dealing with all matters mathematical and chemical. However, he pretty much lived his life in the lab and had very little practical knowledge of anything outside of it – for example, when the whole lab went to a cajun restaurant, he originally declined to share a gator tail appetizer because “I don’t eat animals with cloven hooves”. Once we explained that wasn’t the case, he dove right in.

      Unless I was dealing with a chemical spill or something, I wouldn’t really want the guy around *during* a disaster, but he’d be very useful in dealing with a lot of the problems that would likely follow one.

  5. Ninety percent? Really? In my experience, it is more like somewhere around ninety– eight percent of most folks who are incapable of action during an emergency. It is a frightening thought at best but the potential upside is that those numbers have the possibility of cleaning out the gene pool. When shit happens, I relie on me ……….. period.


    Maybe our ex-pat Canadian contributor is correct. A mass culling IS in order. People with this kind of mind set will have no problem voting away the Second Amendment, and taxing me into poverty. We have our share here in Rawles Land. We do live in interesting times. Get ready.

  7. Never be a part of “the public”…

  8. …”tiny number are so incredibly stupid their mere presence can threaten the survival of the entire group”…..

    Amen. Give it up for the rawboned redneck woman.

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way!

    Our society is so passive today, it’s no wonder you see everyone going to advisors and consultants for advice and permission, most of them have never developed any working brain cells.

  10. 3 Weeks of Grid Down/No Food: the demographics are going to change.

    Where you are and who you are with will make all the difference.

  11. 90% passive observers = microcosm: 90% of the population of this nation that are useless eaters.

    ‘Nuf said.

  12. NEVER EVER enter a government “shelter” AKA Pre-screening for the camps. It will be filled with idiots, the poor , the EBT’s and the suicidal stupid. If you live near any coast you should have a well stocked storm shelter ON YOUR PROPERTY. Or you should live inland. Shit happens. A genny ,a well stocked pantry & gas grill/stove. A chainsaw and a good gun are worth more than anything Government has ever, or WILL ever do for you.

  13. Darryl Van Horne

    This was identical to my brother’s experience. Right down to the cord on the doors and dumb ass people

  14. Non Player Character

  15. coltsravensfan

    In my salad days, I would suffer fools (never gladly), i.e. the shrieking harridans who wanted open door ventilation, for fifteen minutes. Now in my crabby curmudgeon state, they get five IF I’m in a particularly patient mood that day otherwise I ignore & shun their claptrap & tomfoolery.

  16. Some people are sheep, some are wolves masquerading as sheep, a few are sheep dogs, looking out for the sheep.-“ainitfunny”

  17. Having lived thru a few ‘Canes myself I can concur with the author’s posting. The first time was the last time that my father dragged us all to a shelter. That was back in the ’60’s and the stupidity was evident even then, just not as wide spread.

    I see the same problems in Texas where tornadoes are quite common. No prep and about all people have is the shirt on their back as a consequence.

  18. Johnny Paratrooper

    Division and Delegation of responsibility followed by triple checks on others work.

    The cream floats to the top on it’s own. Density drops…

  19. Johnny Paratrooper

    The cream rises because it is less dense…

  20. I remember when Irma came through my area last year listening to the radio traffic from the EOC. They had stopped sending ambulances because the wind was too strong and one of the shelters radioed for help. Some old guy came into the shelter on oxygen but didn’t bring enough to last through the storm. He only had a few hours left of it. I guess he thought the shelter was also a fully stocked hospital too… Also, I heard lots of reports of looters looting in the middle of the storm.

  21. Nature and mathematics never became irrelevant. The dirty commie bastards would have you believe that the communist manifesto,properly implemented, will solve all those lingering natural and mathematical “problems.”
    The true problem solver is a man with confidence and training, free of moral terpitude, protecting his family and way of life. Leave the heavy lifting to the real men. All the whiners become of no consequence when you kick their fucking teeth down their throat. Soylent.

  22. yep. Americans are dumbasses and by design. it is much more difficult to subvert people who are well educated and capable of critical thought. that is one of the ways the marxists have been able to get the upper hand on our republic. they’ve taken over education and have been very successful in creating a society full of stunted dipshits.